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I live in the Netherlands and despite the huge amount of LEGO fans, there were no official LEGO facilities up to October 2019. The things are changing for all the LEGO fans in the Netherlands: in October 2019, the official LEGO shop in Utrecht opened and then in Spring 2020 the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Scheveningen will open, too!

I am quite close to Scheveningen, the suburb of The Hague in front of the sea and I am very impatient about the opening. 

Even if I don’t go there very often, I was there in May 2018. Walking the boulevard with some friends, looking for a nice restaurant for dinner, I saw for the first time the construction site of the future Discovery Centre. What unexpected surprise!

I checked immediately some news online and I found something mentioning the forthcoming LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen. Wow!


At the construction site the posters are amazing! There are the indications for all the entertainment and features. It will include: 4D Cinema, LEGO ride, LEGO MINILAND, play zones and LEGO build area and of corse the LEGO Shop!

LEGO offers a very interesting newsletter with updates from the inside the construction site. I decided to write this post to keep you updated and to follow the progress before the opening. I will also go back there to show you some news. It is a while since I was there, it is time to come back!

When I read first about LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Scheveningen the opening was foreseen in summer 2019, and lately it was moved to spring 2020. Unfortunately, with the COVID pandemic in 2020, the opening is further moved to Spring 2021.

You can find all the information about the Discovery Centre in their official website:

I really like to have your comments and expectations. I have never visited a Discovery Centre and I am really happy to have one so close to my house!

11 December 2020 – MINILAND, finally revealed!

It is news of today that LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen revealed the MINILAND.


At the presence of the Mayor of Den Haag Jan van Zanen, the MINILAND is officially open! 


The Mayor received also his personalised minifgure which will stay in the miniland and we are all invited to discover once it will be open! 


Due to the pandemic situation, the Centre is still close, however, starting on Monday 14th December 2020 it will be possible to buy the tickets.

The exact opening date is still not confirmed but it is scheduled for Spring 2021.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen is at a stone throw from my house! I am really looking forward to visit!

Disclaimer: The pictures of this section are taken from the Instagram account of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen.

02 December 2020

LEGO Discovery Center Scheveningen has released a news that the new opening will be in Spring 2021.

In the mean time, the miniland is available and it will be revealed on December 11th.

Stay Tuned!


Curtesy of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen

October 2019

There is an update concerning the activities both at the construction site and at the workshop of the Master Model Builders. They are working hard to prepare for the grand opening expected in Spring 2020.

There are not many pictures from the inside, just the confirmation that the work is progressing and the interior is in-line with the colorful style of LEGO parks and centres. 

The Master Builders are also working hard to assemble and prepare the MINILAND of The Hague with accuracy and details.

Thanks LEGO!

Curtesy of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen
Curtesy of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen

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