Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021: daily countdown

We are again at the end of the Year and it is the period to discover the magic gifts in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021 in my daily countdown.

After the first Harry Potter Advent Calendar in 2019 focused on the first year at Hogwarts, and the second Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 during the Yule Ball, it is time to discover the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021, with daily countdown.

As in previous year, the calendar was officially released in summer 2021 and of course you can already see all of them. However, I tried to avoid as much as possible to spoil and I will discover them on a daily basis. 

Despite in the first two versions, the calendar was focused on a specific year, in this 2021 version it is the first journey of Harry to the Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry



The calendar look very promising, with great feature. I am very curious of the inside game with the spinner. I will open also this calendar with my kids and we will discuss and watch again movies, taking inspiration form the gifts. 

Finally, I will thank Jay’s Brick blog for the inspiration of this post and the daily countdown.

Moreover, as usual, in parallel, I am doing the daily countdown of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021, so please have a look at it, too.

Time to open!

Let start opening. The base panel will need the gifts to populate the game, and you will probably interact with them.

The path printed on the base panel will finish at Hogwarts, printed on the face of the box with all the cases.


On the bottom right there is also the explanation of the spinner which will be used as a dice to move your character along the path. 


Watch out, because you advance only with a 3 or a 4, and with 1 or 2 you will be back!


But I cannot wait and let’s go to open the small cases!

Day 1 – Privet Drive

Obviously, the beginning of the journey of Harry to Hogwarts starts in Privet Drive, at the house number 4, where the Dursley family live.


The gift is simple but very accurate with a nice 1×4 tile printed with the sign “PRIVET DRIVE”. And it is completed with the Hogwarts acceptance letter of Harry.


It is a smooth start 

for this long journey till Hogwarts and Christmas, so, let’s go ahead and let see what is coming tomorrow!

Day 2 – Harry Potter

Here it is Harry Potter. The first minifigure of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021 is here and it is Harry Potter.


It is Harry Potter in his muggle dress as was rescued by Hagrid, before going to Diagon Alley. Indeed, the minifigure is not new, but it is the same you can find in the Diagon Alley set 75978, released early 2021. In particular, it is the minifigure of the small stand of the set where you should have both Harry and Hagrid.

The torso has well printed the muggle clothes with the open shirt which continues in the back. 


Harry has also an alternate scary face, quite usual in the Harry Potter minifigures.


So, Harry is now ready to leave Privet Drive with his letter, in his journey to Hogwarts!



Tomorrow there will be a new scenario set, let’s wait a bit for it!

Day 3 – Fireplace

What is… ah! It’s the fireplace of the Dursley’s house. The gift of day 3 is the fireplace where all the letters flew into the house to reach Harry.


It is a nice construction with several parts, but I admit a bit mysterious at the beginning. You can guess what it is considering the reserved spot on the track plan. 

There is also a black 2×3 modified tile that is apparently not connected, however, it perfectly fit in the slot on top. 


I hope and I guess, the fireplace will better completed with the set of tomorrow day 4.



Day 4 – Fierplace accessories and Hogwarts letters

A bit as expected, in this Day 4 there are the accessories for the fireplace of Day 3.

So the fireplace is decorated for Christmas.


It is a kind of add-on to improve the fireplace and also to have more letters from Hogwarts, hoping Harry will catch at least one!


As expected, it further improve the game path.


Tomorrow we should have another element of the path. Let see what it will be!

Day 5 – Happee Birthdae Harry Cake

In this Day 5 we have a great gift, it is the Cake prepared by Hagrid for Harry. He delivered to Harry when he rescued him from the Dursleys.


The best part of this gift is the 2×2 round tile with printed the lovely “Happee Birthdae Harry” hand written by Hagrid.


Harry was very happy to receive it.


I like the surprise of today very much, because it is simple but iconic of the Harry Potter saga and it very well fits with the spirt of the advent calendar.

Looking forward for Day 6 to come.

Day 6 – Dudley Dursley

Here we have the second minifigure of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021: Dudley Dursley, the terrible cousin of Harry Potter.


It is a simple minfigure with short legs, wearing the pyjama when Hagrid rescued Harry. 

The most remarkable part is the torso with the pyjama and the pig tail in the back when Hagrid casted the spell.


He comes with two faces, a naughty one and a scared one. 


Dudley was already available in the 4 Privet Drive set released in 2020, but with different dress. Again also the gift of today is a nice to have in the Advent Calendar: some unique characters or parts.

Looking forward for tomorrow.

Day 7 – The Leaky Cauldron Insignia

Hagrid is arrived and he has explained Harry that he is a wizard and he will attend Hogarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But first he has to find all the school accessories, and he can find all of them in London, “if you know where to go”.

