Build-a-Minifigure: Spring 2022

It is again time for another great review of the build-a-minifigure Spring 2022. 

My closest shop is the LEGO Store at the Mall of The Netherlands in Leidschendam (NL). So, also this time I visited it and here we are with the new spring collection from the build-a-minifigure station. 

This review is just after the 2021 autumn tour, finally the COVID restriction dropped and all the parts are back in the station. So, you can build the minifigures yourself. Actually, some blisters are already fully assembled, so you can choose.


Since the parts are in the station, you can find some parts of the previous waves, but I choose as much as possible new parts. 

In general, in this wave there is a medieval taste with castle theme minifigures. The link with the Castle theme is linked with the 90 years celebration of LEGO and the announcement expected for the LEGOCON 2022, where they will reveal the new LEGO Castle set.

As for the previous releases, I will give you a short description of the minifgures. Maybe, they will give you new ideas for MOCs and stories. 

Continue reading and you will find pictures and description of the minifigures. 

The Wizard

The first minifigure I want to present in this build-a-minifigure spring 2022 review is the wizard. 


It is a new version of the blue wizard, with new print in the torso and legs.

The vest is full of stars and moons patter, it recalls a kind of stereotype of Merlin. A young Merlins with grey air. Actually, I found the minifigure already assembled, but I will change the face for my collection. The torso is detailed also with a pouch, a key, a brown shawl and a pendant. 


The pattern and the details continues as well in the back of the minifigure.

It is a new version of the wizard of Minifigure Series 12

Finally, the accessory is a tan owl with open wings. It is an exclusive of the build-a-minifigure station.

The Silver Falcon Guard

To keep the castle theme feeling, the next minifigure is a soldier of the new faction: Silver Falcon.


The front part has the chain mail with the front part of a red cloak. The legs have the lower part painted black as boots.


The back of the torso has the big silver falcon painted on the red cloak. There is the typical helmet in a new grey color and finally the shield with the falcon.

Of course, in the build-a-minifigure station you can have only one accessory and the shield is a must have. So, if you want to create your army, you have to find swords, bows and spears elsewhere. 

The silver falvon minifigures in the BAM allows you to easily create your faction. You can have several at a reasonable price.

The Cowboy/Outlaw

Not a great minifigure, but a nice hat for the cowboy/outlaw minifigure.


In my opinion the minifigure is not so special, however there is the hat of the cowboy of the Minifigure series 18. The torso comes from the Jawa and it is completed with reddish brown legs. 

As. kind of cowboy/outlaw the accessory is dynamite, a very well known part.


The Outlaw Girl

There is then the outlaw girl.


She has a nice torso with a mantle on the side which continues also in the back. Then, she has a double face: one with a mask and the other one without. 


Very similar to the Chinese woman in the 2022 winter wave, the outlaw girls has a dedicated 2×2 tile with printed the bounty.

Finally, the minifigure has a nice headgear: a combination of hat and hair which recalls Jessie from Toy Story. A similar hat is also in the cowgirl of Vidiyo Series 2.

The Pirate Girl

Another nice minifgure in the build-a-minifigure spring 2022 wave is the pirate girl. 


Again, I found it assembled with this pirate-like torso and the tricorn hat with red hair and I didn’t modify it. The tricorn is the same as the pirate girl of the Series 20 or again the pirate singer of Vidiyo Series 2.


The Noble Woman

To conclude the list there is a nobile woman: a lady with an oriental dress.


The body is a purple combination that I lately realised is coming from the karaoke mermaid of Vidiyo series 2, at least the torso. The legs are new and I guess they are an exclusive of the BAM station.

The prints is only in the back of the torso, where there are two Koi fish. 

Finally there is the hair part with long hair well comb.


Final thought

Here we are at the end of this short review of the minifigures I found in this build-a-minifigure Spring 2022 station of the LEGO Store.

There are several interesting minifigure, my favourites are the wizard and the silver falcon soldier. As far as the other minifigures, I was not super impressed, but there are several parts in new color combination that looks great for new MOCs.

Among the minifigures there are several parts coming from the Vidiyo series. Of course, some have new color combination, but for others LEGO recycled. 

Anyway, I like the build-a-minifigure stations a lot and I like to find new and old minifigures or parts. Luckily I live very close to the official LEGO store and I can get them quite easy, but I understand the concerns of other AFOLs who cannot easily find.

If you like my review and if you already have these minifigures, leave me a comment below. I like to know how you assemble them.

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