Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020: daily countdown

Here we are with the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 and I will follow your opening with my daily countdown.

After the first Harry Potter Advent Calendar in 2019, I would like to do also in this bizarre 2020 with the daily countdown of Harry Potter.

Since its official release in summer 2020, online you can find plenty of pictures of the gifts. However, I tried to avoid them and I will give you my impression on a daily basis. 

So, after the long wait, finally December is arrived and we can start opening it!

The Harry Potter advent calendars so far have a main theme that links all the gifts. In 2019, the surprises where referring to the first year of Harry Potter in Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  In this Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 the main theme is the Yule Ball, happened on the Christmas 1994 during the Triwizard Tournament


With my children, we talk about all the magic of Harry Potter every moment, and with this calendar we will have further topics! So, we will open together and enjoy each moment.

As for the 2019 Advent Calendars, I will do the countdown on a daily basis and you will find my personal evaluation, as well.

As usual, I will thank Jay’s Brick blog for the inspiration of this post.

In parallel, I am doing the daily countdown also of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020.

Time to open!

Let start opening. First of all, even the simple opening the box to show the 24 small cases gives you the fantastic overview of the Main Hall of Hogwats. 


We will prepare the Hall for the 2020 Christmas day!

Day 1 – Harry Potter

Here we are with the first opening of the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020. As expected, the first gift is Harry Potter in his elegant dress for the Yule Ball.


The minifigure is the same has in the LEGO 75948 Hogwarts Clock Tower. The torso has the elegant dress printed on it, and also the medium length legs, like in the Harry Potter Minifigure Series 1. The back is also printed, with the details of the dress. 


The hair are the black disheveled and the face is both happy and serious.

day1-harry-potter-alternateThe add-on to this gift are accessories: first of all the wand, as usual. Then there is the Yule Ball manifest and finally a candle.


The Yule Ball manifest is a nice 2×3 printed tile with a nice holographic effect.

As first day, I was expecting Harry and I am very happy with that, I am a bit disappointed that the minifigure is the same as in another set and not an exclusive like in the Advent Calendar 2019. However, the minifigure is nice and the Yule Ball invitation is great. In general, it is a good start, to enter in the Christmas mood.

Day 2 – Microscale Hogwarts

For the day 2 we have the Microscale of Hogwart, actually it is very similar to a silouette, with some recognisable elements: the main tower, the gate and the great hall.


It is simple and nice to build. Moreover, it is also appreciated that there are some spare parts.


And here it is a picture from the back with an extra 2×1 plate to allow the tower to fit in the base.



As said, a simple Hogwarts model to prepare for Day 3 for the next gift.

Day 3 – Durmstrang Ship

A great microscale model for the Durmstrang Ship: the magic vessel used by the Durmstrang team to join the Triwizard Tournament in Hogwarts.


The ship is full of nice components that make it really great. Furthermore, it is also nice to assemble and to discover where each part goes. 

The back is very nice with the modified brick and I like the use of the 2×2 inverted curved slope to create the hull, that make the ship dandle. 


The Durmstrang ship is one of the few set that LEGO partially missing, in the sense that the only version of it is from 2005. So, if it is here, I really hope that in 2021 a new version of the ship will come. 

So far we have Harry and two great microscale models.


Enjoy the rest of the day with the Durmstrang ship floating in front of Hogwarts. We will be ready for Day 4 to come!

Day 4 – Beauxbatons’ Carriage

The third Wizard school has just arrived in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020. It is not a surprise, but a nice welcome, of course. Since the main theme of this Calendar is the Book 4 of Harry Potter, all the main characters have to join.


It is a small build with some interesting bricks which gives an idea of the carriage. Of course the detailed LEGO version is in the set 75958.


The model is minimal but somwhow gives the good overview of the carriage. 

So, now with the arrival also of the Beauxabton school, the Triwizard Tournament can start!



I cannot wait for tomorrow’s surprise.

