LEGO Catalog 2021 Jan-May

The new LEGO catalog 2021 Jan-May is available online.  Since I was a child, leafing-through the LEGO catalog was always something magic: discovering, dreaming, thinking, planning.


Just before the 2020, LEGO released the new catalog. There are all the themes currently in production but I am quite sure that as for this year several surprises will come not only in the second part of the year but also along the first part. 

Some Spots

The Super Mario Theme is confirmed with new sets.

LEGO Ninjago is also extended with several new sets including small combat sets.

The LEGO Minecraft will continue and it will include new sets to extend your Minecraft world. 

The LEGO catalog 2021 Jan-May includes also all the recent announcement of the Harry Potter and Star Wars Themes.

Some of the very last themes will also come in March and May period like the Monkey Kids, Batlman and Minions. 

As already confirmed, the LEGO hidden Side and Troll will not be in production for 2021. So, you have to grab what you could still find in the stores.


The LEGO Dots theme is confirmed and expanded with new sets. Moreover, there is a new collaboration announced: VIDIYO, coming in March 2021. 


LEGO Minifigures

As already presented in early December 2020, there will be the Minifigure Series 21 in January. Furthermore, the catalog report that a new Minifigure series will come in May and “You will be surprised”. 


I am really wishful to know more!

What do you expect?

With this LEGO catalog 2021 Jan-May, I am sure that we are just scratching the surface and great sets will come along 2021. Let me know in the comments what you are expecting for the 2021.

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