About me

Hello and welcome to my Bricksphere Blog. My name is Alberto and this blog is the place where I would like to share my passion about LEGO.

Bricksphere is an Italian LEGO blog with my personal international experience of living and travelling abroad. I lived in Belgium and I am currently living in the Netherlands. 

Based on the LEGO community, I think I have to define myself as an AFOL, even if I don’t like this acronym. AFOL sounds old and clumsy, but the message is clear: at a certain moment in time you have to face with your age!

I was playing with LEGO since I was a child. I stopped for more than a decade and then I restarted with my children. Shame on me to have stopped this passion for such a long time!

I will share my personal reviews and thoughts about the LEGO world. I will review the sets I will buy, the events I will participate and the LEGO news.

I have an average collection and I devoted a room of my house for LEGO. I always dreamed a LEGO room since I was a child.

I love LEGO and my favourite themes are Star Wars, City, Minifigures, History and Space.

When I am not writing about LEGO or playing with my children, I work in the space sector. It is not by chance my passion for LEGO!

You can follow me also on my Facebook Page and Instagram.

Thank you for visiting my Bricksphere Blog, I hope you enjoy it!




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