Day 5 – Cho Chang

On this 5th day, the surprise is Cho Chang an unexpected minifigure which is not shown in the box. A very nice surprise at least to me. 


Cho comes in her dress for the Yule Ball and it is a new version of Cho. Cho was already available in the Harry Potter Minifigure Series 1, and it was not really special. In this version instead it is much much better.

The torso is fully printed with the dress colors and the legs are replaced with a printed 2×1 block and a 2×1 plate. 


Then, Cho comes also with a sad face, which is part of the character. 


Despite Cho was never coupled with Harry, here in this Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 they are the first two minifigures, so, why not displaying them together?day5-chao-harry

Looking forward for Day 6 to come.

Day 6 – Goblet of Fire

A very nice build for this Day 6 of Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020: the Goblet of Fire.


Of course, it is not part of the Yule Ball, but it is the magical item used to select the champions of the Triwizard Tournament. 

The model is really similar to the movie and it is really effective.  Moreover, I think it is really remarkable the blue flame with lightning dots in it. 


So, now with the Goblet and all the schools, we are really ready to start the tournament. So drop your name in the Goblet if you dare and get ready for the challenges!

A great calendar, so far, and I am really looking forward for tomorrow.

Day 7 – Giant Gramophone

We have to be ready for the Yule Ball and we have to practice, so here it is the Giant Gramophone for the dancing lesson of Prof. McGonnagal.


It is a nice model made with several parts that makeit very effective.


Since it is a magic grampophone it is really big, and it was used prepare Harry and the Gryffindor for the Hule Ball.


I really appreciate the dimension and the scale with respect to the minifigure.


Let the music play and on the notes of a waltzer, be ready for tomorrow.

Day 8 – Dragon’s Egg on Sofa

It is a bit a bizarre gift today, but it is quite kind. On Gryffindor’s common room’s sofa there is the golden dragon’s egg that Harry collected during the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. 


Of course the golden egg is a single part, even if a dedicated print could have improved a bit. On the other hand, the sofa is a simple model in dark red without any relevant things.


Despite the simplicity, I appreciate this gift to keep the setting of the book 4. At the time of the Yule Ball, Harry still had no idea on how to open it. It was during the Yule Ball that Cedric gave him the hint.


Do you know how to open it? Meanwhile Harry struggles on how to open the egg, we will wait for tomorrow’s surprise.

Day 9 – Yule Ball’s Round Table

We can start to decorate the main hall of Hogwarts for the Yule Ball. The gift of today is a simple round table with a bottle and a center spot. 


I would like to show you the base of the legs, which uses the modified plate.


It is a simple build, nothing special, however, I am expecting that it could be integrated with other gifts coming in the next days.


Not much to say, so it is better to wait for tomorrow’s gift!

Day 10 – Ron Weasley

Today at day 10 we have Ron Wesley, Harry Potter’s best friend. 


As for Harry, Ron comes in his elegant dress for the Yule Ball. It is a bizarre dress and Ron was embarrassed to wear it.

The minifigure has a double face a bit disappointed. In the back of the torso, the print continues as in the front. Finally, as for Harry, Ron has the medium legs.

day10-backThis minifigure is quite expected, I am a bit disappointed that it is not a novel version but the same as in the Hogwarts Clock Tower set, likewise Harry on Day 1.

Ron is so far the third minifigure off this Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020.


Looking forward for the surprises of the next days!



Day 11 – Fireplace

Today we have a warm fireplace, that might be from any room of Hogwarts, but I like to think it is the one from the Gryffindor’s Common Room.


The fireplace with the Christmas stocking is a simply great. It creates a nice warm Christmas atmosphere in Hogwarts.This model maybe goes together with the sofa to recreate the Gryffindor’s Common Room. 


However, the build is simple with a few bricks.


I really love this Christmas themed gifts and I am curios about tomorrow. 


Day 12 – Window

We are already half-way of the this great Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020, but today’s gift  was a bit tough to understand. Anyway, it is a window with Christmas decorations.


