Custom: LEGO 6352 Cargomaster Crane

I was quite young at the time the LEGO set 6352 Cargomaster Crane arrived to me and it became immediately one of my favourite sets. Thirty years later, I rediscovered it and I decided to preserve it by editing it a bit.


LEGO released the set 6352 in 1991 in the new LEGO System theme. It was not a masterpiece of the brand, but I found simple and very interesting to play at that time. 

I remember, it was one of the key components of my adventures in my small LEGO City cargo terminal. The place where cargo were moved from ships to trains!

The Original Set

I don’t have rebuild the original set because I prefer to keep only the new custom. However, just to remember it, here it is the front of the set was not only the cargomaster crane itself, but also a container with a small tractor inside. As you will see from the photos, I have not included it in my customisation.

I neither have the instructions anymore, but luckily I found them on the Toysperiod website. So, if you like to remake it, you can either download or use the instructions online. Unfortunately, I think, it is quite difficult to find all the original parts. In particular, the crane arm and the windscreen.

My Custom

As for my previous custom sets, like the logging truck  I want just to improve the set with some minor aspects. It is my intention to change neither the design nor the feature of the set.

So, my custom makes it more smooth and with some details here and there.


The first part, I edit a bit, are the legs of the stabilisation system. In particular, I try to keep a similar color code and the same deploying system, but I want to create the legs in a different way. I use the 1×1 tile round with bar and pin holder, joined to the bar holder with clip. Furthermore, on the cockpit, I modify the flashing lights and add a grid in front.

side-01On the crane itself, I  cover all the studs with the yellow tiles and add a light on top, to operate in the dark. Moreover, I close the hole at the bottom of the crane arm with a 1×1 round tile.

side-02On the opposite side, I edit the top of the engine compartment adding also the exhaust pipe and some grids.

back-sideI decide also to update the minifigure. The operator has the same torso, legs and hat as the original, but a new face.

cargomaster-overviewEnojy the Cargomaster Crane

This is my small customisation of the LEGO set 6352 Cargomaster crane, I like to keep it in this updated version in my collection.

I hope you like it and I would really like to have your feedback and suggestion, so please leave me a comment to discuss together. Thank you for visiting my Bricksphere Blog.


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