Marvel Advent Calendar 2021: daily countdown

I admit, this time I was not sure about the Marvel Advent Calendar and I didn’t bought it in December 2021. It is along the 2022 that I realised that it was full of interesting models and characters and so I decided to make my review. 

With the summer reveal of the Advent Calendars 2022 I decided to include the Marvel calendar in daily countdown for December. Likewise the Star Wars and Harry Potter ones. 

As usual, the box reveals already several minifigures and models. However, some are not present and you have to discover when the different element are released.

The topic of the first Marvel Advent Calendar is the Avengers and you can immediately notice from the box both Ironman and Thanos. 

Let’s discover together the surprises of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2021. 

What to expect in this post

Before starting, I would like to thank again Jay’s Brick blog for the inspiration. He is doing the countdown since several years and I found his idea amazing! I apologise, if the structure of my post is similar to Jay, but I think that it is great and very useful. Likewise, I will post on a daily basis and I will update this page with my own pictures.

Day 1 – Tony Stark

The calendar starts immediately with one of the most expected elements: Tony Stark wearing a red Ironman-themed Christmas sweater.


This minifigure alone deserves the whole calendar, in my opinion. The gift includes also the Iron Man helmet and some power element, to create also the flying version.


As sometimes happened in the movies, Tony can fly only with the helmet, gauntlets and minor elements of the armour. 

Furthermore, to complete the minifigure, the face is double with the blue effect on it of the helmet display.


A further and great detail, I have appreciated very much, is the back side of the torso. Among the iron man-themed elements, there is a big “Tony” writing.


I found this Tony Stark in Christmas sweater, so brilliant. It is the typical and unique element of the LEGO advent calendars that I like to find in it.

Day 2 – Power Blast Element

From the excitement of Day 1, on Day 2 there are some power blasters element.


A bit of disappointment at first, since these are a series of element available in different sets. However, even if I was not expecting them, I think they are nice to have for scenes or pictures.

Iron Man and the other character can show they power with these elements, and maybe fight a bit.

day2-with-ironmanLet me know if you like it and check in further for Day 3.

Day 3 – Christmas Wreath

For Day 3 there is a Christmas-themed element of the Iron Man hall of armours.


It is not the complete armour hold, but only the lower part that can easily connected with the other elements. Furthermore, the center there is the Christmas wreath. 


So, keeping the structure of the hall of armour, the Iron Man minifigure can fit in very well.


It is somehow a way to decorate the hall of armours and to enter in the Christmas mood. 

Day 4 – Black Widow

Here we are at Day 4 with the second minifigure of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2021: Black Widow.


It is the deadly Russian spy Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, an important element of the Avengers. Black Widow is played by Scarlet Johansson in the movies.

The minifigure is fully detailed in her black uniform. Unfortunately, it is not a unique minifigure, but it is the same as the one on the Helicarrier set or the Avengers Tower

The minifigure has a double face to be more aggressive during the fights.


As accessory, she has a stick to cook marshmallow to make it more Christmas related.

Day 5 – BBQ Grill

On today some decoration of the Avengers tower: a barbeque grill.


It is a simple but effective build with some translucent cone element for the fire. Then the grill and a big chicken drumstick on it. The are pincers on a side and a fire extinguisher on the other side.


The fire extinguisher is a funny Easter-Egg of the LEGO Marvel sets.

Day 6 – Diner Table

After the BBQ Grill, on day 6 of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2021 there is the diner table.


The top cover is red and white color to recall Christmas. Then, together with the table there is a glass and a big hamburger, the favourite food of Tony Stark!

The Christmas banquet is setting up. 

Day 7 – Spider-Man

In day 7 there is the third minifigure of the calendar: Spider-Man.


It is the Spider Man with the uniform of the High School as in the movies Spider-man: Homecoming. So, not the usual Spider-Man suit, but in the school uniform with jeans and yellow jacket. 

On the front side of the jacket there is a detailed spider logo, and in the back


On the back, instead of the name of the school there is a big “Spider-Man” logo.


A great and unique minifigure of this Marvel Advent Calendar 2021.

Day 8 – Present Wrapping Station

After the Day 3, on Day 8 there is another Christmas element for the Iron Man hall of armours: the Christmas presents wrapping station.


It is again a very simple build but with interesting element of connection to the hall of armours. 



Day 9 – Arc Reactor Snowball and Power Spider Gift

To continue with the Christmas time, on Day 9 there are a snowball with the Iron Man Arc reactor and a power spider gift.


The set of today is really unusual and not particularly effective. The interesting element is the power spider part. 

Day 10 – EDITH Drone

On day 10 there is the first vehicle of the Marvel Universe: the EDITH drone


Likewise the Star Wars Advent Calendar, the vehicles are well realized with combination of elements and parts.

The EDITH drones are attack drones created by Stark Industries and used by Mysterio to terrorise in the “Spider-Man: Far from Home” movie. 


The model is in blue and red colours, to recall the reference to the Spider-Man movie. It is a nice to have an unique set.

Day 11 – Thanos

Another minifigure in this Marvel Advent Calendar 2021: Thanos. 


Thanos is the opponent of the Infinity saga and here he comes with several accessories: the Santa sack, a coal part and the Infinity Gauntlet. 


There minifigure has no special features, it is simply Thanos. 

I like to have the two main opponents of the MCU in this calendar: Iron Man and Thanos. It is a pity that also Thanos has no Christmas special prints.

Day 12 – Helicarrier

Another micro-model on Day 12: the Helicarrier.


It is the mobile base of the SHIELD, and the place where the Avengers meet and organise their tactics and operations.

The model is a quite simple, but full of interesting elements and parts. Despite the small dimension of the calendar box, the final model is quite long and well scaled.

As you can see the round elements represents the rotors and a double combination of wedge plates represent the landing strip.


