Custom: Clone Scout Troopers

I am creating my own Star Wars Army collection and I think that the LEGO clone troopers minifigures  are really great. In this post I wanted to show you my custom clone scout troopers, an add-on to my Army.

The starting point of this post are the clone scout troopers in the set Kashyyyk Troopers. I have several of this sets and I devoted some of them to this idea. 

The main reference is based on the troops of the 41st Elite Scout Battalion which is part of the 41st Elite Corps. I imagine them to be part of the battalion deployed on Kashyyyk and involved in the famous battle. Checking the organisation of the 41st Elite Corps, I think that also the advanced RECON force troopers  were appropriate. Unfortunately, LEGO has not create them, so the issue was easily solved!

I decided to create two teams with two different specialities: Sniper Team and Advanced Communication Team made up of  two and three members, respectively.

For both teams I started from the same clone scout trooper minifigure. A dedicated backpack with a specific gear on it is the added characteristic to each.

But let’s have a look at them!

Sniper team

Starting from the two guys of the sniper team, we have the shooter and the observer: inspired by the modern military setup.

The equipment is the one of the minifigure with the  standard blaster carabine. My idea is that they have to be fast and agile in order to reach their hidden place as soon as possible. So, the carabine is maybe more appropriate than the rifle.


The spotter is equipped with a the backpack and an added tactical macrobinocular. On the other hand the shooter has a special backpack. It has the blaster rifle and a special front gear, to enhance the rifle for sniper operations.


Finally, here it is how they look like when they are at their position.


Advanced Communication Team

The second team includes three clones: a sergeant, the telecommunication expert and a support member.

The three members of the team are equipped with the a powered version of the blaster rifle and their backpack with a unique gear.


Starting from the clone sergeant, it is equipped with the same elements as the spotter in the sniper team and it includes the macrobinocular.

The core member of the team is the telecomminication expert. Its backpack has a powerful portable system for communication with the capital ships to support targeted attacks on planet surface.

The third member of the team is included to increase the fire power and the protection of the team itself. Its equipment include a second blaster based on the  E-22 blaster rifle. This weapon appears only in the Galactic Empire for the coastal defender stormtrooper on the planet Scarif. However, I found appropriate for this team. They have all a powerful rifle, but for closer combat a powerful carabine can be more useful. So, I decide to provide it to the team.



The backpacks

As said, the core of my customisation are the backpacks and the added gears. The backpacks are made with LEGO bricks, in particular a combination of tiles and modified plates and tiles. All linked to the minifigure with a neck piece. 

I admit that the inspiration was the snowtrooper on the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016.


However, I added some extra elements and an extra gear to customise the minifigure and to create special equipment for teams.

I also used a difference central tile for the backpacks as a mark for the teams. The sniper team has a tan tile, while the advance communication team has a republican reddish tile.

backpacks-1 backpacks

The bricks I used for the backpacks are in the figure below. First we have the elements of the backpack for the spotter and the advanced communication team members. custom-backpack-1

Finally, in the last figure you can see the elements for the shooter backpack.custom-backpack-2

So, to conclude, my customisation is based only on original LEGO elements. Some of them quite common. I tried to use camouflage or republicans colors. The replica of my backpacks are quite easy.  

I hope you like my customisation. It is quite easy but I think that it well represent an improvement to the minifigures. 

If you like my custom clone scout troopers, I really appreciate your feedback. Leave it in the comments below. Thanks for reading my pos

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  1. Admiral Bar says:

    Very nice concept. I like these backpacks. It can be of inspiration.

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