Review: LEGO Lester Minifigure

It was 2019 when I was in London (UK) and I visited the LEGO Store where I found the Lester Minifigure. Finally, I decided to make a small review of this unique minifigure.


I still remember a great family trip in London back in 2019. Among all the great places, we visited also the LEGO Store! I talked a bit of my trip also in my Harry Potter Professors review

The Lester minifigure is the serial version of the Store Grand Opening Exclusive Set. The exclusive set is quite rare and it was distributed at the opening back in 2016. At present, the Lester Minifigure is the set number 40308 and you can buy it for £ 5.99.

There is no difference between the two minifigures. However, the Lester minifigure 40308 has a folded umbrella extra. On the other hand, the exclusive minifigure for the Store opening was distributed in a numbered and personalised blister. 

The Minifigure

Going to the Lester minifigure: the guy has a dark blue dress. The particularity is the unique torso with the Union Jack and prints on the back of the jacket.


As anticipated, it has two accessories: the traditional bowler hat and the umbrella. This combination characterise Lester as a real Londoner gentlemen.


Despite the simplicity, I like a lot this minifigure, in particular for its uniqueness. I really appreciate that there is a characteristic minifigure in a specific Official LEGO Shop. Moreover, this combination represents very well London.


In my opinion, some Official LEGO Stores should have some unique minifigure. They will add a bit of folklore and they can represent a nice souvenir for your visit in one these cities. Just another reason to keep on travelling. 

So, next time you go to London you cannot miss the LEGO store in Leicester Square. Of course, you cannot miss the Lester Minifigure. If you collect LEGO and if you like Minifigures, Lester shall be yours.

What do you think of a unique minifigure in some LEGO store? Leave me a comment about it.

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