The starting point is the Leaky Cauldron and on Day 7 we have its insignia.


It is another of these gifts that I really like in the Advent Calendar because it is small and not common. 

The Leaky Cauldron pub insignia is printed in a 2×3 tile with open clips.


Probably tomorrow ther should be another insignia, let see what it will be.

Day 8 – Leaky Cauldron’s Table

The gift of Day 8 is a furniture part of the Leaky Cauldron: a table with mugs and bottle.


The mugs are in silver grey and the bottle in the brown translucent color. The table itself is a round brown brick with a round 4×4 tan plate. As expected, it fits in the board on the number 8, close to the insignia of the pub.

This is the place where Harry and Hagrid stopped for a moment and where they meet professor Quirrel. Moreover, Harry realises that there was and entire hidden Wizzarding World he didn’t neither suspected.


Cheers Harry, let see the tomorrow gift, which should be the gate to the magic wizzarding world.

Day 9 – Diagon Alley’s Wall/Gate

As expected, today we have the Wall/Gate of Diagon Alley: the entrance to the Wizzarding part of London.



The gate is positioned on the track and it can open and slide to allow the wizard to enter.


The wall is made by a combination of parts identical that you have just to combine one upside down in order to connect.

It is a simple and very nice build that guides you through the Wizzarding World.

And now I am eager to continue the calendar!

Day 10 – Gringotts Front Desk

Another scenario element of the journey to Hogwarts: the front desk of the Gringotts bank in Diagon Alley.


I like how is accurate and detailed, also with the lamp a side. 


The back side is ready to host the Goblin, that I hope will arrive tomorrow on Day 11. 

Day 11 – Griphook

The goblin Griphook is the third minifigure of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021. When Harry and Hagrid arrived at the Gringott Bank first, he led them to the vaults.


Griphook arrives with the golden key. It is an exclusive minifigure of this calendar, even if the torso was already available in the Diagon Alley set for Olivander, and also in the small blister of wizards.


There is also a double face both quite angry.



As you might remember, there is also another version of Griphook in the Harry Potter Minifigure Series 2.

As expected, this minifugure perfectly fits in the Front Desk of Day 10. S


o, once Harry has give the key of the vault to Griphook, we are ready to move to the next day.


Day 12 – Gringotts Mine Cart

The gifts for the next days are easily recognisable thanks  to the silhouette on the board. For day 12 we have the Gringotts Mine Cart.


It is a very nice build with all the details of the cart used in the movie by Harry, Hagrid and Griphook. In this Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021, Hagrid is the notably absent, however, Harry and Griphook give an idea of the setup. 



I like the detail of the golden light on the back.


Leaving Harry and Griphook to the vault, let see if it comes tomorrow.

Day 13 – Gringotts Vault 687 – part 1

Today on Day 13 and probably tomorrow on Day 14 we should have the Gringotts vault that should be the one belonging to the Potter’s: the vault 687.

In particular today there is the door of the vault, and it is clearly only part of a bigger model.


It is a magic wooden door with all the magic secrets inside.


Despite the limited amount of parts, this structure is quite solid.


There is not much to say on this day 13, but let see tomorrow if the vault will be completed.

Day 14 – Gringotts Vault 687 – part 2

The gift of today, Day 14, confirms that we are at the Gringotts vault 687, the one belonging to the potter family. 


There is a quite new part, the 6×2 bracket with a 6x1inverted. The big amount of golds in the Potter’s vault is done with golden 1×1 round plates and golden 2×1 ingots.

The bracket fits with the door of Day 13, of course, so you can create the entire vault.


Harry was not aware of all those golds and coins in his family vault.


And finally, here it is the current set of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021.


There will be another component of the track tomorrow, so stay with me to discover it!

Day 15 – Harry’s Wand and Book

After the visit at the Gringotts, it is time for Harry to buy the school supplies. Today in Day 15 we have the Wand and the book.


The Harry’s Wand is the one he bought at the Olivander’s shop. The main characteristic of this gift is the wand’s box. It is a small brown box of 3x1x1 size capped with a black 3×1 modified tile. Both elements are quite recent.


On the other hand, the book is quite standard and the 2×1 tile inside has no print or inscriptions. 

This gift is quite simple and it will be combined with other school supplies coming in the next days.

Day 16 – Hedwig and Train Ticket

Also on Day 16 of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021 there are some school supplies: in particular there is Hedwig, the magic pet.


The day is quite full of gifts because together with Hedwig there is also the train ticket of the Hogwarts Express. It is a 2×1 printed tile with all the details of the journey.

Today there is also the chocolate frog and the first of the two Wizard Cards.

Leaving Hedwig a bit of freedom before going to Hogwarts, let’s wait for tomorrow to come.

