Piadina Brick at Casa Artusi

Let me start this post with a big thank you to Casa Artusi Foundation. In a midsummer afternoon’s dream, they invited me for a presentation of Piadina Brick at Casa Artusi, in Forlimpopoli, Italy. 


It was a great honour being invited by the Casa Artusi Foundation for a presentation of Piadina Brick kiosk.

Casa Artusi invited me for a course on Piadina Romagnola with her chef Carla Brigliadori. What a great honour cooking with Carla: passion and a great experience. Thank you Carla! I admit that I had some preliminary cooking advice by my grandmother, but this is all another story!

The Piadina’s recipe

It is a bit off-topic, but if you like to make piadina at home, it is really simple. The piadina recipe is a combination of simple ingredients: water, flour, salt, yeast and lard (pork fat). 

You can find plenty of recipes surfing the web, likewise, each city and even family in Romagna have their own.  However, the starting ingredients are always these.

The process is pure kneading by hand. You have to mix flour with salt and yeast, add lard and then finally water. You have to knead for a few minutes in order to obtain the dough.


Once the piadina dough is solid and smooth, you are ready for the next step. You have to flatten a small portion of dough with the rolling pin. In order to create the flat piadina.

Finally, raw piadina must be cooked on the “testo romagnolo”: a typical flat clay tray.


The final result are the piadina: golden flat bread with small burning dots. Don’t waste time, fill with ham and eat it warm!

What an experience

It was a great experience preparing piadina at Casa Artusi, under the experienced supervision of Carla. Really, thank you!


It was a great honour also having the feedback from traditional food experts who really appreciate the Piadina Brick kiosk.


If you are curios to try piadina, you have to come in Romagna and try it. But don’t forget to visiting Casa Artusi: the center of gastronomy culture.

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