Review: Disney Minifigure Series 2

The Spring 2019 was delighted by another fantastic series of minifigures: the Disney Minifigure Series 2. 

disney-completeI collected all the 18 minifigures by the summer 2019 and I finally succeeded to prepare my personal review. 

The Disney minifigure series 2 comes almost three years after the first Disney minifigure series. I don’t have any minifigure of the first series, but you can have a look of it in my Minifigure guide.

As the other collections, LEGO packed each minifigure in the dedicated bags with a first overview of the characters in the series. 


In each bag there is the usual leaflet with all the minifigures of the collection.


As for my other reviews, I inserted the direct links to the character, so you can jump immediately to the one of your interest, or you can also jump at the end of my post to read my summary, including my Top 5.

For each minifigure I have included my personal rating in a scale 1-5 scale. 1: I really don’t like it, 5: I really like it.  

Let’s go further to my review of the Disney Minifigure series 2!

Mickey Mouse

The first character in the Disney Minifigure Series 2 is Mickey Mouse: the creature of Walt Disney himself and over all one of the most famous character and icon of all times.


This is the vintage version of Mickey and it is a clear reference to the LEGO IDEAS set of the Steam Boat Willie, released on April 1st 2019.
In this minifigure version, Mickey appears exactly as in the Steam Boat Willie cartoon.

The minifigure is in grey scale with the big customised Mickey head and a small sailor head.


The body is fully black, while the legs are printed with the pants. The accessory is the boat steering. It is quite big and I don’t really like it, however it is of course a good option to link it with the steamboat.

As expected, this version of Mickey is pretty similar to the one on the LEGO IDEAS set.

In general, I like the minifigure itself, despite the accessory.

Minifigure rating: 3/5


The second minifigure is Mickey’s partner: Minnie.


Also Minnie comes in her vintage setup as in the steam boat Willie, with the standard LEGO head replaces with a customised head with a special hat with flower. This hat is slightly different from the one on the LEGO IDEAS set.

The body is black as for Mickey and the legs are painted with the shoes, in between there is Minnie’s shirt. 


Finally, the accessory is a life belt, maybe she doesn’t trust too much Mickey!


I like Minnie as much as Mickey and the two minifigures look great together, even if the accessories are not the best I would have choose.


Minifigure rating: 3/5


Then it is the time of the duck triplet brothers: Huey, Dewey and Louie. Let start from Huey, the red dressed brother.


The next three are all pretty similar, with a big duck head, a coloured hat and monochromatic body with small legs. In between legs and body there is the duck tail in rubber.

Huey has a very nice accessory: the green Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook, a real iconic aspect of the triplet. Inside the book there is also a 2×1 tile printed with the compass and some text.


In general, the minifigure is quite simple, but it gives a nice feeling.

Minifigure rating: 3/5


The second brother is Dewey: the blue dressed one.


The minifigure is pretty the same as Huey, just with the different color.

More than that, the main difference is the accessory. Dewey has the slingshot, to emphasise the mischief-maker nature of the triplet.


It is a small accessory but quite unusual and really appreciated.

Minifigure rating: 3/5


Finally the green dressed brother: Louie. 


As for Dewey and Huey, the minifgure is pretty the same color apart. Again, the main difference is the accessory and for Huey there is a flashlight an accessory linked either with the Junior Woodchucks life or other situations in the comics.


Of course, the three brothers look very good if they are all together, which also enhance the single minifigure rating.


Minifigure rating: 3/5

Uncle Scrooge

The duck series is then complete with Uncle Scrooge.


I admit that with the triplet I was expecting Donal Duck. However, Donal was in the first series and I really appreciate that there are new characters here.

Uncle Scrooge has his typical dress and aspect. It has his customised head with the cylinder hat. It is also nice to see the glasses over the beck. 

The body is the typical blue dress and the legs represents the duck legs. As for the other ducks, between the body and the legs there is the rubber duck tails which increase the accuracy of the minifigure.


The accessories are another nice reference to the character: the walking stick and the Number One dime. The walking stick is obtained with a standard brown stick and the Number One is a 1×1 round tile with the 10 cent symbol printed on it.

I don’t really like the proportion of this minifigure, the head looks too big, however, I admit that it has very interesting details.

Minifigure rating: 4/5


Not really ducks, but still a couple of famous characters that are often seen in the Disney’s Duck world: Chip and Dale.

The first character is Chip, the smarter brother!


The minifigure has a very nice and unique head of Chip. The body is quite simple: brown with prints in both in front and in the back. The legs are medium-length brown. Then, the accessory is a nut created with brick parts.


