Build-a-Minifigure: Spring 2023

The build-a-minifigure Spring 2023 is currently available at the LEGO Shop. So, if you have not stopped yet, it is time to go and collect the new characters. In the mean time, you can discover them here with me. 

I went again in my two closest LEGO Store downtown in Den Haag, The Netherlands and I discovered the new characters, ready in the blisters as for the Winter 2023 wave

This time, there are only 6 new characters, so with a reduced number with respect to the Winter wave. In the store I was, you can still find some characters of the previous wave.


As for the previous releases, I will give you a short description of the minifigures. I hope you enjoy it and the they will give you new ideas or inspiration for MOCs and stories. 

Spoiler alert, also these time there are both amazing parts and quite generic elements.

Unicorn Knight

The most interesting minifigure of this build-a-minifigure spring 2023 wave is the unicorn knight.


It is a special version of the minifigures from the Lion Knights’ Castle 10305 released in 2022. In particular, the torso is the one of the Lady of the castle, with an ornamental belt.


And all the details also on the back.


Unfortunately, the legs are just double print red and blue, without any special print as for the knights of the castle.

The best part of the minifigure is the unique Unicorn head.


It includes prints on the side of a special protection with the mark of the Lion.

The minifigure has not possibility to have a headgear, so it comes with two accessories: the Lion’s shield and the sword.

The unicorn head is a new version of the unicorn from the VIDIYO characters.

Pirate Skeleton

My second favourite minifigure of this wave is the pirate skeleton.


It has the usual skeleton face, but a unique torso with bones well visible and a rotten shirt with a shoulder strap.


The skeleton has the pirate hat and red legs with black boots.

It has a black roman sword, not very common and nice to have in the collection. 


I am a bit astonished, but in this Spring 2023 wave there is again the wizard.


It was available already one year before in the Spring 2022 wave

I confirm, it is a very detailed minifigure, but it is a pity that there is again the same.

The difference is that in this wave the owl is not available, but there is a simple ampoule.

Swimsuit Guy

The next character is a funny little man with swimsuit and a silver fish.

The special element is the torso with a big ducky tattoo  on the back.


The torso comes from the Stuntz guy on the bath tube bike. In my opinion, one of the most funny minifigure characters.

Ice Cream Costume Guy

Finally, the guy with the ice cream costume is available as a single minifigure.


LEGO released this headgear with some LEGO City sets: Ice Cream Police Chase with a blue and pink costume, and the Beach Lifeguard Station with a green costume.


So, I am very happy that this headgear is available also as a self standing minifigure, I was really expecting it in a Minifigure Series. 

Otherwise, as for the new color of the brick costume, I was hoping in a new color, maybe white or yellow. Anyway, I like that it is finally here. Even if, I already found the blue ice-cream costume in a LEGO book.

The guy under the costume has some monochromatic dress and a blue ice-cream, like the guy in the Shark costume from BaM Autumn 2021 wave.


Finally, it has a masked face, so maybe he is accessory to the Ice Cream Police Chase set.

Police Officer

Here we are with the last minifigure of the build-a-minifigure spring 2023 wave: the police officer.


It is a woman with a new typical police hat, the torso belongs to a police diver of sets released in 2021 and 2022. All in all, the torso is really common, so the minifigure deserves a place in your collection.


If you create some underwater MOC with divers, you will probably need this as well.

As accessory, the officer has a 1×1 round tile with a donut print. It recalls me the Modular Police Station

Final thought

Compared with the Winter 2023 wave, this build-a-minifigure Spring 2023 wave is limited with a few characters. However, there are some very unique and interesting parts, like the pirate skeleton torso or the unicorn head. Other parts are not unique, but quite rare like the police torso, the ice-cream costume or the knight torso.

I was disappointed for the wizard, that was already in another wave or the torso with the ducky tattoo. The second, in particular is quite easy to find in the shops with the bath tube motorbike.

Anyway, it is again a nice group of minifigures and I am sure some of them will fit very well in your collection.

Let me know below in the comments which is your favourite and maybe if you plan to use them in a MOC.

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  1. Isaac says:

    Cool minifigures! As you said the main highlights were the unicorn knight and skeleton pirate. The other ones feel mediocre to me but I guess they would be a good addition to a Lego city

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