Build-a-Minifigure: Autumn 2021

New and unique build-a-minifigure Autumn 2021 has become available in the LEGO Stores around the world. 

I was at the LEGO Store at the Mall of The Netherlands in Leidschendam. After more than a year of pandemic and restrictions, it is fantastic to be back in a real shop, and my favourite thing is to create the minifigure. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it is not possible to pick up the minifigures or even to assemble. You have to ask to the shop assistants to prepare the blisters for you, and I did it!


As usual, the build-a-minifigure are a combination of new parts and recycled from other minifigures. Like for the February 2020 release, there are several parts based on recent minifigures and all of them give new ideas for MOCs and stories.  

I will show the minifigures I found with a small description some pictures. I hope you enjoy reading my description of the build-a-minifigure Autumn 2021. 

Skeleton Mariachi

Based on the Mariachi minifigure from Series 16 and referring to the new Brickheadz Catarina, the first minifigure I want to present you is a Skeleton Mariachi. 


The minifigure has the standard skeleton head, the classic guitar and the big black sombrero. 


The torso is well painted with the mariachi dress, while the leg are simply black.


Again, my though goes to the fantastic Mexican House of Norton 74. Maybe, with this new print of the torso, it deserves an update. 

Girl with Dog Balloon

The next minifigure is a simple girl with a dog shaped balloon. 


There are no special feature, at least in the minifigure itself, however, the accessory is a blue dog-shaped balloon as for the Clown in the Minifigure Series 18


The shirt is printed also on the back and the child legs are double printed as a pair of shorts. The hair part is a new version of  Rex Dangervest Minifigure from LEGO Movie 2. 

Girl in a Brick Costume

This is not really a new minifigure, but it is a new color style of the Brick Costume minifigure.


The brick costume was presented first in the Minifigure Series 18, in blue and red color, then in the Series 20 a green one was available. Recently, in the gift-with-purchase of the Adidas Shoes, another blue costume was released. 

With this new dark turquoise brick costume we have 4 different colors, to my knowledge. Ok, there are differences with the hands color, but I consider a minor detail. 


The minifigure comes with a double face and hair with two pompon.



Then we continue with a Farmer.


It is a nice guy, from a farm in a warm place. The minifigure comes with a nice print on the torso and end blue legs with boots. The legs recalls me to Woody.


Of course, the torso is well printed and detailed also on the back.


However, the most remarkable parts are the large brim hat and the pig. On the other hand, the face I received was quite simple, but it is possible to find a more cool guy.

Chemical Scientist

Combining some leftovers from the retired Hidden Side theme, there is the minifigure of a Chemical Scientist.


It comes with a girls double face, the white coat and prints for the boots and long gloves.


The accessory is a small phial of glowing liquid. The head gear is a combination of violet hair with laboratory goggles. 


The second face is still a happy face but with marks of hours spent in the lab combining the most strange elements.

It is a nice minifigure and maybe one day I will create a small scene for it. 

Guy in Shark Costume

Finally, last but not least for this build-a-minifigure Autumn 2021, a guy in a shark costume. 


It is an elegant guy dressed with a celestial smocking wearing an important shark costume. The torso is the same as the Rock Star from the iconic modular building Diner


It is a strange combination with a blue ice pop, but I couldn’t miss the head gear. 

The back continues the print of the front and the alternative face has a disgusted expression. 


I don’t think I will keep this guy, I will most likely reuse the parts for other minifigures and scenes.

Final thought

So, these are the minifigures I found in this build-a-minifigure Autumn 2021, they all look nice with inspiration for some MOCs and small scenes. 

These minifigures are somehow unique, or they have some unique parts and accessories not available in sets. So, if you like the minifigures, as I like, I really reccomend to grab them and to include in your collection. 

If you like my review and if you already found these minifigures, leave me a comment below. I like to know where you find and how you combine them.

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