MOC: Adventurers Heavy Truck

Another MOC of the Adventurers theme: the heavy truck. It is a vehicle to support the exploration of Johnny Thunders, and he can use it either to transport equipments or discoveries. 


This heavy truck is made of a semi-truck and a semi-trailer. In this way, it is possible to load heavy equipments.

But let’s discover the two units separately. 


The semi-tractor is the power unit of the heavy truck, it has 6 wheels. The starting point of the design was the 6-wheel truck, but I made major modifications, in order to include a more powerful engine. 



The design of the hood is always the same: with a big radiator in the front and the oil cap on the top. There is then a small rollbar and 2 groups of 2 lights. I used again the same design for the mudguard, but they are smaller to avoid interference with the cabin. 


The cabin makes the main difference with the previous MOC trucks. In the heavy truck, the cabin is close: it has a big flat windshield and a 6×3 roof. On the other hand, the sits design is similar to the tracker.

On the back of the cabin there is the muffler, some tools and small utility box. 

The tractor has three axes: in the front one there are two 30.4×14 tyres, while on the back I used 4 couples of 24×7 tyres. 


On the back side, there are the connections for the trailer: the fifth-wheel system and the tow system. 


The second part of the heavy truck is the semi-trailer. The idea started from the trailer of the T-Rex Transporter set.

I put some supports on the back side, to safely load boxes and in the center I left a big loading area. 


The trailer has four 30.4×14 tyres, to be used offroad.

The loading part perfectly fits to load the track master MOC. Thanks to some chains, the Track Master is safely connected to the trailer.


The trailer has to join the tractor with the fifth-wheel system, but it can use also dolly system. In this way, it is possible to tow the trailer with the other MOC trucks, too.



So, Johnny Thunder can its team can carry all their equipments for their great adventures.

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  1. Isaac says:

    Cool! This series just keeps getting better! Also, the lego Disney 100 series just leaked.

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