MOC: Birra Amarcord Delivery Truck

Here it is my new MOC: a Delivery Truck for refreshments from Birra Amarcord, a traditional Italian brewery. 

This MOC is inspired as a spin-off of my Project Piadina Brick. However, it is not really my MOC, but an adaptation of the Delivery Truck of Tiago Catarino. You can see the Tiago’s Video at the end of this post.

The idea is to include in the Piadina Brick project the delivery of an Italian Beer. My choice is to Birra Amarcord, which is not only Italian but also Romagnola as Piadina. Moreover, they immediately demonstrated a warm support to my Piadina Brick project and I wanted to thank them with this small side project.


The Truck

The delivery truck is a quite small vehicle based on the typical 6-stud size of LEGO vehicles. Tiago details very well his video and it is really easy to follow the step-by-step procedure to replicate it. 

The original project is an American-style delivery truck, that was not what I had in mind. However, I found very easy and inspiring to add here and there some minor modifications to adapt to my needs.

Concerning the modification, I wanted to smoother a bit some parts of the truck, in particular the front side. On the roof I included a wedge 4×6 triple curved and I used the transparent white and transparent orange 1×1 slopes for the front lights. On the back side, I used the 1×2 modified plate with door rail for the bumper and I included the rear lights.


Then, another modification is on the interior. I removed the series of 1×4 bricks proposed by Tiago to separate the cargo area, and I used a 1x4x3 panel. This solution increases the cargo area which goes up to 6-stud long.


It is now possible to load a 3×4 beer case and eventually other 2×2 barrels.

Gianni the Truck Driver

I am a fan of minifigures and I really like to personalise my MOCs with them. So, as for the Piadina Brick project, I decided to include Gianni: truck driver.


Gianni is a young man from Romagna and he wake up early in the morning to deliver Birra Amarcord all around Romagna and maybe also further if it is needed. 

In summer time Romagna is a land of sea and sun. So Gianni has to stay cool and he likes to drive wearing his Birra Amarcord vest, sunglasses and hat. 

The Stickers

Finally, the customised stickers conclude the delivery truck. Thanks to Brickstickershop,  I created the stickers for the Birra Amarcord logos and the truck’s rear plate.


So, there are two big Birra Amarcord Logo on the side of the delivery truck, and the full Amarcord Logo on the hood. The truck plate is a reference to Rimini: the province where Birra Amarcord is brewed since 1997.

Stickers are also for the beer bottles, the caps and the case. One of these bottles was already in the Piadina Brick project, however for the delivery truck I included a full case. 

Finally, the Amarcord logo is also on Gianni’s vest.

All the Birra Amarcord logos are the original ones available on their Download Area.

Birra Amarcord

Birra Amarcord is an Italian brewery in Romagna, that took the heritage from Federico Fellini and one of his most famous movie: Amarcord.

Amarcord is the dialect word for “I remember” and it is a nostalgic word to revocation of the past days which were more genuine and authentic.

I choose Birra Amarcord together with Piadina Brick, to emphasise the spirit of my land, Romagna. Moreover, if you like to know more about Birra Amarcord I invite you to discover further on their website: and of course, to taste it!





To conclude, with this post I would once again thank Birra Amarcord for the warm support on my Piadina Brick project, then Tiago Catarino for its inspiring MOCs and finally Brick Sticker Shop for the stickers.

I really enjoyed making this small MOC of the Delivery Truck with the Birra Amarcord logos. I hope that you like reading it. So, please let me know in the comments if you like it or if you replicated some MOCs of Tiago or others.

Delivery Truck by Tiago Catarino

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