It took me a while to understand, since the instructions where not really clear. 

day12-instructionsHowever, the side connectors and the yesterday’s fireplace helped me to guess.


I admit that I am not 100% sure, but it looks like a series of small builds to create a background for the Yule Ball. If it is so, it will be very nice to recreate the atmosphere.

Check it tomorrow for the next gift.

Day 13 – Christmas Tree

As expected from the picture on the box, on Day 13 we have a big snowy Christmas Tree.


It is a nice decoration for the Main Hall of Hogwarts for the Yule Ball. 

I appreciate the different technique used for this tree and the color scheme different form last year trees.


Leaving Harry and Cho to decorate, we can wait for tomorrow to come !

Day 14 – Window

We have today another window, a background model like for Day 12.


There is really few to say, in particular I like the Chocolate Frog element on the windowsill. 


Ron will really appreciate. 


With this small background composition, let see what will come tomorrow.

Day 15 – Padma Patil

Finally a strictly related Yule Ball’s minifigure: Padma Patil


Padma was the partner of Ron on the Yule Ball and the sister of Parvati, Harry’s partner. 

This is the first LEGO version of Padma, so a real unique minifigure in this Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020. The minifigure of Padma has the same as Cho. She is in her Yule Ball’s dress with a very detailed print on the torso and legs replaced with 2×1 decorated brick and 2×1 tile to reach the minifigure scale.


There is also an alternate smily face. The back of the torso is well printed, but the back of the legs are not. 

Just a small comment on the color, it is probably due to printing process or different materials, but the torso strip should have the same color as the legs, but it doesn’t. The legs are a very nice bright pink, while the strip is more pale.

Despite all what happened during the Yule Ball between Ron and Padma, the two minifigures look great together.



Leaving Ron and Padma get ready for the Ball, let’s wait for tomorrow: maybe Parvati will arrive!


Day 16 – Christmas Trees

Two small Christmas trees to continue the background of the Hogwart’s main hall for the Yule Ball.


Nothing really exciting, but useful to keep the Christmas mood. They can stay together with the main Christmas tree of Day 13.


This combination is very similar to the one of the 2019 Advent Calendar, where the Trees were green. 



Leaving Ron hiding behind the trees, we will wait for tomorrow for the next gifts.

Day 17 – Piano

Today we have the magic piano used by the band to play during the Yule Ball.


It is not very used in the world of Harry, however it is a nice part for the Yule Ball. The most remarkable part is the 1×4 printed tile with the piano keyboard. 


The front is nice, but the back is a bit blocky. Anyway, this is a obvious reference to the LEGO IDEAS Grand Piano released along 2020, even if the color doesn’t match.



Let’s leave Ron and Harry understand how to play this piano, but maybe this is a clue for tomorrow’s gift… someone muggle born who can play the piano. 


Day 18 – Yule Ball’s Table Part 1

We have today another set part: the Yule Ball’s Table, or to be more precise the first part.


It is a round table with a huge ice sculpture in the middle. Moreover, the model of today is only a semicircle and looking at the brick on the back, I am expecting the other half in the next days.


It is a nice build with the nice combination of transparent parts that I like.


We are going fast to the closure of the calendar but there are still interesting surprises to come. 

Day 19 – Parvati Patil

Finally, the second sister: Parvati Patil.


It is almost in the last opening that the second sister comes. As in the movie, Parvati comes with the same dress as the sister, but with inverted colours.


Both Parvati ad Padma have a double face. Moreover, I think that the concept of the twin sisters is great, and as expected, the face and the hair are the same. 


Finally, now it is possible to prepare the couples for the Yule Ball: Harry with Parvati and Ron with Padma.


Leaving the group prepare for the Ball, we can wait for the next day to come.

Day 20 – Yule Ball’s Table Part 2

Today we have the part 2 of the Yule Ball table.



As expected, the Yule Ball table is made up of two parts, so today there are the connectors and it is possible to complete the table.


It is big round table with the huge ice sculpture on it.


This is the table were Harry, Ron and the twin sister Parvati and Padma sits in front during the Yule Ball.




