Marvel Advent Calendar 2022: daily countdown

In 2021 I was not sure but now I decided to enrich my December activity with the daily countdown of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2022. 

After the summer reveal of the Advent Calendars 2022 but mostly after my renewed interest in the Marvel super heros I included the Marvel calendar in daily countdown for this Christmas 2022.

As usual, the box reveals already several minifigures and models. However, some are not present and you have to discover when the different element are released. 

The topic of the first Marvel Advent Calendar was the Avengers, in 2022 the main topic are the Guardians of the Galaxy  So, maybe this review should have called Guardians of the Galaxy advent calendars. However, I preferred to keep always the same reference to the Marvel Universe.

The front part of the box shows the main characters of the series in Christmas mood. 



Furthermore, as you can see in the title of the box, the name Guardina of the Galaxy has a small written “Holiday Special”. Actually, on November 25th 2022, Disney+ released a short movie called Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special which is set right before Volume 3 and in conclusion of the Phase Four of the Marvel Comic Universe, MCU.

What to expect in this post

Before starting, I would like to thank again Jay’s Brick blog for the inspiration. He is doing the countdown since several years and I found his idea amazing! I apologise, if the structure of my post is similar to Jay, but I think that it is great and very useful. 

Furthermore, you can discover the others daily countdown:

So, right after this section you will see the list of daily surprises. If you click on the links you will jump immediately to the daily section and you will discover my personal comments, some interesting links and my own photos.

This post is released on December 1st and updated daily, so you can follow the countdown till Christmas.

First of all let’s open the box. The interior has all the cases numbered and they look like the cells at the Klyn: the interstellar prison.


If you are ready, scroll down and discover the Marvel Advent Calendar 2022 together!

Day 1 – Star Lord

The first box of the Marvel Adventa Calendar 2022 is Star Lord (aka Peter Quill) the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


It comes with his special blasters, that have the proper shape as in the movies. Then, he has his special overboard that allows him to fly.


Furthermore, Star Lord comes with and alternate face.


Normally, Star Lord has a special helmet, but it is not present in this set. Furthermore, the minifigure is quite rare and apparently available in this combination only in this set.


It is a great start for this calendar with one of the main character and component of the Guardians. So, now we have to wait for tomorrow to come for Day 2.

Day 2 – Star Lord’s Presents

We stay close to Star Lord also in this Day 2, with a bunch of presents.


There is a yellow box with the headphones inside and the Star Lord’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1, its iconic music cassette. 


It is an accessory gift, but these will enrich Star Lord minifigure of Day 1.

Let me know if you like it and check in further for Day 3.

Day 3 – Kyln Hoverbots

For Day 3 there is a special element from Guardians of the Galaxy 1: the Kyln Hoverbots.


They are special hoverbots in the prison of Kyln. I am not reallly expert and I took the picture upside down. 


They are simple assembly with several nice parts and colors. Let see if the Guardians succeed to escape also this time.


The instructions on the box shows the hoverbots in this position, but in some pictures it looks on the other side.


See you tomorrow on Day 4.

Day 4 – Tool Station

On this Day 4 there is a small set with several tools.


It is quite a simple and not really exciting set, however, I am expecting it to be a hint for the gift of Day 5. 

In particular the dynamite recalls me Rocket, so let see if tomorrow he will show up.

Day 5 – Rocket

As expected from the tool station on Day 4, today we have the second minifigure of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2022: Rocket the Racoon.


It is the simple minifigure of Rocket with its space suite. Based on Bricklink, it is the same minifigure as in the and the Guardian’s Ship 76193.

The minifigure has a special head at racoon shape with goggles printed on it. Then, the torso is well printed both in front and back. However, the arms and the short legs are all grey.



The gift of today has only the minifigure and no weapons. However, it is clear in the box that the blaster of Rocket will be soon in another day; maybe already tomorrow on Day 6.

Day 6 – Rocket’s Box

The gift of today is a bunch of Easter Eggs from the movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

marvel-advent-calendar-2022-day6 In particular, they recall when baby Groot tried to rescue his friends and he collects several objects and tools.