Chip has a few interesting similarities with parts in the first Harry Potter minifigure series: the legs are medium-height as Harry Potter and the main part of the nut is like the mandrake of Neville.

Minifigure rating: 2/5


After Chip we have his brother Dale with the characteristic red nose.


The body is in lighter brown with respect to Chip and prints on both front and back. Legs are again medium-size in the same color of the body. Finally, The accessory is a sack for the nuts: nothing special.


As for Chip, the main aspect for Dale is the face. Again, as for Mickey and Minnie or the triplet, Chip and Dale are much better together.


Finally, the faces of both Chip and Dale can be very useful to create funny scenes.


Minifigure rating 2/5


The next character of the Disney Minifigure Series 2 is Elsa from Frozen, the sister with magic powers.


It is in her shiny dress after the revelation with silver details on torso, arms and back. She has a great cape of a special shape with snowflakes which makes it really unique.


The most interesting is the hairpiece which is the blonde long hair the cross on her shoulder.
The face is also accurate with an happy expression on one side and a winking face on the other. You can really recreate Elsa at the end of the song on the icy castle. 


After several version of Elsa as a minidoll, this is the first version as minifigure. I really appreciate the details on the body and the expression. However, I don’t really like a lot the minifigure scale for this character mostly due to the rounded face.

Finally, I really didn’t like the accessory: a big snowflake which cover completely Elsa. I would have preferred some small diamonds or dots to recreate the ice in her hand.

However, it is not a big concern because Elsa itself is the great part of the minifigure, accessory is just a small contribution.

Minifigure rating: 4/5


Then it is the time for Anna the youngest sister.


As Elsa, also Anna has a brand new hairpiece that is really similar to the movie: braided pigtails down on her shoulder. The torso and the leg piece are very detailed with flowers and decoration as in the movie. 


Anna has a purple cape of a special size. Anna has a double face: a happy face and again a winking one.


I appreciate the accessory: a lantern, to place Anna on the research of her sister to the mountain.

Finally, despite the minifigure scale and the blocky size, both Elsa and Anna have great details on the printing of the body, the face expressions and the new hairpieces. 

The combination of the two sisters is really great.



Minifigure rating: 4/5


Probably Jafar is my favourite minifigure of the entire Disney Minifigure Series 2.


The minifigure represents the character in its black and red robes. It is simple, but very effective as in the cartoon, in my opinion one of the greatest villains of Disney.

He has two facial expression simply great. The first one serious and bored which simply considers the others null. The second one is a devil face, in the sense that he is acting his plans.


Another great part of the minifigure is the headgear with the big rubin and all the details. Then there are the dark red robe and the shoulder piece which makes really Jafar unique and very detailed.


Finally, the accessory is again a unique piece: the golden cobra staff. 


I have already expressed all my appreciation to Jafar, it is really very well detailed and it make great again one of the most iconic villains of Disney.

Minifigure rating: 5/5


Again from the movie Aladdin we have Jasmine.


She is among all the main reason for Aladdin to reach the Sultan’s Palace. It is of course one of the main character of the movie, however I am not really impressed by this minifigure. 

Jasmine has the body and leg printed with the light blue details of the movie. The body also tries to emphasise the slim shape of Jasmine. As for the Street Dander in the Minifigure Series 20, I don’t really like this. 

In general, the minifgure is quite simple, however, the hairpiece is accurate and remarkable. It is in rubber, but there is the long braid, the earrings and the headband. 


The accessory is a small bird, not really significant. 

I think that all in all the result is a quite blocky character which is better represented with the minidolls rather than the minifigure.


Minifigure rating: 2/5


Now it is the time of the God of the underworld Hades, from the Disney movie Hercules.


Hades has a special leg piece which is a cloudy floating part, as a God he is not really walking. The concept is similar to Ursula in the Disney series 1, but the piece is different. Hades leg part has also some dark blue print on it. The torso is the continuation of the dress with a nice print on it. 


Finally, the head is a modified one with flames as hair. It is not the first time this head part was released but of course it is coloured specifically for Hades. 


Finally, the accessories are two flames, to emphasise his powers.

I think that the designers made a great job in this Disney minifigure Series 2 with Hades. Even if the character looks more blocky that the cartoon it has so many details that is really accurate.


Minifigure rating: 5/5


Then the main character of Hercules the movie: Hercules itself.


The minifigure is another of my favourite of the Disney Minifigure series 2. Hercules has a very accurate printing on both torso and legs, with a great color scheme that make it very effective. The front part of the torso in has all the details of the leather armour with the blue cape’s clips and the buckle with the Zeus sigil. Actually, Hercules has also a nice blue cape which make a nice contrast with the dominant color of the minifigure.


