Build-a-Minifigure: Autumn 2023

The build-a-minifigure autumn 2023, or Q3 2023 is currently available at the LEGO Shop. It is time to pass by your favourite LEGO Shop to find them. In the mean time, you can discover them here with me. 

I went again in my closest LEGO Store downtown in Den Haag, The Netherlands and I discovered the new characters, already packed in the blister. 

The build-a-minifgure autumn 2023 series is made up of only 3 minifgures. As for the Autumn 2022 wave, the main them is Halloween.


So, prepare your LEGO bricks to build a spooky scenario for Halloween! 

Spooky Tree Costume

The first minifigure is a guy in a tree costume.


The tree headgear is a minifigure part already known, but in here it is in nougat brown. The guy has a lantern, so in the night is a kind of spooky walking tree.


It is of interest also the wood pattern print in the torso of the minifigure. So, it is not simply brown, but it is a tree-like dress.

Finally, the head of the minifigure has the hearing aid: the same released in 2023 in some LEGO city sets

Party Guy

I don’t know exactly how to call the second guy. It looks like a party guy, with a very colured dress, a bow tie and the saxophone.


It has a nice face with star-shaped glasses and a black cat head gear. 

I don’t think I will keep this guy. On the other hand, I will probably take all the parts for other characters.

Halloween Costume

The third minifigure of the build-a-minifigure autumn 2023 wave is a green Halloween costume.


It has the spooky pumpkin headgear, but the very nice part is the green costume with printed “Happy Halloween”.


The green color of the costume also recall the pumpkin bush, and it is printed both on the front and on the back.

Final thought

I like the small waves with a theme related with a particular part of the year. For the Autumn 2022 it was Halloween, then some Christmas minifigures for Winter 2022, some others in Winter 2023 for the Chinese Year.

However, I admit that I preferred the minifigures of last Autumn, with the witch an the bat costume. 

Despite there are no new accessories, all the torso are unique and available only on the BaM stations of the LEGO Shops.

I hope you like them and you create nice Halloween scenes. 

So, if you make some minifigure scenes with these minifigures let me know either here in the comment or tag me on my Instagram account  @bricksphere




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