Build-a-Minifigure: Winter 2023

There is an incredible amount of minifigures in this build-a-minifigure Winter 2023. So, stay with me to discover all the characters, parts and variants available at the LEGO Store all around the World.

I explored the LEGO Store downtown in Den Haag, The Netherlands and I discovered all the new characters of this Winter 2023 wave. Furthermore, as for the other waves in 2022, the guys at the LEGO Store already prepared the blisters. 

Anyway, after a few days you can easily find these parts at the build-a-minifigure station so you can create your own minifigure.


On the contrary of the 2022 Christmas wave, this early release has plenty of minifigures with variants from recent Minifigure Series, and also a group of three minifigures dedicated to the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

As for the previous releases, I will give you a short description of the minifigures. I hope you enjoy it and the they will give you new ideas or inspiration for MOCs and stories. 

Red Boat Captain

Let start from the most interesting minifigure: first of all the captain of the red boat.


It is absolutely the new variant of the captain in the Minifigure Series 23: with the red variant of the ship. 

However, the minifigure is interesting because has the waterproof suit. Actually, the hat and torso are the ones of the minifigure of the LEGO IDEAS: Motorized Lighthouse


So, if you have the Lighthouse, it is a nice add-on to the set.


Strawberry Cake Costume

The next minifigure is a variant to the big triangular shape costume: in the Build-a-minifigure winter 2023 wave it is a slice of strawberry cake.


It is absolutely a new color and print combination: the base color is white with printed strawberries. 

The minifigure itself has a colorful print torso to recall the costume, with the arms of two different colors.


The other minifigure with this costume are: the chocolate cake in the Winter 2022 wave, the pizza guy in Series 19, the watermelon guy in the LEGO MOVIE 2 Series

Pencil Costume Guy

Let’s continue with the guy in a pencil costume. 

happy-pencilIt is a dark pink and printed version of the purple pencil costume of the LEGO MOVIE 2 Series.

The guy has a glass to celebrate the new year’s eve. The minifigure itself has a party dress with a pink papillon. 


Guy with a Lute

If you missed the Troubadour from the Minifigure Series 22, here it is a guy with the lute. 


It has a nice and sportive torso with a scary face and a blonde headgear. In general I don’t see any special element despite the lute. Anyway, you can reuse the torso to create a minifigure to populate your LEGO City.


We feel the music with the rocker.


This guy has an electric guitar and a very cool hairstyle.

I like the torso with the print of hard rock love, which recalls the musicist in the Series 20



Woman with dog

For your LEGO city here it is a woman with a dog. 


There are no special elements despite the headgear. It is a curly hair with a yellow band. The torso has a nice print, too. 


Finally, she has a new dog element, so if you collect all the LEGO animals, you cannot miss it.

Orange Brick Costume

After Series 18 and Series 20, the brick costume became a great and unique element also in the build-a-minifgure stations.

In this wave there is a guy in a orange brick costume.


The new guy increase to six the unique colors of this costume.


Together with the aforementioned series, the turquoise brick costume was in the Autumn 2021 wave and the azure one in the Winter 2022 wave.

Flower Costume

Another new color combination is with the flower costume.


It has a dark purple flower with a green dress printed with purple and blue flowers.


The flower costume started with the flowerpot girl in Series 18 and continued in early 2020 with a new version. So, it was time to release a new color.


Rabbit Costume Guy

A guy in a rabbit headgear concludes the generic wave of minifigures.


It is an elegant torso, that can probably go with the guy in the pencil costume, but it has also a rabbit headgear and a new broken egg element.

I don’t see any special parts in this minifigure. However it introduces to the last part of this review: the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

Panda costume

The first minifigure is a Panda costume. 


It is a new variant of the Panda costume of the LEGO MOVIE Series 1. The headgear has new prints for the black of the eyes and the hears. Also the torso has a new print: an elegant dress under the Panda costume.


As accessory there is a Chinese card with a dragon.

Chinese Boy

Then there is a Chinese boy with a traditional dress.


The noticable element is the decorated torso with a traditional dress that covers both front and back.


A blue rabbit concludes the minifigure.

Chinese Girl

Last but not least a Chinese Girls in traditional red dress.


She has a fully decorated red dress with golden details both on the front and the back.


A golden lantern completes the minifigure.

These last three minifigures celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, but you can use to recreate oriental diorama. 

Also in the 2022 Winter wave there was a Chinese woman to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. 

and stories. 

Final thought

It is a rich build-a-minifigure winter 2023 wave, with several minifigures and parts. I admit that some minifigures were somehow forced with no special or unique elements. In general, I like this wave for the new brick costume and the ship captain or the Panda costume. 

I appreciate the Chinese minifigures to celebrate the new year of the Rabbit, somehow they recall the small wave of Christmas 2022.

LEGO is releasing more and more sets, but I am expecting also new minifigures that you can use to enrich the sets as well as your MOC.

Let me know below in the comments which is your favourite. I cannot wait to read your stories. 

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