How it starts

Welcome to my Blog I am passionate of LEGO and I would like to share my passion with the community. This is my story on how it starts. 

As many of us in the LEGO community, I played with the bricks since I was a child… several years ago. Growing I stopped but, further growing, I resumed and I decided further to start also a Blog to make my own review of the sets I like and about the news coming in the community.

Starting from the beginning

My new LEGO era started with my children and in particular with the LEGO DUPLO train that my uncle bought for my daughter.

It is funny how it starts, because I was not considering LEGO DUPLO. I enjoyed a lot when I was a child, but DUPLO were not very common.

We started playing together, assembling the train tracks and building the train several times. Sometimes we were also assembling the train combining the wagons with other vehicles of other DUPLO sets. Unusual trains were running in our living room and it was great!

We started with a few DUPLO sets and now we have a huge collection of DUPLO sets in two big boxes. So far DUPLO are in a storage, but I would like to resume to create the MOCs.

Since my children were below 5, we were considering only DUPLO for safety reasons: mostly ingestion and the most dangerous chocking.

Unexpected encounter

When the children grow, we started to buy also the LEGO sets. My daughter loved LEGO Friends and we started with several of these sets.

Unexpectedly one day I met the set that I considered the real restarting of my LEGO hobby. We were walking in a street market looking around. I passed at least twice in front of a stand before I noticed the “new begin”. In that stand a Star Wars spaceship was there together with old books and house stuff. I didn’t recognise, since it is not part of the main movies. I succeeded to have a great deal and the spaceship came back home with us.

I finally discovered being the  LEGO 75004 Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter. The set was not complete: it was full of dust and two minifigures were missing.

Starting from that I started looking around for other sets and to play with my children back with LEGO.

Bricksphere is my personal window in the LEGO world and this is how the story begins.

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