On the other hand, the back part is really simple and minimal.


The hair piece is unique for Hercules, with curly hair and the red band. Then, the minifigure has two faces: one smiling and one more angry, ready to fight the enemies: Hades first.


To conclude the description, there are also two accessories: a sword and a shield. The sword is the roman gladio, while the shield is a round one with a big Zeus emblem on it and Ancient Greek patterns.

In general, I appreciate very much this minifigure. It is accurate with the printing and the details of all the parts. I appreciated a lot also the accessories that very well placed him in the Ancient Greek time.

Minifigure rating: 5/5


I admit that I had to Google a bit to know a bit more about Sally and Jack Skellington because I didn’t see the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.


Maybe this Christmas 2020 will be the right occasion. However, Sally is the ragdoll hopelessly in love with Jack Skellington. 

LEGO designers made a great work with Sally. They created a very accurate print on the torso which continues in the leg an the arms. One of the novelty is the green bluish color of the skin, which also makes a nice contrast with the dark red color of her long hair. He hair piece is a new big plastic part: similar hair are in Friends minidolls but they are in rubber.


There are two faces quite similar, one smiling with a shut mouth and one with a partially open mouth in a more astonished expression.

The accessory is simple but nicely related to the movie: two black flowers.

In general, I like the minifigure a lot, even if I don’t know much about the movie.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Jack Skellington

The main character of Nightmare Before Christmas is the next minifigure: Jack Skellington.


It is effectively the minifigure version of the iconic character. As said for Sally, I don’t know much of the movie, however, I really admire the details in the minifigure. 

Jack comes in his black and white stripped suit which starts with the torso and continue in the legs and the arms. He has also the bat-shaped bowtie and a fabric skirt for the frack suit.


The face is a skull, it is dark but it is very accurate and of course, it has no headgear. 

Last but not least there is the accessory: Jack has a gift box with black and white prints. The gift box has the same structure as the ones of the party girl and party boy on the Minifigure series 18.


Inside the box there are three transparent 1×1 round tiles with snowflakes printed on it.

It is really detailed and I like it. As for other couples of this series, the two minifigures Sally and Jack together are simply great.


Minifigure rating: 5/5

Edna Mode

Here we have Edna Mode, the eccentric designer of the costume of the Incredibles.


It is a caricature of fashion designers. In particular with the big headgear and the bug-eyes.

Edna has two faces: one with a big smile and a serious one. However, only the mouth is visible with the big headgear, and it confirms the caricature of the character.


The body and the short legs create her dark blue dress as in the movie The Incredibles 2.


 She has a teacup and a bag with the Mode logo on it.




I admit that I don’t remember very well this character and so I was not really impressed by it.

Minifigure rating: 2/5


The final character of this Disney minifigure 2 collection is Frozone: again from The Incredible 2 movie.


Frozone is the best friend of Bob, the main character of The Incredibles. Here it comes with his superhero suite white and light blue. 

The head is nice with a cyclops-like goggle and the black skin of Frozone. It is an unique head that personalize the character.


The other remarkable aspect are the accessories: two translucent power blast to make him shooting ice. Finally, Frozone comes with a grey round plate that make him like sliding on his icy path.

I am not a super fan of The Incredibles, the minifigure is nice but I was expecting characters more interesting. However it has interesting accessories, but nothing more than that.

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Final Comments

To conclude my review on the Disney minifigure series 2, some final comments and remarks. This collection has several unique pieces that could hardly be used again in other mini figures, but on the other hand they create the unique minifigures a real transposition of the cartoon characters. 

Some of the accessories are really unnecessary or anything could have been sufficient. On the other hand, only a few characters really needed a specific accessory. 

In general, I liked this collection a lot, I had the occasion to revive a bit the stories and the characters, but I also rediscover a couple of movies that I missed.  

I appreciated the details in some mini figures but I admit that others are better as minidolls rather than mini figures, in particular the princesses and Jasmine above all.

So, my personal top 5 is:
1. Jafar
2. Hercules
3. Jack Skellington
4. Hades
5. Sally

I liked also Mickey and Minnie, but I think the are so iconic that you cannot appreciate.

I think that the combination of the series 1 and series 2 covered a lot of characters and movies. But of course further are missing, so, maybe there will be a third series sooner or later. 

Let me know in the comments if you liked the series and what do you expect in the next series!

I enjoyed collecting and reviewing them. I hope, you enjoyed reading it, too.

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