Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022: daily countdown

We are again at the end of the Year and it is the period to discover the magic gifts in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 in my daily countdown.

After the first Harry Potter Advent Calendar in 2019 focused on the first year at Hogwarts, the second Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 during the Yule Ball, the third Calendar in 2021 with a Goose Game to run Harry through the first months of school till Christmas, it is time to discover the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022.

As in previous year, the calendar was officially released in summer time and of course you can already see all of them. However, I tried to avoid as much as possible to spoil and I will discover them on a daily basis. 

So, this version has a game with characters and places of the saga and I am really curious to discover it. 



As expected, the calendar looks very promising, with minifigures and microscale models that will enrich the collections.

Finally, I will thank Jay’s Brick blog for the inspiration of this post and the daily countdown.

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What to expect

Right after this section you will see the list of daily surprises. If you click on the links you will jump immediately to the daily section and you will discover my personal comments, some interesting links and my own photos.

This post is released on December 1st and updated daily, so you can follow the countdown till Christmas.

If you are ready, scroll down and discover the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 together!

Time to open!

At first, opening the base panel you can see all the boxes and the board game printed on the base plate. 

The boxes have the number of the day but also some symbol that recalls moments of the story. Then, in background there is the Albus Dumbledore’s office and the Pensieve is in the center of the base panel. Furthermore, on the left and right side of it there are the collections of symbols for the game. 


Likewise the 2021 advent calendar, this year game is a simple game for the entire family that needs all the small sets of the calendar. 

There is a QRcode that shows you the game rules, so once you have all the boxes be ready to defeat your friends to collect all the sets and minifigures.

So, now it is time to open the small cases!

Day 1 – Ollivander’s Wand Shop

We finally start with the day 1 of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar and the first gift is a microscale model of the Ollivander’s Wand Shop facade.


It is the most famous and best wandmaker of the whole England and its shop is in Diagon Alley. 



For the fan of the Harry Potter Saga, Ollivander’s shop is where Harry bought its wand. Moreover, Garrick Ollivander said to Harry, that its wand is sister with Voldemort’s one.

The calendar started with a microscale model that jumps us in the Harry Potter world, let see what is coming tomorrow!

Day 2 – Quidditch Goal Post

For Day 2 we have another microscale: the quidditch goal post.


Quidditch is the most famous and loved game in the wizzarding world of Harry Potter. This goal post is a nice model of the three rings where the players have to throw the Quaffle to earn ten points.

Finally, the goal post has the color combination of the two main houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, yellow and red, and Slytherin, green and grey.

So, now it is time to enjoy the quidditch, but watch out for the bludger, and I hope tomorrow a minifigure will come!

Day 3 – Harry Potter

Here it is the first minifigure of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 and of course it is Harry Potter.


Our loved young wizard comes in its school uniform with the Gryffindor’s patches. Furthermore, the minifigure has the short legs, so it is supposed to be at the first or second year of the school. 

As expected, the minifigure comes with an alternative face and the wand.


Finally, the back part of the torso is well printed as well.


Despite the minifigure looks wuite common, according to Bricklink, it appears only on the set Hogwarts Chambers of Secrets.

Finally, with the minifigure of Harry Potter the first three boxes with the tan symbol are discovered . Moreover, all these elements refers to the first book of the Saga: Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone.


So, let see tomorrow on Day 4.

Day 4 – Whomping Willow and Flying Ford Anglia

With Day 4 it comes a new series of three elements, and it starts with the Whomping Willow with the magical flying Ford Anglia of Weasleys’ family. 


This set is a small scene of the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In particular, it is when Harry and Ron crashed the Ford Anglia onto the whomping willow at the borders Hogwarts.

The small Ford Anglia is a set in a set with the colours of the car used in the movie.

So, let see what comes tomorrow in this small series.

Day 5 – Basilisk

In this Day 5 we have another scene from the Chamber of Secrets: the basilisk in the chamber itself.


As you can see, the gift is the wall from the Chamber of Secrets where the basilisk sneak out. As usual, despite the small dimensions, there are several details very accurate.


Looking forward for Day 6 to come.

Day 6 – Moaning Myrtle

The second minifigure is here on Day 6: Moaning Myrtle.


Finally, here it is the first unique minifigure of this set and also the second version of Moaning Myrtle. So, the ghosty girls comes with a grey scale and ripped uniform printed in the front and in the back of the torso.


As expected, there is an alternate face with a spooky smile.

Just for completeness, the first version of Myrtle appeared in the Harry Potter Minifigure Series 2, where she was in a bluish scale of colours and a few more details also on the legs.


