LEGO IDEAS: Piadina Brick Kiosk

Thank you for supporting my very first project submitted to LEGO IDEAS: Piadina Brick Kiosk. It is a project I was thinking for a while but finally together with my friends Simone and Gioele, we consolidated and submitted for LEGO IDEAS. However, after a short but intense period of time, we decided to remove and to keep as a MOC.

I would like to give you a few more details of the project, with some further pictures of the interior and also some updates.

Thank you, it means a world for us!



To simplify your reading I have created direct links to the different sections of the project. Something like what I did for the Advent calendars and the Minifigure Series review.  You can easily jump up and down the page.

We have prepared also the version of the Piadina kioks in green and white stripes. It is the version of the municipality of Ravenna, our common home municipality.



  •  Start of the Project: 02 June 2020
  • 100 Supporters: 02 June 2020
  • 1000 Supporter: 20 July 2020
  • Removed: 17 August 2020

Let start!

As you have probably seen on LEGO IDEAS and now here on my Blog, the Piadina Brick kiosk project refers to the typical piadina romagnola kiosk (piadineria in Italian) in Emilia Romagna, Italy. My home-region, and even if I live abroad since several years, I feel linked to my home country.

So, my first idea about this project was to recreate something typical from there. I bet you to find something more characteristic than the piadina romagnola kiosk!

The characteristic of a kiosk is the white color with red or green strips. Red or green are explicitly decided by the local government. I choose red, just for bricks availability in my collection.

But let’s talk about the piadina brick kiosk. We decided to replicate the original kiosk with some minifigures and a nice diorama on a street on the Riviera Romagnola.


Discover it Outside

The exterior of the kiosk is quite typical. The two main characteristics are the dark red roof and the stripped walls.


The front has a big window where the owners can interact with their customers and serve their piadina.


Looking at the side, there is the entrance door of the kiosk and at the top a small round window to let the sunlight entering.


The opposite side of the entrance door is very simple. It has a full stripped wall with only the kitchen chimney. 


Finally, the back of the kiosk has another window used by the cookers to have fresh air and more light inside the kiosk. Just below the roof there is also the air conditioning machine. In Romagna it is usually very hot in summer and the temperature inside this metallic sheds with warm griddle grows easily.


Discover the Inside

The interior of the piadina kiosk is a tighten series of furniture that the cooker needs to prepare, cook and serve piadina.


The kiosk roof is removable, so it is possible to access and play inside.


There area is occupied by two big working areas: one in front and one on the back.

Starting from the back, the counter includes several details.

From right to left you can see kitchen sink, some  cans and jars, including the Nutella jar. On the left side, you can see the rolling machine to flatten the piadina dough and at the extreme left two key accessories for the minifigures: the brown rolling pin “matterello” and the tool to turn the piadina on the griddle.


A side of the back counter, there is the professional kneading machine. A crucial aid to prepare the piadina for all the customers.

impastatrice1 impastatrice2

The key element of each kiosk is the big griddle, where the cooker can prepare several piadina all together, of course without burning them!


Then we have in the front side the main counter, where the cooked piadina are prepared and then served to the customers.

Starting from the left bottom part of the left side there is a small fridge. On top of it you find the meat slicer.  

Then you have the cash register, some boxed with other ingredients and the piadina rack. The piadina rack is another characteristic of the kiosk, because it is the place where the cooked piadina are placed to cool down before being filled. 


The meat slicer is a great aid in the preparation of typical piadina. One of the most traditional is simply freshly sliced ham and warm piadina: piadina col prosciutto.


The interior is then finished with some cupboards and the air-conditioning split.


The Minifigures

As any other LEGO set, minifigures are mandatory. For this set we have created 5 minifigures, but of course, you can add all the minifigures you want, the more customers, the better!



The piadina kiosk has a very traditional aspect, which is the family-run business. As expected, also the Piadina Brick Kiosk is a family business. So, the main two characters are the two azdòre Mirella and Luisa. Azdòra is the dialect word for the woman head of the family. This name is used to refer to all woman working on kitchens and food business.   


Since the Piadina Brick Kiosk is a family business, Mirella is the head of the kiosk and also the mother of Luisa. Mirella acquired the kiosk from her mother, before her. They both work in the kiosk: Mirella takes care of the customer and Luisa is the griddle master.


On the customer side we have three minifigures: 

  • Maurizio aka “Birro”
  • Yolanda
  • Chiara

Riviera Romagnola is a very touristic place, known for years, so in summer time it was normal to have north European tourists walking on the Romagna’s cities. Yolanda is a north European tourist who is spending her time with Maurizio, a typical Romagnolo latin lover, called in dialect “Birro”. 


Finally, Chiara is a young Romagnola girl who loves piadina.  

External Accessories

The Piadina Brick Kiosk can be concluded with the structure itself, but to give you more the feeling of Romagna, we have included some external accessories.

These accessories are normally found in the real piadina kiosk. 

external-accessoriesTo welcome the customer, there are always some chairs and tables. Then you can have a bin and some flowery pots. Another very common accessory is the vending machine for water and cold beverages. 

The accessories also includes the Menu of the Piadina Brick Kiosk and the signpost. 


The final part of my post is about the diorama. As said, the piadina kiosk are very common in Romagna close to the streets. However a very traditional is to have them just outside the seaside. So, the people can stop at the kiosk just after the full day on the beach.

The diorama we created wanted to represent exactly that: a slice of a Romagna street with the kiosk and the people stopping by.


The idea is also to have the kiosk independent and it can also be included in your modular LEGO city. 

You can also add several other customers to it or funny characters.


Friends of Piadina Brick 

During the gathering support phase on LEGO IDEAS, we decided to include some friends and extra accessories, to make Piadina Brick closer to reality.

Casa Artusi

Like a warm midsummer afternoon dream, I have been invited to present Piadina Brick kiosk at Casa Artusi, the temple and the home of the italian gastronomy. A real honour and a privilege presenting the kiosk there.

If you are curious about my experience, you can read a dedicated full article.


Birra Amarcord

A great add-on is the beer. In this kiosk our minifigure couldn’t stay without the great Italian Beer: Birra Amarcord. In particular, we have created the sticker for the classic Amarcord beer: La Gradisca. A big thank to Birra Amarcord for their friendship in allowing us to use their logos.


Maurizio, our latin lover, shows to Yolanda how good Birra Amarcord is with piadina.


Batman Romagnolo

Another friend of Piadina Romagnola is Batman Romagnolo: friend of children and a great supporter of Romagna. 


And on the night, Batman Romagnolo watch the kiosk for us.



Claudio Bianchi Foto

Another friend of Piadina Brick kiosk is Claudio Bianchi Foto, who helped us to prepare very nice pictures.

topwindow backstage-light backstage-dark

And now your support and sharing

So, thank you for reading my post, I hope you like it. If you are more interested, please let me know in the comments. Anyway, stay tuned, because the Piadina Kiosk will continue.= with new friends and experiences.

Thank you and enjoy Piadina!

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