There are no Christmas related gifts, but it is a kind of small set I am expecting from the Marvel Advent Calendars 2022. Furthermore, the fan of the GOTG will love it.

But now let’s move to next day for other gifts.

Day 7 – Rocket’s Blaster

Finally, here it is the Rocket’s Blaster.


It is a huge and big blaster gun that Rocket uses against all the enemies. Rocket is specialised in weapon and he feels very comfortable with a big one! So, this gift is perfectly aligned with the character.


Moreover, if you want to replicate the blaster, find here below the instructions.


I think with these three consecutive gifts, Rocket is complete. However,  let see what comes tomorrow on Day 8.

Day 8 – Christmas Turkey

Not really a special gift today on Day 8, but at least it is Christmas related: the Turkey.


It is the typical turkey part with drumsticks, a support and a flame. So, apparently some simple parts. However, the flame fits with the Rocket blaster of Day 7. So now, combining all the gifts from Day 6 to Day 8, you can create a scene of Rocket cooking the turkey.


To conclude, it is a funny scene, but it fits with the spirit of the Guardians of the Galaxy. So, let wee what comes tomorrow.

Day 9 – Christmas Nebula

The gift of this Day 9 is really a great surprise of the Marvel Advent Calendars 2022 with Nebula on a Christmas sweater.


Of course, the main interesting part is the torso with the Christmas print with the LEGOlized face of Thanos. Then, the face of the minifigure is a very accurate copy of Nebula, with the characteristic blue color and all the cyborgs tools connected.




On the back of the torso, the print continues and there is a big heart with the faces of both Nebula and Gamora, her sister. Furthermore, also the back of the face has the continuation of the prints to complete the front cyborg implants.


This minifigure of Nebula is really a surprise, not advertised on the box and I found great. As for Tony Stark with a Christmas sweater on the Marvel Advent Calendar 2021, this version of Nebula is really great and perfectly suits in it.

A great minifigure for the collection, let see what comes tomorrow on Day 10.

Day 10 – Mining Pods

On Day 10 of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2022, we have the mining pods used by the Guardians.


It is another microspaceship, quite nice for the Guardians of the Galaxy.


In the movie there were several of these pods, so if you like to create more, don’t miss the instructions.


Come back tomorrow to see what Day 11 will bring.

Day 11 – Mining and Escape Pod

We have today on Day 11 some micromodel of the mining pod and the escape pod.


These are very small models but they really recall the pods used by the Guardians during the movies.


It looks a very minimal gift, but it is clear reference to the scene and the actions of the movie.

Then, it is now time to move to Day 12.

Day 12 – Tabel with Food and Drink

A very minimal gift on Day 12: a Christmas table with food and drinks. 


It is Christmas time, and we are half way on the Marvel Advent Calendar 2022, so the Guardians of the Galaxy need some food and drink to celebrate.

Not a special gift today, so let see tomorrow on Day 12 what will arrive.


Day 13 – Mantis

We continue the calendar of Day 13 with another character: Mantis.


Mantis is in her typical dress, without any special Christmas decoration. However, she has the electric guitar that recalls Kevin Bacon playing it in the Holiday Special short-movie. 


Mantis comes with to faces: on one side with her typical look, on the other side she is angry and aggressive.


Furthermore, on the back of the torso the print continues.

With Mantis the group of Guardians is increasing there are a few still missing and I am curious to see who comes next.

Day 14 – Guardians’ Ship

Here we are with the Guardians’ Ship, the Benatar.


It is a micro-scale model of the second ship of the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

The model is not really spectacular, however, the shape and the main color is there.


LEGO released times ago the Minifigure scale set of the Benatar, set 76193.

Don’t forget to check the instructions, in case you want to replicate or improve it.


Fly away with the Benatar, but don’t forget to come back tomorrow of a new gift.

Day 15 – Big Candy Stick

On Day 15 we have a big candy stick.


It might look a bit unexpected in this Marvel Advent Calendar 2022. But if you saw the Holiday Special short movie you will discover that Mantis took one of these.


So, even if it is not a big gift, I really like the reference to the Holiday Special short movie. So, it is great to have it and to include Mantis from Day 13 in the picture.

