MOC: Adventurers Tracker

Johnny Thunder will head for further adventures with its new Adventurers tracker: an off-road vehicle with loading bay for small items. 


This adventurers tracker is my second MOC based on the LEGO adventurers theme. I started with the 6-wheels adventurers truck for heavy loading. Right after, I thought that the truck only was not enough and here it is the lighter and faster adventures tracker.

I tried to use similar style among the two MOCs: balancing the adventurers theme spirit on one side and a modern design on the other.

For this adventurers tracked I get inspired from the LEGO set 5918: Scorpion Tracker. So, from the original set, I kept the wheels and the vehicle base part. Furthermore, I used also the typical front radiator part, but in a different color with respect to the original set. In my MOC I used the dark grey part rather than the light grey.

side I included the rear loading area, which I made it bigger with respect to the original. In this way, the tracker can accomodate both a 4×3 box for the treasures and a 2×2 small box for the tools.


Also for the adventurers tracker, I decide to make right-hand driving, that creates me the feeling of Johnny and his mates coming from an exclusive English museum.

To conclude, I created the adventurers tracker to give Johnny more mobility and flexibility. I enjoyed doing the tracker, I hope you like it and I would really like to have your feedback about it. 

Leave me your feedback here below in the comments.



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