Build-a-Minifigure: Autumn 2022

It is again time for another great tour at the LEGO store and to check the news for the build-a-minifigure Autumn 2022.

I am back at my closest shop is the LEGO Store at the Mall of The Netherlands in Leidschendam (NL). The build-a-minifigure station is fully accessible and it becomes fun again to search for the novelty. Luckily the LEGO store guys already prepared some minifigures, in particular the spooky ones.


In this wave, the main theme is Halloween as for the Autumn 2021 wave.  However, you can find also a few other characters and also some leftover parts from the Spring wave.

As for the previous releases, I will give you a short description of the minifgures. I hope you enjoy it and the they will give you new ideas or inspiration for MOCs and stories. 

The Witch

I start my review of the build-a-minifigure autumn 2022 with the Halloween characters and in particular with the witch.


It is quite a typical character for Halloween. This version has a fully printed torso with silver spider web in a black background with purple details, likewise the hands. 


The leg part is a slope element fully printed with silver stars. Then, the headgear: it is a hat with hair combo and in this version is an exclusive of the BAM stations. A similar headgear was in the wizard of the Spring 2022 wave.

A nice accessory, but nothing new is a black spider.

Bat Costume Boy

To continue the Halloween series there is a young boy in a nice bat costume.


The body part is fully printed with elegant suit and bonbons and candy. To recall Hallowen there is also a nice orange papillon.

The bat costume is characterised by the bat arms. It is a variant of the standard arms with a bat wing shape. Furthermore, to be a bat, there is a nice headgear with short hair and bat ears.

It has a double face: on one side with a black mask and a funny face on the other side. 


It is very funny, and maybe he can be a companion of the boy in the devil costume in the Series 16.

Pumpkin’s Head

The next character is a surprise: it is a pumpkin’s head at first.


It looks like a scary monster, however under the mask there is a funny scarecrow. It has olive green head and hands, and the face is smily with two big buttons as eyes. The head and the entire minifigure is an alternative version of the scarecrow of Series 11.


The whole body is not new, it comes from a farmer available in several sets. For example, I already have this body from the  Tractor set 60287.

Another interesting element of this series is the pitchfork, an accessory invented in the mid 80s and disappeared for a while and back in the 2015 and back available in some sets also in different colours.

Skeleton Woman

To conclude the Halloween characters, last but not least the skeleton woman.


It is a character from the Mexican tradition Day of the Death. The body is a black printed with red and gold details. The legs are a slope element with red and white elements printed in a black background.


Anyway, the most interesting part is the head. It is a white head with printed the element of the mexican tradition.

This skeleton woman in the build-a-minifigure autumn 2022 wave fits very well with the mariachi skeleton of the autumn 2021 wave


I continue my review of the build-a-minifigure autumn 2022 wave with a sailor.


There are not many sailor minifigures: one of the first was in the Series 4. When I saw it, I thought this guy can be a great companion for the ship captain in the Series 23

This minifigure has a blue stripe shirt in white background, with the typical blue neckerchief printed in the front and it continues in the back.


It has also the traditional sailor hat. Then, the minifigure has a nice double face. However, it is a pity that the sailor hat doesn’t cover the second face. 

As accessory, I found the brown bulldog. This dog element is not very common since based on bricklink it appears only in the Tuning Workshop 60258 set.


To conclude the review I found a dancer minifigure.


I am not really fun of it, but I liked the torso and leg print which continue.

The minifigure has also an uncover arm and a fully covered with azure up to the hand. 


As expected, the print on the front continues on the back. Finally, I found a nice double face with one happy and one disgusted face. 

This minifigure remembers me the skaters minifigures from Series 4 and Series 22.

Final thought

Here I conclude my review of these six minifigures of the build-a-minifigure autumn 2022 wave.

There are 4 characters that recalls Halloween and autumn. I like very much the halloween minifigures and you can find in my Instagram account some pictures of the small scene. I will make a small scene also in 2022 and I will always try to put all the Halloween-related minifigures on it.

In this wave there are also other minifigures, I appreciated the sailor and the dancer, but at the BAM station you can find also other torso and accessory, at least in the shop I use to go. 

Said so, I hope you enjoy reading my review and it gives you some idea for the forthcoming Halloween 2022. I like to know if you plan any Halloween scene, let me know in the comments below. 

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