MOC: Explorer Track Master

I present you my explorer track master MOC: a crawler to allow Johnny Thunder to explore the most difficult and remote places where other vehicles cannot go.


I started a series of MOC inspired by the LEGO adventurers theme. The special parts developed for this theme are the starting point of my MOC. 

So, after the 6-wheels adventurers truck and the Adventurers Tracker, it is time to present the explorer track master. It is a sort of crawler, inspired by the official LEGO set 5934: Dino Explorer Track Master, released in 2000.

dino-explorer-track-masterAs you can see, my version is smaller than the official set, but I kept a similar structure. In particular for the front part and the typical loading bed in the back. 

The front part has the grille and some extra lights. A simple roll bar protects the lights and the engine. 


The central part is the vehicle base, but I was short of the special part. So I created it by combining 2×1 modified plate with stud and the panels. In this way, two minifigures can sit close to each other. Furthermore, the steering wheel and the gear lever find their place. 

As part of my series of Adventurers vehicles, also the explorer master tracker has the driver side on the right hand side.


The loading bed is quite similar to the Adventurer Tracker and or the truck. However, I included an extra feature: the rear door.


In the loading bed it fits a 3×4 box, or 2 small 2×2 boxes. Then, on the external side of the read door there are a pickaxe and a shovel. I wanted a compact and autonomous vehicle, where Johnny can have his tools without reducing loading capacity.


The full vehicle is quite compact and it includes all the essential elements: two miniifigures, some tools and a big box. In this way, Johnny can reach the remote area, explore and load the relics.


This explorer track master is a very versatile vehicle for exploration of remote area. It will move quite slow, but with less limitation as the truck or the off-road car.

It was really fun to create this small vehicle and thinking of the story of Johnny exploring remote area. 

If you liked, leave me some feedback here below and enjoy the exploration!

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  1. Isaac says:

    Very cool! I’ve enjoyed your Johnny Thunder MOCS. Will this be your last one or do you have more planned?

  2. Isaac says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

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