To conclude, the minifigure of Myrtle complete the second set of three elements for the game, all related to the second book of the Saga: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


So, now looking forward for tomorrow with the new subset.

Day 7 – Knight Bus

Here we are with the new mini series of three, starting with the Knight Bus on Day 7.


The Knight Bus is the magic bus of the triple-decker bus of the wizarding community. Harry Potter used it at the beginning of the Third Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Thanks to the movie, this bus become an iconic element of the Harry Potter world.

So, the gift of today is a tiny micromodel of the bus on the streets of London, with the lamppost.


So far, LEGO made two versions of the Knight bus, the last one released in 2019

Ready to start for an adventure, stick your wand hand in the air, and let see what comes on Day 8.

Day 8 – Dementors

As expected on Day 8 we are still on the third book of the Saga with the Dementors.


Today’s gift recreates the scene of the dementors in the forbidden forest trying to catch Harry and Sirius. I admit that I am super impressed by the small scale but the very effective result. Furthermore, the black microfigure with the cape represents the dementor and it is really nice. 


These microfigures are quite rare, so I like to have in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022.

There should be a minifigure related to the Third book of hte saga tomorrow. Check out who will be.

Day 9 – Diagon Alley’s Wall/Gate

Day 9 concludes the three gifts of the Third book, and as expected we have Sirius Black. 


Sirius has a tan shirt and black legs, it is a unique version for the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022. 


On the back, the print details on the front continue. Furthermore, Sirius has a double face: a calm and an hangry one.


To conclude, Sirius comes with a printed tile with his registration number at Azkaban.

Simple but full of details, this minifigure of Sirius Black is a great add-on to any Harry Potter collection. 

Finally, Sirius completes the subseries of three gifts for the third book.


So, it is time to move on in the calendar with Day 10.

Day 10 – Goblet of Fire

Today it will start the subseries of three gifts for the forth book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. So, as first gift there is the Goblet of Fire itself.


It is a small version of the goblet, a bigger wan was available on Day 6 of Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020. Anyway, the nice add-on in this version is the printed tile with the name of Harry Potter. 


 Since the Goblet of Fire is the judge for the selection of the participants of the Triwizard Tournament, maybe on Day 11, the cup will arrive. So, come back tomorrow to check it.  

Day 11 – Triwizard Cup

As expected for this Day 11, in the middle of the forth book of the saga, here it is the Triwizard Cup.


As for the Goblet of Fire, also the Triwizard Cup was already included in the Calendar 2020. It is also well accurate and, in my opinion more similar to the movie version.triwizard-Cup

In the story, Voldemort turned this cup into a portkey, a magic object that instantly moves anyone touching it to a specific location.

So, hoping this is not another portkey, check out tomorrow which minifigure will come.

Day 12 – Voldemort

We are now in the middle of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar and the minifigure of today is You-Know-Who: Lord Voldemort.


Voldemort is the Nemesis of Harry Potter, and exactly on book 4, it comes back to life. Actually, the minifigure is simple with a black robe and its white wand.  Furthermore, some small prints are visible both on the front and the back.


As expected, he has only one face, in a white background with the forcked tongue.  Finally, it is the first time Voldemort appears in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar. 


The arrival of Voldemort completes also this subseries of gifts about the forth book.  


So, now it is time to move to the new book on Day 13.

Day 13 – Room of Requirements

The gift of today was a bit unclear to me at the beginning. However, here we have the Room of Requirements.


It is the secret rooms of Hogwarts where the Dumbeldor’s Army secretly meets and practice. In this respect, the  microfigure might represent the target used by the students for training purposes.

I admit, that this gift was a bit hard to guess at the beginning, but it is actually a good choice.

So, come back tomorrow to check Day 14. 

Furthermore, by the end of the Day 13, LEGO announced the release of new LEGO Harry Potter Sets in 2023, including a new version of the Room of Requirements.

Day 14 – Hall of Prophecy

For the Day 14 gift, we go in the secret rooms of the British Ministry of Magic to the Hall of Prophecy.



The magical room contains thousands of prophecies, including the one about Voldemort, as expected.

Due to the huge size of the room, the lumus spell illuminate only small portions of the hall. For this reason, the gift of today shows an arch with translucent parts to represent the prophecies containers. 

A small gift for today, but let see tomorrow which minifigure will come.

Day 15 – Nymphadora Tonks

Here we are again at the conclusion of another chapter of the Harry Potter Saga with the minifigure of Nymphadora Tonks.


The minifigure is well detailed, in particular on the torso, you can see the print of the outfit as in the movie, continued also on the back. Moreover, as in the movie she has pink hair.


