MOC: Adventurers Tow Truck

To support the exploration campaigns of Johnny Thunders, here it is the adventurers tow truck, a variant of the 6-wheels adventurers truck.

Another MOC on this LEGO Adventurers theme: a tow truck for Johnny Thunders and his adventurers crew. Aim of this tow truck is to recover the fleet of vehicles as well as discoveries.


The truck is based on the 6-wheels adventures truck, but I made major modifications on the rear part to replace the loading compartment with the crane.

The Truck Overview

Let’s discover the adventures tug truck! As you can see, I kept the general structure of the 6-wheels truck and its dimensions.

On the front I created the entire engine compartment but keeping the iconic elements like the roll bar, the two white lights and the oil cap on the top of the hood.


On the side, the mudguard protects the front wheels. Since I reconstructed the structure of the cabin, I had to modify the size of the mudguard to avoid interference. 

For the windshield, I used the typical part of this series and I created a cabin completely open as for the other vehicles.


The Crane System

Going to the rear part of the tow truck, there is the crane system and some tools. 

Of course, the main part is the crane, I took inspiration from the military tow trucks of the II World War. Some models had a similar crane on the back, with the possibility to rotate aside and in elevation. My crane has the same movement capability: it lowers during the movement and it raises on operations. Then, it can rotate aside for a few degrees to move the load. 


On the top of the rear mudguards there are the stabilisation legs. They are deployed during activity to increase the stability of the truck, however to tow other vehicles there is no need to use them. 

Then, I included the typical black wrench on the side of the crane, and on the back side there is a compartment with other tools and chains.


On the back side there is a bar to fix the crane during movements, and under it a connection for trailers. As for the truck, I kept the same design for the rear part with lights and mufflers.

Finally, since the tow truck is a support vehicle there are some further details. First of all the typical black wrench on the side, then a spare tyre for the heavy equipments, on the other side. 

Adventurers Series

There are not many other details, but there are several adventures to explore with the tow truck. So, here I conclude the presentation, but if you follow me on Instagram I plan to include soon some scenes.

If you enjoyed my tow truck MOC, please leave me a comment here below, and if you like to discover the other MOCs of this series here there are the links:

Stay with me for other adventures, the series is not over!

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  1. Isaac says:

    Cool! I am really enjoying this MOC series. This has nothing to do with this post, but will you review the new A frame cabin on your blog? I thought you might since you posted about the designer a while back when the project was approved

    • bricksphere says:

      Thank you very much for your feedback. The review of the Aframe is in the ToDo list. I will do my best. 🙂

  2. Isaac says:

    Ok thanks!

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