LEGO International Space Station and ESA

It is a news of Spring 2020 that the LEGO International Space Station and the ESA have a fantastic bundle for you. The LEGO Idea set is available also at the European Space Agency shop.


[curtesy of ESA Space Shop]

The ESA Space Shop has a page fully dedicated to the International Space Station collection.

You can find the LEGO set as is, but also a very nice bundle including a mug and a T-shirt. In the collection, you can also find hoodie and other T-shirts to enhance your collection.

There are no special add-ons by buying only the LEGO Idea set through the ESA Space Shop, but the bundle is really nice and also the other gadgets. However, ESA Space Shop create a unique combination for the collectors and not only. You can enjoy the LEGO International Space Station and ESA with fantastic gadgets from the Agency.

Maybe most of you already bought from the LEGO website and maybe you also profit of the promotion including the patch. On the other hand, if the LEGO ISS is missing in your collection, maybe you can evaluate this nice bundle with the European Space Agency.

On the ESA Space Shop you can find all the gadgets of the other ESA missions.

Enjoy the LEGO Idea set with some space gadgets!

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