LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 revealed

We are in the middle of the Summer and LEGO just released the new Advent Calendars 2022. 

I always found a bit too early the release of the advent calendars. However, it is a kind of tradition that by September 1st, the calendars will be available.

Together with the Minifigures, the Advent Calendars are among my favourite themes and sets to discover. I like the small sets released daily at Christmas time in the Advent Calendars and you can find here in my Blog my previous reviews of the Harry Potter and Star Wars Calendars.

When LEGO reveals the calendars, I normally avoid to check them in detail, but of course with the social media it is almost impossible to skip them. So, I decided to present you the boxes and to comment them.

As for 2021, also in 2022 there will be 5 Advent Calendars:

  • LEGO City
  • LEGO Friends
  • LEGO Star Wars
  • LEGO Harry Potter
  • LEGO Marvel

All the sets have the usual 24 gifts so you can open daily along the month of December, waiting for the Christmas day.

[Update] 2022 Calendars Links

If you like, here you can find the direct link to the 3 Advent Calendars I reviewed in my daily countdown.



The LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022 is as usual the most traditional. It will include a combination of minifigures and small sets to represent some of the most subthemes.

I notice the ice-skater girl with the broom which is probably a pilot of the LEGO Stuntz theme. The rocket on the Santa sled refers to the Space Theme for the Artemis Mission.

The girl with the baby horse is a new version of the Minifigure Horse and Groom in the Series 22, in particular the white horse. Also the man with the orange coverall links with the farmers sets.


On the back side, you can find the main sets you can included on your Santa wish list.


As usual, a new Santa minifigure will conclude the advent calendar.

LEGO Friends

The LEGO Friends advent calendar is another must of the Christmas period. The new set will include minidolls and baby minidolls. I like the Santa Version and the reindeer.

The calendar will have some small sets in Christmas theme and decoration. It will recreate the tradition of the young boys and girls taking a picture with Santa.


I am sure there will be several interesting small sets with flowers and ribbons, all Christmas related. 


If you have a Winter Village with LEGO Friends, you cannot miss this calendar.

LEGO Star Wars

Among all the advent calendars 2022, my most wanted is the Star Wars one.

I really like opening it on a daily basis discovering the link with the saga and the released sets. 


This year the box already reveals several gifts and I guess most of the minifigures.

There are starships and vehicles from the first trilogy and the others. As a tradition, there are Hoth related minisets and minifigures.


Finally, the Christmas related minifigures R2-D2, C3-PO and Darth Vader are in the version presented in the LEGO Star Wars movie: Summer Vacation. The movie is available on Disney+ from August 5th 2022.

LEGO Harry Potter

Another calendar that I personally like very much is the Harry Potter one.

It is at its 4th edition, and it focuses on professors and some iconic moments of the movie. Likewise the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021, it includes a game: maybe a wizard duel. I am really curious about it, but I mostly would like to see the minifigures.


The back side reveals some thing more about the game, including the spinner, however, I am not sure how it will work.


Anyway, I will discover once I will get the set and during the daily opening.

LEGO Marvel

Last but not least of the advent calendars 2022, the LEGO Marvel focusing on The Guardians of the Galaxy. After the success of the first edition of the Marvel calendar, this second version included the main characters of the team and small versions of the spaceships and vehicles.

I admit, I am not really expert on Marvel Universe, but I like this calendar, so probably, I will include it in my daily countdown this December 2022.


Again, the rear side reveals a few more details and of course if you are fan of the MCU you cannot miss it!


Here I conclude my short presentation of the advent calendars 2022 which you can find in stores after September 1st 2022.

If you like the advent calendars, let me know in the comments which one do you plan to have this year.

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