This small set is also a recall to the official sets of the Helicarrier released: a kind of UCS-style set in 2015 and the more playable set in 2020.

Day 13 – Avenger Presents

The gift of today is quite unexpected: some Christmas gifts with the Avengers colors.


They are a Hulk colours Christmas stocking and Captain Marvel colours present.

I am really not particularly excited for this gifts, even if I admit that is quite indicate for the advent calendar. In particular, the color combination is very effective.

Day 14 – Dum-E

On Day 14 of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2021 there is Dum-E: the robotic AI of Iron Man.


Dum-E is available in several sets and polybags, but of course this it the Christmas version. The robotic arm is quite neutral color, but it is handling a red Christmas stocking with a nice trans-lucent bow that recalls the Iron Man Arc reactor.


Day 15 – Captain Marvel

The next minifigure is Captain Marvel, another Avengers member.


The minifigure is simple with the print of Captain Marvel uniform and no extra special parts.Rather than the white blast accessory.

As expected, the print continues on the back of the torso and she has a double face.



Finally, the blonde hair recalls very well Captain Marvel in the movies of the MCU played by Brie Larson.

Day 16 – Iron Legion Snowman

The gift of Day 16 is a pseudo minifigure dedicated to Iron Man: Iron Legion Snowman.


It is a nice Christmas/Winter related snowman with a white helmet of Iron Man. There is not carrot or hat, but metal arms and the arc reactor in the center of the body.

I think this model deserves to be included in a collection as is, but it is also possible to create a white Iron Man with a monochromatic white minifigure. 

Day 17 – Quinjet

For Day 17 the gift is the Quinjet: another vehicle used by SHIELD to travel around the world.


The model is quite simplified and small considering that it should be an aircraft capable to carry several people.


There are interesting parts and nice techniques that can recreate the shape with a very few parts.

As usual, the LEGO designers and our imagination can create small and effective models.


Day 18 – Nick Fury

A series full of minifigures! On Day 18 there is Nick Fury.


Nick Fury is the director of SHIELD and the funder of the Avengers. Despite he is not a superhero, he is one of the main character of the MCU. The minifigure represents Nick very similar to the movie. For example, the black jacket has the SHIELD logo printed on it.


Then, the face is an accurate reproduction of Samuel L. Jackson with the eye patch. Moving on the back of the face, the strip of the eye patch continues and the torso has the back print details of the jacket.


It is a nice minifigure already available in other Marvel sets, but it is a pleasure to have it in the calendar.

Day 19 – Avengers Tower

On the Day 19 there is an accurate scale model of the Avengers Tower, one of the headquarters of the Avengers.



The set is a small version of the Avengers Tower LEGO set 76166.

Despite the simplicity, the model has a great 2×2 tile with printed the big A sign of the Avengers. It is fun but effective, the use of a pan to represent the landing pad.

Day 20 – Windup Hulkbuster

The gift of Day 20 is an unexpected windup Hulkbuster


It is the clockwork version of the big Hulkbuster armour, the special suit used by Iron Man to fight the Incredible Hulk. The set is made with pin and clips to create an effective robot-stile mech.


In the back there is the winder key mechanism. Since it represent the Hulkbuster, the colours selected are the ones of Iron Man.

Day 21 – Hall of Armours

Then on Day 21 there is a mini-scale version of the Hall of armours of Iron Man.


The mini-scale set represents three armours stands with three micro-Iron Man models. 

The microfigures are all in dark red to represent Iron Man. I like the small set because it gives a great suggestion to hold other microfigures of the Marvel series.

Day 22 – Thor

Last but not least: Thor.


It is a version with lightning eyes of the super hero.

In order to be a but Christmas related, he has a red scarf and a white power wave.


The scarf as a minifigure accessory replace the cape, anyway a small print is included in the torso and the back.


Thos has two faces: one with power eyes and the other serious.

Finally the minifigure has the magic hammer. Actually, who has ever seen Thor without the magic hammer?

Day 23 – Christmas Tree

Almost at the end of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2021 there is a Christmas Tree.


A very simple and apparently anonymous Christmas tree. However, it is worth noting the presence of several pin that might have a reason.

So now, we cannot wait to see the last gift!

Day 24 – Infinity Gauntlet

We are at the end of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2021 and in this last day there is the Infinity Gauntlet.


The magic and terrible powerful gauntlet used by Thanos to channel the power of the Infinity Stones. 

The gift of today actually is the gauntlet itself with the stones. The stones are avaiilable in trir sprue and will fit in the 6 places of the gauntlet. 


Furthermore, with the spare stones you can decorate the Christmas Tree of Day 23 in a colourful way.


But if you want an Infinity Christmas Tree, you can place the Infinity Gauntlet on top of the tree.


I found it so brilliant the combination of the last days of the Advent Calendar. So, I appreciate that with the gift of Day 24 you can enhance also the value of the Day23. Likewise was the Hogwarts Architect in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2019.

Final Considerations

Here we are at the conclusion of the first Marvel Advent Calendar, released for the Christmas 2021. As I have already mentioned in this Blog, I am not a real fan of the Marvel and MCU, but I like some of the super hero and in particular Iron Man, so I am very happy of this calendar. I regret that I didn’t to the traditional daily countdown in December 2021, but I liked to discover later, as well.

In this calendar, there are several minifigures and the special Christmas-themed Iron Man, and an exclusive Spider-Man.



The entire collection included has a few micro-scale models from the helicarrier to the Avengers tower. As expected, the main character of this calendar is Iron Man and the Avengers world and I am looking forward to the next calendar 2022.  

What do you think of this Calendar? Did you open it on time or did you found later on. Let me know you thought in the comment below.

Stay with me for the daily countdown of the 2022 calendars!


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