There are a few days left, however the Yule Ball setup is almost complete. Let see what tomorrow will bring.

Day 21 – Mic and Music Stand

After the piano on Day 17, we have the mic and music stand. 


They are two simple builds with interesting parts. However, there are some interesting aspects. First of all the microphone, since wizards don’t use electricity, the mic is a horn to amplificate the voice.



The music stand instead comes from the Prof. Flitwick orchestra. However, I am curious to know to which song these notes are referring to. Do you have any clue? Let me know in the comments.


The Ball is getting ready and the date is coming closer and closer. So, be ready for it with the next few days.

Day 22 – Hermione Granger

Finally the last of the three main characters of the Harry Potter saga: the wonderful Hermione Granger in her Yule Ball’s dress.


Hermione comes with the pink long dress used in the movie.


Of course the minifigure of Hermione looks a bit blocky, however the print is great and detailed. The torso is a detailed copy of the real dress both in front and in back. Moreover, the double face allows to recreate different situations.


Furthermore, the 2×1 brick at the bottom well replicate the dress. Finally, I like the hairpiece, which is the new colored version of the hair used in the Queen Minifigure of Series 15 and the Calamity Drone in the LEGO Movie series.


So, it is time to group the three friends in their elegant dresses to join the Ball.


A final remark, as per Harry and Ron, also this version of Hermione is the same as in the Hogwarts Clock Tower.

The calendar is almost over and the minifigures should be finished. However, let see what the last two days will bring.


Day 23 – Christmas Presents

The Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 is going to the end and finally we have the Christmas presents.


As last year there is a present for each house: blue and grey for Ravenclaw, green and grey for Slytherin, yellow and black for Hufflepuff and finally dark red and gold for Gryffindor. 

Among all my favourite is the Gryffindor’s present: the packed broomstick. 

Today’s gift has not relation with the Yule Ball , however the Christmas presents are always welcome!

Check in once more tomorrow for the last day and the wrap up.

Day 24 – The Triwizard Cup

Finally, here we are at the last day of this Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 and the gift is the Triwizard Cup.


It is a relatively big model, quite similar to the movie version. 


Also compared with the minifigures it is big. 


Another version of the Triwizard Cup was available with the minifigure of Cedric in the Harry Potter Minifigure Series 1, but it was quite anonymous. 

I think that the model is quite nice, however it is not really related with the Yule Ball. 

So, with this final gift the calendar is over, thanks you for having followed my daily review. But don’t quit, please, stay a little bit further to read below my final considerations. 



Final consideration

This year there was the second edition of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar, with the usual 24 gifts. 

The main theme of this calendar was the Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and in particular the Yule Ball, on the Christmas Eve. 

The box creates a nice display, with the print of the Hogwarts Main Hall.


I think that the calendar started with very nice gifts like the Durmstrang Ship, the girls dresses prints and the Yule Ball’s manifesto. On the other hand, the calendar is a mix of situations and aspects of the Book 4 of the saga.

I was really expecting gifts mostly related to the Yule Ball and not to the the entire book. 

There are 6 minifigures, I like the girls dresses and prints, they are really accurate and effective, on the other hand the three main characters are the same as in other sets and this is a bit disappointing with respect to 2019 version.

To conclude, I am quite satisfied of this calendar, however, some days could have been done better and the for sure the minifigure of Harry, Ron and Hermione could have been improved. 

I would really like to know your feeling of the calendar, so, please, let me know in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Kate says:

    Harry’s date for the ball was not Cho, it was Parvati Patil.

    • bricksphere says:

      Indeed. What I meant with the picture in Day 5 was that so far there were only Harry and Cho. I hope Parvati will come soon!
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  3. Kate says:

    I completely agree, this whole set was marvelously Christmasy until the end. I was hoping for more characters – like Hagrid, Victor, Ginny, Fluer. Well thanks for your page, it was much easier to follow your builds than to follow the ones on the box. Happy Holidays!

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