Day 17 – Trolley

Finally with Day 17, Harry is ready to go to King’s Cross Station to catch the Hogwarts Express. So, he can fit all his stuff in the trolley.


The trolley is a simple build with no special feature and functions. However, it is great to move all Harry’s stuff to the train’s platform.


All the gifts of Day 15 and Day 16 perfectly fit on the trolley. Hedwig sits on the wand’s box together with the chocolate frog and Harry will hold the ticket.

Harry is now ready for new adventure and we have just to wait another day to see the next gift.

Day 18 – Ron Weasley

For Day 18 the second character of the magic trio: Ron Weasley.


Actually, Harry met Ron right before jumping on the train. So, Ron is dressed with the school uniform and of course without any House logo, because they will be sorted once they are at school.


This version of Ron comes with another chocolate frog and the second Wizard Card.

Moreover, Ron has a double face with a scared expression, and the print of the torso includes the hood.


Finally, Ron is ready to catch the train with Harry.



Hermione is missing, let see if she will come tomorrow. 

Day 19 – Platform 9¾

Here we are at the famous Platform 9¾ at the King’s Cross Station in London.


It is a very nice build with SNOT techniques, and my favourite element is the big 2×4 printed tile with the number 9¾ and Hogwarts Express well written on it.

day19-backThe model is a construct of almost 6 bricks tall. In general, it is small compared with the elements of a train station, but it gives a nice idea.


It is really time to go and to see what tomorrow will bring on the Hogwarts Express. 

Day 20 – Hermione Granger

Finally the third character of the Magic Trio is here: Hermione Granger.


As for Ron, Hermione comes with her Hogwarts uniform without any badge or logo, because the sorting has not happen yet.

The minifigure arrives only with the wand, but with the print of the school uniform also on the back. Finally, Hermione has also the double face: an happy and a scared one.



If we follow the story, Harry and Ron met Hermione on the Hogwarts Express, so we can imagine that we are on the way to Hogwarts.


Finally, we are approaching the end of the calendar, we are also almost at Hogwarts, so let see what is coming tomorrow.

Day 21 – Hogwarts Table with Food

Here we are in Hogwarts and it is time to begin the feast, so here it is a table and some food for the main hall.


It is a simple build with some extra details and accessories for the minifigures: a pumpkin, a baguette bread and a tray with some cherries. Moreover, a similar table was already available in the first Advent Calendar.

Nothing special today, but let see how the calendar will finish.

Day 22 – Draco Malfoy

I think we have here the last minifigure of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021: Draco Malfoy, the nemesis of Harry Potter.


Draco has the Hogwarts uniform and as Ron and Hermione there are no patches of the house. Then, the back of the torso includes the hood. Finally, Draco comes with a double face, one with the typical know-it-all expression and an angry one.


I like the minifigures of this calendar despite their simplicity. Let see what the last two days will bring.

Day 23 – Christmas Tree

To conclude the elements of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021 on day 23 there is a Christmas tree.


There are already other Christmas trees both in the Advent Calendar 2020 and Advent Calendar 2019, however, it is the only Christmas element in this calendar. 

Finally, with the Christmas Tree the entire game ends and Christmas can be celebrated at Hogwarts.

So, the calendar is almost over, but, check it once more tomorrow for the last day and the wrap up.

Day 24 – Game Spinner

Finally, we are at the end of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021, so we have all the element of the game with the Game Spinner. 


As expected, the spinner is used as a dice to move the characters along the path to Hogwarts. 


There are all the colors of the houses, but it is a pity that there are no house logos.

To enjoy it, you have to play the game to reach Hogwarts, so spin it and good luck!

The game spinner of Day 24 concludes the calendar, but stay here for my final wrap up and considerations. 

Final considerations

The third Harry Potter advent calendar is just finished with all the 24 gifts. The focus of this version is the journey of Harry to Hogwarts. Moreover, it is the 20th anniversary of the first movie. 

The most wonderful aspect of this year version is the game. In particular, you can play the game of the goose, moving the characters to the end by spinning the top you can find on Day 24.


In this Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021 there are 6 minifigures together with the magic trio there are also Dudley, Draco and Griphook. So, you can play with any of them. Moreover, I appreciated very much the dress of Ron, Herminone and Draco without any house patch, because the sorting has not happened yet in Hogwarts.

In general, there are several nice printed parts that I will reuse or anyway I will keep them for my collection. I think also I will play several time with my kids, it is a nice idea to organise the calendar as a game.

Compared to the other years, I think there are only a few days with gifts that could have been avoided. 

To conclude, I think it is my favourite calendar among the three, so far.

Finally, I would like to hear from you what you think of the calendar. So, let me know in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!

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