MOC: Star Wars T-Wing Concept

I present you my MOC from the Star Wars galaxy: the T-Wing.

Before starting, I would like to thank Alex Simion on Instagram since its T-Wing MOC is my first reference and inspiration. Then, I would like also to thank SmokedShip on for the concept arts.

Then, I would like to point out that in the Star Wars Canon there is no T-Wing. On the other hand, in Star Wars Legends there is the R-60 T-wing Interceptor with a design completely different from my MOC.

Now, after saying so, I invite you to continue to discover my T-Wing MOC with pictures and stories.


The T-wing is a twin-engine, single-seat starfighter with support of one astrodroid. It is equipped with two laser cannons and torpedo launchers.

The spaceship has a low wing with the laser cannons installed at the tips.

From the structure point of view, the main aspect is the big intake on the front.

On the rear side there are the two engines, right below the astrodroid position. In particular, the astrodroid is in a small balcony area on top of the engines to offer the droid a full 360 deg view.


Finally, the cockpit is at the end of the fuselage right before the engines and slightly lower than the astrodroid seat.

Finally, another aspect is the landing gear. It is made of three legs and retractable in flight. So, two legs are under the wing while the third is below the cockpit and close to the engines. Moreover, the side and shape of the three legs are different since the back one is bigger to balance the majority of the weight.

Continuing, in flight the T-Wing retracts the landing gears to have more efficient aerodynamic.

I decided also to give a certain Star Wars style, quite traditional with a general white background and dark red details both on the fuselage and wings.





As for my other MOCs, like the Echo Base or the Turbo-laser Turret, I like to include some minifigure to give life to my creations.

So, here you can find 4 mnifigures: pilot, astrodroid, ground specialist and spacecraft marshaller.



As a conceptual spaceship, for the pilot I used the standard orange spacesuit used also by Luke and the other pilots. No special prints, however, I used the Poe Dameron’s flight helmet.



For the astrodroid, I used only the head of the droid for the MOC, and I took a dark version of R2-D2.

Ground Specialist

The ground specialist maintains safe and efficient the spacecraft and support the pilot in preparation of the flight. Of course, the ground specialist is supported by other droids for updates and fixing.

So, for the ground engieer, I create a minifigure combining Poe Dameron’s torso with blue legs and a dark brown cap with goggles. Then, I give him a tool for spacecraft maintenance.

Spacecraft Marshaller

Last but not least, the spacecraft marshaller supports the pilots during the taxing, take off and landing at the spacebase.

The minifigure of the marshaller is obtained from a Rebel trooper uniform but with a dark cap with goggles and dark tan legs. As accessory, I included the marshalling lamps.


Final Thoughts

I am now at the conclusion of my T-wing MOC. It took me quite a bit of time and I admit I had to dismount several times some parts to improve the design. Personally, I am quite satisfied of the final result and I enjoyed a lot preparing the MOC. On the other hand, it was quite challenging, because of the shape and the parts needed. 

I hope you liked reading my MOC review and I would really like to have your feedback in the comment below. Did you know about the T-Wing in Star Wars Legends?

Thank you for reading and may the force be with you!

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4 Responses

  1. Isaac says:

    Nice! Have you ever submitted any of your creations to Lego?

    • bricksphere says:

      Hi, thank you.
      Yes, I submitted once a project on LEGO Ideas it is called Piadina Brick, you can find it here in the Blog with pictures and story.

  2. LMF says:

    Cool you are doing a great job.

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