LEGO IDEAS: A-Frame Cabin Approved

I do not post too many LEGO news, but I cannot miss to congratulate with Norton74 for the approval of his A-frame cabin in the LEGO IDEAS.

The announcement was today 22/02/2022, together with the BTS Dynamite

I write this post to congratulate with Andrea for the selection of his MOC. Andrea Lattanzio aka Norton74 is an italian master designer. He is the first italian to see one of his MOCs a forthcoming official LEGO IDEAS set.




I am really happy for Andrea, he really deserves this award!  Each of his MOCs are unique and Andrea doesn’t create the instructions. Moreover, in some interviews he admitted that some of his MOCs doesn’t exist anymore and he disassemble some of them for the next MOC. So, finally everybody will have at least one of his creations!

As AFOL, we have just to wait LEGO prepared it and commercialised, that normally it will be in 9/12 months. 

I am curios to see how LEGO will create the model, I really hope they will do minor editing, because, to me, it is already perfect. Then, I would also see the minifigures, Andrea created two characters, also using the headgear of Captain Panaka.

However, in the mean time, you can see the story of the A-Frame on LEGO IDEAS, or on his website.

Andrea and his MOCs are one of my first source of inspiration for my MOCs and in particular for my Piadina Brick kiosk. Furthermore, I also mentioned the Mexican MOC of Andrea in my post of the Mexican Boy in the Minifigure Series 20.

To conclude, this small post, congratulations Andrea for this wonderful A-fram cabin. I am really looking forward to seeing the LEGO IDEAS set. Of course, hoping LEGO will preserve it as much as possible! 

If you are also enthusiastic for this set, leave a comment here below.

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  1. Isaac says:

    Lego just released the images for this and the set will come February 4 this year!

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