Build-a-Minifigure February 2020

New and unique build-a-minifigure have become available in February 2020 in the LEGO Stores around the world. 

I have been at the LEGO Store La Vaguada in Madrid, Spain and I found the new minifigures. Actually, they were already assembled and I just bought them, also because I found that they were well assembled.


These minifgures are available only at the LEGO stores and they are not linked to sets or minifigure series. However, some gears and accessories are modification of the minifigure series themselves. 

I will show the minifigures I found, but of course at the store you an find the different parts and create the minifigure in the way you prefer.

White Walker

A white man with a huge ice crystal is a clear reference to the Game of Thrones white walkers. They are not exactly the same and there are no official link, but as you can see, the idea is there.

I don’t like the big ice crystal the minifigure has, but this is just the choice of the shop. I will change On the other hand, I think that it is great, with a lot of details in the vest and in the face.


Also the back is well done and detailed.

There is only one face, which is well appropriate, however, it would have been nice to have a second face, maybe a more scary one!


Winter Boy

I don’t know how innovative it is, however it is quite nice tis boy minifigure. The white jumper and the face are quite common. On the other hand, in my personal collection I was missing the penguin and the white hat. 


Even if it is not very innovative, I think that it is a nice to have.

Love Elephant

I think that this is the most interesting minifigure of this release. It is not innovative, because it is a variation of the elephant costume girl in LEGO minifigure series 18, however, it is very well done.

The pink dress is very simple, but with a big heart in the torso has a clear reference at the Valentine’s day. 

The face of this minifigure is great, on one side you have a kissing face, very appropriate for Valentine’s Day. On the other side there is a cool face with heart-shape sunglasses. It is very funny and cool. 


love-elephant-2 A negative aspect of the face with sunglasses is that the hole in the elephant head covers part of the glasses. I think that the aperture of the elephant headgear is a bit too low, anyway it is a cool stuff!
love-elephant-3 Together with the elephant costume girl. A nice couple, what do you think?


Flower Little Boy

The next minifigure is the flowery little boy. Actually, it i a new version of the Flower Pot Girl in the Minifigure Collection 18.

Of course you can assemble the minifigure as you prefer, I fund this fully green and a nice light blue teddy bear. I was missing this last accessory and I found it really appropriate, because it is linked with the petal’s color of the head gear. 


Concerning the difference with the minifigure of the Series 18, the headgear has the same shape but different colorscheme. The new headgear is light blue and dark green, while the girl costume is purple and light green.

They have also a very similar torso, with printed on it the flower stem. I noticed just some little difference in the green tone.


However, together they look like mother and son ready for the party!


Butterlfly Girl

The next one is the butterfly girl a nice minifigure for the end of school year play or again for a party costume. Torso and legs are quite common, on the other hand the face is great. The girls has a butterfly painted on the cheek. This is a new feature of the minifigures. The face is double and the other side is a smily one.

There is a nice headgear cap with the butterfly antenna. Unfortunately, the headgear is rubber made and not in hard plastic. I don’t like too much, I would have preferred made in plastic.


On the other hand, the butterfly wings in the back are made in hard plastic and they look more robust. 


Chocolate Bunny

Last but not least, is the Chocolate Bunny. The Easter time is approaching and it is really time for a cute chocolate bunny!

It is based on the headgear of the bunny minifigure presented in the Easter Bunny set in 2018.


The new chocolate bunny is completely brown with a white single face. The torso, both front and back is painted as a big easter egg, with a nice light blue papillon in front.

The accessory that I found included was a 2×1 decorated tile of a chocolate tablet. Actually, I found it very well done and appropriate. The other alternative could have been an egg.

Final thought

So, these are the minifigures I found. They all look nice with inspiration for some MOCs or decoration. 

Unfortunatelly, now in March 2020, with the world pandemic situation of COVID-19 the LEGO store are close and before that the build-a-minifigure station have been removed.

However, hoping that the situation will recover, I hope that we will find further of these minifigures parts also in the next period.

Do you also have these minifigures. How did you assemble them?

Thank you and keep on building!


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