Pirate Year

It looks like in this bizzare year 2020, LEGO is launchingback pirates. It is back the pirate year!

IDEAS: Pirates of Barracuda

LEGO is maybe restarting the Pirate era in this 2020. It starts with the huge LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda. The remake of the pirate series released in late 80s, early 90s, and this is absolutely a masterpiece for all the AFOLs!


Minifigure Series 20: Pirate Lady

Another interesting pirate reference is arriving with the Minifigure Series 20. The lady here below is absolutely a pirate and it has very interesting colors and accessories. I really eager to discover it. 

pirate-minifigure-20Of course there were also other minifigures in other series, but having one in the series 20, together with all these interesting sets is great!

Creator: Pirate Ship

Then a new set has been recently revealed in the creator series and it is a pirate ship.

As a Creator 3 in 1 series, it is possible also to create other models, however the pirate ship is the most considerable. There not many information so far, since it will become available in Summer 2020. 


I really eager about the pirates sets. For me it is really a jump in the past. 

During this first half 2020, despite all the COVID-19 situation, LEGO is releasing amazing sets. 

I believe it is really the pirate year, and maybe not only one year! 

Thank you for reading my thought. I really like to read you comments and thought about this pirate year! 

In the mean time: all aboard!!!

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