A remarkable aspect are the two faces: a smile on one side and a duck-like face on the other. Since Nymphadora is a Metamorphmagus, she can change her physical appearance. 


So, it is a bizarre version of Nymphadora but unique. Furthermore, with Nymphadora we have all the three sets for the fifth book of the saga and then we can move to the next episode.


So, check out tomorrow for the next phase.

Day 16 – Professo Slughorn Armchair

The gift of today starts the book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and we have Professor Slughorn Armchair. 


For me, this surprise was really unexpected and really nice to have. It is a short moment of the story, when Professor Slughorn casts the spell to turn himself in an armchair.

So, the gift comes with all the parts for the armchair and the head of Professor Slughorn with two faces.


Professor Slughorn is not very common, on the other hand, he was part of one of the Bricktober pack

Anyway, let see how the story continues tomorrow with Day 17.

Day 17 – Pensieve

On Day 17 there is the pensieve, the magical device to store memories.


It is a very important element of the story, since Harry uses to discover memories about Voldemort and other characters.

So, let’s come back tomorrow to discover the half-blood prince.

Day 18 – Severus Snape

Spoiler alert for Day 18, because the minifigure of today is the Half-blood Prince: Severus Snape.


The minifigure comes with the dress as in the sixth book, and two faces. On one side is angry, and the other quite severe. 


The back has the print on the torso with the detail of the jacket.


So, Severus Piton concludes the miniseries of the sixth book.


We will start the last book of the saga tomorrow, let see. 

Day 19 – Hagrid’s Sidecar

We start today on Day 19 the subseries of gifts of the last episode of the saga: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So, the gift of today is the Hagrid’s Sidecar.


It is the magic motorbike used by Hagrid and Harry Potter to rescue Harry. The motorbike can both fly and become invisible.

The model represent the sidecar flying over the roofs of a dark London during the escape.


It is an unexpected gift for me, however, quite interesting. 

So, let see tomorrow what will arrive.

Day 20 – The Burrow

The model of today, Day 20, is the residence of the Weasley’s family: the Burrow.


It is a small model with the three levels of the Burrow stacked and plants aside.


Actually, the Burrow is mentioned in several parts of the saga, but it is in the last chapter that the Death Eaters destroy it.

So, come back tomorrow for the end of the first part of the seventh book and discover the new minifigure.

Day 21 – Hedwig and Spinner

With Day 21 we finish another series of three elements for the first part of the seventh chapter of the saga. As usual, I was expecting a minifigure, but today we have Hedwig.


Actually, the gift is not only the loyal Harry’s snowy owl, but there is also the spinner for the game.

I ad it that this spinner is not really efficient, I think the spinner of the calendar 2021 was designed in a better way.

There are 4 faces: two with a black brick and a “+” sign.


One face has the white brick and a “-” sign.


Finally, the last face has a snake.


If you want to know the details of the game you can visit the LEGO website, or scan the QRcode on the box.

As usual, here there are the three gifts of this small series.


Get ready for the last part of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar and come back tomorrow to check.


Day 22 – Gringott Bank

The last part of the calendar starts with the escape fo the dragon of the Gringott bank.


This very small model represents both the front of the Gringott Bank and the dragon.  Actually, the dragon is at the top of the bank just before escaping from his cage in the Gringott’s vault.


So, come back tomorrow to check the last micro model on Day 23. 

Day 23 – Hogwarts Express

We are again close to the end of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 and we have the Hogwarts Express.


It is actually the locomotive at the platform 9 3/4 of King’s Cross Station. 


Another great micro model. Now, check it once more tomorrow for the last day and the wrap up.

Day 24 – Neville Longbottom

It is the last gift of the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 and we have Neville Longbottom during the Hogwarts war.


Neville comes with a very detailed printed torso, very similar to the one at the end of the last movie.

As expected, the print continues also on the back and he has two faces.


Furthermore, as accessory, he has the Gryffindor’s sword, the same part as the one of Griphook in Harry Potter Minifigure Series 2.

Neville also concludes the miniseries of the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Finally, we have now all the sets and we can start the game. 

Final considerations

The forth Harry Potter advent calendar is finished. AS for the 2021 edition there is not a specific theme, but it is a general overview of the full saga.

Again, there is also this year a game, but I preferred the structure of last year. Anyway, I found great models and minifigures, some of them were really unexpected. For example, I liked Professo Slughorn, as well as the small diorama with the Dementors. On the other hand, I found a pity that the magic trio was missing. 

Finally, I would like to hear from you what you think of the calendar. So, let me know in the comments below. 

Merry Christmas from the Wizzarding World!

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