Build-a-Minifigure: Christmas 2022

The year 2022 is coming to an end, but there is still a vert active period of the year: Christmas. This year at the LEGO Store you can find the new collection build-a-minifigure Christmas 2022.

I explored the new LEGO Store downtown Den Haag and I discover the three new minifigure of this Christmas wave. As for the other waves in 2022, the guys at the LEGO Store already prepared the minifigures in the blisters.


As you can imagine, it is a small wave, with only three characters Christmas related. The idea and the connection goes with the several winter sets and the last Minifigure Series 23.


As for the previous releases, I will give you a short description of the minifigures. I hope you enjoy it and the they will give you new ideas or inspiration for MOCs and stories. 

Mrs Claus

I start my review of the build-a-minifigure Christmas 2022 with Mrs Claus. The female version of Santa Claus. 


It is quite a simple minifigue, with the typical red dress and the red cap. The torso is the santa shirt with white details the big black belt. 

The dress is a brand new color for the part, it is a pity that it has no printing on it. 


There is a double face with glasses.

Finally, the accessory is a pretzel: quite a not common element. 

It is nice to have a female Santa, because there are plenty of traditional Santa in the winter sets, as well as in the Series 8

Ginger Bread Woman

The second character is the ginger bread woman.


This minifigure is already well known in the different series, since it was in the Gingerbread house set.

I found a bit unusual since there are no significant differences with the woman in the set. However, I like it and it is my only ginger bread woman in my collection, so far. 

The minifigure has the round head with a pink cream inside. The entire minifigure has the ginger bread color with red dots on the torso and white icing details. It is then complete with a skirt. 


Finally, there is a nice donut with pink icing and coloured sugars, introduced first in the Police Station Modular set.


Boy with Guitar

The last minifigure is a young boy with a nice white guitar.


I would start from the white guitar and it is an accessory that is becoming more and more common. There are already a few sets having it, including some Christmas ones, like Santa’s  sleigh or the Holiday Main Street.

Anyway, the most interesting part of the minifigure is the torso with a traditional green Christmas sweater.


The sweater has deers and snow flakes embroider. On the other hand, the back part is monochromatic without any prints.


.There is again the double face, that can be fun for scenes and stories. 

Final thought

There are only three exclusive minifigures of the build-a-minifigure Christmas 2022 wave. However, each of them have a nice element and I really recommend for your winter village.

I appreciate the common theme, and I like to have some kind of unique elements for these minifigures. 

I hope you enjoy reading my review and it gives you some idea for your winter village or your Christmas theme.

Let me know below in the comments how you plan to use these minifigures. Follow bricksphere for other review and stories.

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4 Responses

  1. Isaac says:

    Cool minifigs! How do you get minifigures already assembled like that? Do you have to asks the employees?

    • bricksphere says:

      Yes, the minifigures are already assembled. The second picture of this post, I took it directly at the shop. They are all prepared like this, so you just grab the blister. Actually, the single parts are not available at the build-a-minifigure station. It was like this also for the Halloween minifigures.

  2. Isaac says:

    Oh ok! Thanks for replying! Keep up the good post. 😀😀😁

    • bricksphere says:

      Thank you very much. Really appreciated.
      I will do the daily countdown of the advent calendars in December, but hopefully something also before. 🙂

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