Build-a-Minifigure: Winter 2022

LEGO Stores around the world have the new and unique build-a-minifigure Winter 2022. 

I went again at the LEGO Store at the Mall of The Netherlands in Leidschendam (NL), after the 2021 autumn tour. Despite the reduction of restrictions, it is still not possible to check the parts and assemble the minifigures by yourself. On the other hand, store assistants already assembled the minifigure. So you can either find pre-filled boxes or you can ask the shop assistants to create the boxes with your preferences.


You can still find some minifigures from the previous wave, but the new characters are there! So, I tried to select the brand new, or the new parts with special colors. I hope you like my choice.

As for the previous releases, I will give you a short description of the minifgures. Maybe, they will give you new ideas for MOCs and stories. 

Continue reading and you will find pictures and description of the minifigures. 


Let start from the Clown minifigure, a reddish based colored guy.


There are several clown in the LEGO minifigures, but I think this color combination is quite new and unusual.

The torso has a dark red jacket with red stripes shirt and a big yellow bow-tie with red dots.


The guy has yellow trousers with red stripes and the hat is dark pink which recalls the interior of the jacket and some details on the legs.

The face is nice painted as a traditional clown with red nose and white mouth.


Finally, the back is quite simple with the wrinkles of the jacket.

The clown has a red dog baloon: the accessory introduced with the clown of the Minifigure Series 18, but here in a different color.


Together with the Series 18, also in the Series 1 and Series 5 you can find clowns.


Chocolate Cake Costume

In the minifigure world another well known character is the triangle shape costume. Here it is a piece of chocolate cake!


The guy inside the costume is all brown with coloured suspenders and a bow-tie. The arms are fully painted with pink glaze and the hands are in two different colors. 


In the back there is the print of the cross of the suspenders and the continuation fo the glaze. So, it really looks like part of the cake.


The guy has two faces, one happy and one a bit astonished, but it looks like a child face.

The main part of the costume is the same as the pizza guy costume in Series 19 or the watermelon guy in the LEGO Movie 2 Series


Girl in a Brick Costume

As for the Fall 2021 wave, also here we have another Brick Costume in a completely new color.


It is an azure color that is not available in any series or sets, so far.

If I am not wrong, up to now there are 5 brick costume colors: red and blue in the Minifigure Series 18. Then green in the Series 20, the turquoise in the previous build-a-minifigure and the azure now. 


You can of course add any accessory, but the main element of this minifigure is obviously the brick shaped torso. 

Chinese Woman

It is the Chinese Year of the Tiger and in this build-a-minifigure Winter 2022 there is a woman in traditional Chinese dress.


I admit, my knowledge of the Chinese culture is limited, but I like this red and gold dress, which has a uniform patter on both torso and legs.


The pattern continues also on the back and finally, the legs are created with the slope brick.chinese-woman-back

The dress itself has no special reference to the Year of the Tiger, but the minifigure comes with a 2×2 tile with printed a Tiger head and the “2022”.

Pink Bear Costume

Let’s continue with the Dark Pink Bear Costume. 


Also in the build-a-minifigure winter 2022, there is a bear costume.  The guy has smily head, with a fluffy painted pink heart on the body and pink claws on the legs.


The back is simple, it continues the pink color of the front, but in the middle you can see the zip to close the costume.


For my first build-a-minifigure review in February 2020 there was a Valentine’s elephant and here there is a Valentine’s bear.


Also the bear costume is a quite known minifigure character. First it appeared as a Panda in the LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure Series, and then it continued with the Series 19 rainbow bear and in the Autumn 2021 build-a-minifigure station with a teddy bear.


Chick Costume

Last but not least, the sixth minifigure of this collection: a boy in a chick costume. 


It is a boy minifigure with short legs and a young face with freckles. It is all yellow dressed but with the wings instead of arms and hands.


The special element is the head gear. It is the crazy chicken head coming from the Stuntz Biker. Stuntz is a sub theme released in 2022 as part of the LEGO City theme.

From this minifigure I was mostly interested on the body.

Final thought

Here we are at the end of this short review of the minifigures I found in this build-a-minifigure Winter 2022 station of the LEGO Store.

They all look great to me, and they will add important contribution to my collection of minifigures. 

I always found them very interesting and with something unique. My favourite in this group is the Dark Pink Bear, but I found also the Chinese Woman very detailed.  

If you like my review and if you already found these minifigures, leave me a comment below. I like to know where you find and how you combine them.

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