Review: LEGO 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack

After The Mandalorina TV series, there is a lot of exciting about the Star Wars universe and LEGO is profiting with the release in early 2020 of the LEGO 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack.

At the end of 2019 there was the release of the first Mandalorian set and in early 2020 the unveil of two really awaited sets: the Razor Crest and the Brickheadz. Now with this new Mandalorian Battle Pack, we can expand The Mandalorian universe, while waiting the Season 2 to come by end 2020.


We are talking about a small set which costs in the order of 15 Euro, in Europe, and it is already experiencing some discount. The set includes 4 minifigures, a speeder and a small scenario, for a total of 102 pieces. 

The general overview of the set is great, in particular the minifigures. On the other hand, the speeder and the small scene are a nice add-on, but nothing really exciting.



I will start by talking about the minifigures: we have in the set 4 Mandalorian warriors. All of them equipped in the same way, differentiated only by colors.

They are ment to represent warriors of different factions, however, there are no symbols or special details. However, it well represent the situation of the Mandalorians during the TV series, where only a few 

The armours are all different, each of them has their own color scheme. They really look like a group of lone warriors as depicted in The Mandalorian the series.

The head of the minifigures are complitely black. At the beginning I was disappointed, but actually, the TV series explains very well that a real Mandalorian warrior never removes the helmet. So, actually there is no need to a flesh colored head. 

A nice characterisation of the warriors is obtained thanks to the accessories: guns, visors, goggles and capes.

In my setup of the minifigures I choose to give the cape to all of them and to provide the visors only to some of them. 

I used the guns provided: the blaster shooter, but I really don’t like them and I think that this is the only negative aspect of the battle pack.

The Speeder and the Scenario

Together with the minifigures there is a speed bike and a small scenario.

The speeder is a Balutar Class Speeder. It is not seen in the first season of the TV series, but it is a typical bike of several Mandalorian factions. 

As for the minifigures, there are no stickers or special symbols to specify the faction.


The battle scenario is really just a small add on to recreat your battles or to improve bigger scenario.


There are some nice bricks in the set, but nothing exhotic. It is nice to have some extra bricks and some ideas of urban battles. 

Final Thought

To conclude, the Mandalorian Battle Pack gives a great inspiration to recreate the scenes in the Mandalorian TV series. It is now possible recreate battle scenes and minidioramas.

I think that there are some small aspects that could have been done better. First of all, I don’t like this LEGO blaster shooter and I really will not use them. In my collection, I will use the spare Star Wars blasters I have or I will invent some weapons. Secondly, I think also that the big missing accessory of the set is the jetpack. The mandalorians are famous for having the jetpack and it is a pit that none of them have it. 

To conclude, I really like the set. It is a very nice set for Star Wars and The Mandalorian lovers. It is fantastic to recreate spcific Mandalorian warriors. Maybe, having few sets allows also to create different combinations, in order to create all the possible combinations, in order to have unique characters.

I hope you like the set and my review. I really appreciate your comments and thoughts.

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