MOC: Adventurers Truck

Do you remember the LEGO Adventurers theme between 1998-2002? I decided to create my version of the adventures truck for Johnny Thunder and his mates.

When the adventurers theme was released I was definitively in my LEGO dark age period. So, I admit that I discovered this theme only in the recent years. In particular, I read about this theme during the preparation of the review of the Johnny Thunder minifigure released in series 19. However, at that time, I was not really impressed about the theme. On the other hand, the work of the AFOL Brickapal00za fascinated and inspired me. He created the 6-wheels adventurers truck and I couldn’t resist to do my version. Actually, Brickapal00za created a big diorama, with the truck in it. While I just focused at the truck.


On my side, I only made the MOC of the truck, so far, but the future is unknown!

I called my MOC adventurers truck, but I understood that the 6-wheel truck didn’t belong to Johnny. In the set 5988, the truck appears but it belongs to the bad guys: Baron von Barron

However, creating a MOC includes also personalise and not always follow the original design and story. So, be ready to start discovering the adventurers truck.


The 6-wheels Truck

My MOC is the 6-wheel truck for the adventurers. It is an heavy truck to load the archeological finds.

adventurers-truck-frontStarting point of thee truck are two iconic parts of the original set: the front radiator and the vehicle base.

So, I designed the front part around the radiator: a big rounded hood covers the engine, and in front you can see the rollbar. The front part includes also the fenders to protect the drivers from mud and water. Fenders are also on the rear wheels, but in this case I used the 4x3x1 fender part, which also create the basement for the rear loading area.


Right after the engine and front part there is the vehicle base part: the open driving cabin. The open cabin is an important difference with respect to the original truck, where there was a small roof. 

Further more, since I imagine Johnny an adventurer coming from an important research institute in London, I made a right-hand drive truck.

Under the cabin there is a big tank of fuel, wrapped around the truck platform and easily accessible to refuel.

Then, behind the cabin, there is the loading bed: it is a 7×6 area where boxes and finds can be loaded. Two big grilles close the loading bed on the sides, while on the front part, a wooden  fence separates the loading part and the cabin. Finally, I left open the rear part. 

I really copy from Brickapal00za, the choice of the wheels: 6 big wheels give a modern outlook of the whole truck. The original version had small wheels of typical truck of early 1900. 


For this first pictures, I decide to load the truck with a box full of golden finds and a second box with all the tool used by the adventurers.

Here we are at the end of the presentation of my adventurers truck MOC. I enjoyed a lot building it, and will thank you once more AFOL Brickapal00za for the great MOC.

Let me know in the comment if you like this modern restyle of the Adventurers Theme.


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