Let see what comes tomorrow.

Day 16 – Hi-Fi System

On Day 16 there is the Hi-Fi System used by the Guardians of the Galaxy.


It is really simple but very accurate. Actually, with the right combination of colors it really looks like a 80’s Wi-Fi system.

Furthermore, there is the tile with printed the cassette of Awesome Mix Vol. 1 as on Day 2.

So, come back tomorrow to check what is coming out.

Day 17 – Thanos Snowman

We are rapidly approaching the end of the Marvel Advent Calendar 2022, and on Day 17 there is a Thanos Snowman.


It is the base of a snowman with the helmet of Thanos and golden details to represent its golden armour. Furthermore, it can be also considered the opponent of the Iron Man snowman on the Advent Calendar 2021.

A winter related gift fr today, so, come back tomorrow to check what is coming.

Day 18 – Milano Spaceship

On Day 18 the first iconic spaceship of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Milano


As expected is another great micro model with the main details of the spaceship. Anyway, the color is blue and yellow, while in the movie the ship has a dark yellow/orange color.

day18-backAgain, with a nice combination of parts, also the wings are well represented.

And now, let see what comes tomorrow. 

Day 19 – Groot

I am Groot. Finally on Day 19 here it is Groot, the tree-like humanoid of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


It is represented as in the short movie, so in its teenager period with the mobile phone.


As expected, the minifigure is fully detailed with print on both the front and the back. Furthermore, the head is a custom part to well represent the face of Groot.


The gift comes with a neck bracket, so I am expecting som Christmas decorations in the next gifts.


So, come back tomorrow to check if we will have the Christmas decorations for Groot.

Day 20 – Christmas Decoration

After Groot on Day 19, here we have its decoration. It is a small group of leaves and coloured dots.


As expected, this Christmas decoration will fit with Groot and you can create your Christmas Groot.


Simply connecting the decoration on the neck bracket, Groot looks like a big and live Christmas Tree.


Of course, taken alone the decoration is not really exciting, but together with Groot it looks great and it create a nice Marvel Advent Calendar 2022 gift.

Come back tomorrow for the next gift.

Day 21 – Rocket Sleigh Cockpit

Here we are on Day 21 in the final days of this amazing Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar. The gift of today is the first part of Rocket Sleigh. 

marvel-advent-calendar-2022-day21It is clearly the first step of something that will be assembled in the next days.

So, come back tomorrow to check the next part and the assembly of the set.

Day 22 – Rocket Sleigh Wings

The second part of Rocket’s Sleigh arrives today: the wings.


They are a simple elements with Christmas colors and rockets at the edges.

Combining the gift of today with the one of Day 21, the sleigh takes shape.


So, come back tomorrow to see the last part.

Day 23 – Rocket Sleigh Tail

Here we are at Day 23, with the last part of the Rocket Sleigh. Actually, this third part concludes the model with the tail an the cargo bay for the gifts in a big green sac.


Now finally, Star Lord can run to give the gifts to the kids all around the galaxy.


We are very close to the end, so, come back tomorrow to see the last gift!

Day 24 – Drax

Last but not least here it is Drax.


It is the big green alien warrior of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In particular, in this minifigure Drax comes with a Christmas sweater and baby Groot embroidered in it.


The print on the torso continues also n the back, as well as the print of the head.

Then, Drax comes witht fork and spoon, as well as 2 infinity stones.

To conclude, I think it is a great Christmas minifigure to conclude the Marvel Advent Calendar 2022 Guardians of the Galaxy.

Final Considerations

It is the second Marvel Advent Calendar and this year it focused on the Guardians of the Galaxy who will have their third episode in 2023. 

I am not very expert on the full story of the MCU, however, I really like all the LEGO Minifigures and models of Marvel.

The calendar had both great minifigures and model, but also not really exciting gifts.  Anyway, in general I am really satisfied of this and all the six minifigures included. Because we are in the Advent Calendar, I really like the two minifigures with the Christmas sweater. 


I am very happy of having completed this Calendar and I cannot wait to include the minifigures in my collection.

So what do you think of this calendar, leave me your thought in the comments below.

Merry Christmas eveybody!

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