Review: LEGO Minifigure Series 18

I love Minifigures and these Minifigures series are simply amazing. I started to collect them quite late and actually this Minifigure series 18 is my first. So, I start my review with this one.

This series was released in 2018 in occasion of the 60th Anniversary of LEGO and 40th anniversary of Minifigures or at least the minifigures in the shape as we all love and we are used to know.

My review comes very late, but I really started this minifigure collection late, mostly for curiosity and by chance, in early 2020, I found my lates minifigure of this series, so I decided to make this review.


The Minifigure series 18 contains 17 characters and are coming in the usual bags. They are all in a party costume, since they are all celebrating the anniversary. 


In order to make the page easy to read, I dedicate a section to each minifigure. So, you can fly directly to the section of your interest by using the hyperlink in the list below. Moreover, in each section you will find pictures and a short description, together with my personal comment and a rating of the minifigure. As for the advent calendars, my rating will be from 1 to 5 for each minifigure of the collection.

To conclude, at the end of the page you will also find my final considerations of the entire collection.

Cowboy Costume Guy

LEGO Brick Suit Guy

LEGO Brick Suit Girl

Elephant Costume Girl

1978 Police Officer

Party Clown

Firework Guy

Spider Suit Boy

Unicorn Guy

Cactus Girl

Flowerpot Girl

Race Car Guy

Birthday Party Boy

Birthday Party Girl

Cake Guy

Cat Costume Girl

Dragon Suit Guy

Cowboy Costume Guy

Let start the Minifigure series 18 review with the cowboy costume guy. It is very iconic costume of the cowboy world. 

In particular, the guy wears a nice hat and a very unique costume made up of two parts: the wearable horse torso and the horse tail. As you can see, the front part of the horse is connected with the neck of the minifigure, while the tail is between the torso and the legs.

The face has a single side. The guy looks very smart with long sideburns like a real cowboy!


The back view of the guy where the detailed torso printing is visible.


I appreciated this cowboy guy minifigure, in particular for the originality of the accessories. First of all the front part of the horse costume. However, I am not figuring out where else these accessories can be used for a MOC or a customised minifigure. 

The horse accessories, front and tail, are made in rubber and not in hard plastic as the minifigure itself, so I recommend to handle with care to avoid to bend and ruin it.


Minifigure rating: 4/5

LEGO Brick Suit Guy

This is the first of the real LEGO iconic minifigure of the series. This minifigure goes together with the following one: LEGO brick suit girl.

I remember that this was absolutely the first minifigure I found. When I bought the first bag, I was not sure if I wanted to do the entire collection. I bought mostly for curiosity. However, I really liked the minifgures of this series and their accessories and so I decided to collect them all.


The brick guy comes with a torso which is a 2×3 red brick with arms and the connection for the legs and the head.  In the costume, the studs are real and they fit with the bricks. Thinking on it, the iconic brick is a 2×4 or the 2×2, however I think that the 2×3 is really proportioned for the minifigure. 

The minifigure is completed with a 1×1 blue plate which again link it with the girl.

Minifigure rating: 5/5


LEGO Brick Suit Girl

The LEGO brick suit girl is the couple of the LEGO brick suit guy. The two minifigures from the shape point of view are identical. Of course there are differences: in particular the colors of both the suit and the 1×1 plate are inverted. Likewise, the girl has a unique hair style, not very common so far.


The two minifigures are really the iconic couple of the Minifigure series 18. Like two lovely LEGO bricks, they can connect together.


Minifigure rating: 5/5

These two minifigure are really great and they are, in my opinion, the best representation of LEGO!


Elephant Costume Girl

The girl in the elephant costume is nice and full of details. It is not a simple elephant, but it is a clear reference to the Circus Polka: For a Young Elephant written by Igor Stravinsky in 1942. 

The costume represents a dancing elephant, like the ones in the Stravinsky’s ballet.


The minifigure has of course a double face, one happy and one scared, and both with the beauty spot. Mostly due to the small mouse, which complete the minifigure. It is very funny and ironic!

The torso is just gray, with the elephant belly well painted and the legs has the elephant fingers painted on it. Between the torso and the legs, there is the pink tutu, the clear reference to the ballet.

Finally, the elephant costume is finished with the hat, which is the elephant face itself, with the trunk and the tusks.


I really like this minifigure even in its simplicity.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

1978 Police Officer

Here we are with the most rare minifigure of the entire Minifigure series 18, and among one of the rarest minifigure of all the entire minifigure series. We are talking about the retro Police Officer 1978, the very first minifigure created in the shape we all know and love!

Its rarity is because there is only one of this minifugre in an entire box. So, it is really hard to find. Personally, I found it in 2020 in an old shop where the minifigures of this series were still available. They were removed from the box and piled in a rack expositor. I touched mostly for curiosity, with very low expectations and it was there!

I concluded my personal Series 18 collection in early 2020! It was a really nice discovery.


Coming back to the minifigure itself, as you can see, it is really basic, it reflects the 1978 one. There is a minimal accessory which is a 2×1 tile with the stamp of the LEGO 600 box: the box where this minifigure was  included. 

I think that the minifigure is a nice reference to the story of LEGO, however, it is really minimal. Only the references are very nice, but there are not much to add.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Party Clown

An iconic costume in each masquerade party is the Clown. This minifigure is for me very funny and well done. 

The minifigure has a green and purple costume, with some orange details. The hat is very nice and not common and between the torso and the leg there is a very long  coat-tails. The coat-tails  is really a funny add-on to the minifigure, but I think that it is a little bit too long.

There is also a nice papillon, which contribute to improve the clown shape, and finally the face is painted with a red nose and a big white mouth. 


The accessory of the clown is really what I liked the most: the two dog-shaped balloon dogs. I never saw this accessory before and I found very nice and inspiriting for any future scenarios and dioramas. 


Minifigure rating: 5/5

Firework Guy

Another nice minifigure, at least with a singular accessory. The firework guy is nice, it looks a crazy companion for the party. 

firework1The minifigure itself is quite simple, with a blue torso, red hands and legs with the fire exhaustion of the firework.

However, I like the face, with big glasses and a huge smile, which make this a real cool guy.

As anticipated, the most significative aspect of the minifigure is the accessory. The main rocket costume where the guy is hidden inside.


The shape of the rocket was also the main way to find it by feeling the bag.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Spider Suit Boy

A nice party has also some dark guys, and here it is the Spider suit boy.

The minifigure has a black dress with a big back spider and a small spider in its hand. 

Starting from the top, we have a nice spider head gear, with some extra eyes and the space for the face of the minifigure itself. 

It has a double face: sad and scared. Even if the faces are both nice and unique, I found not very appropriate for a party. They better suits in a monster party or for other minifigures.


The torso is quite simple, with the print of a jumper with a bit spider net on it. On the other hand, the legs are just simple black colored.

Finally, the back spider costume is a big rubber spider, with 8 legs and a big black body. It is a nice idea, but I find it a bit difficult to recycle for other scene.

spider3 spider2

In general, I find the spider idea very nice, however, it could have been done better. In particular the big spider, I would have preferred something more strong and easy to combine with other LEGO bricks. 

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Unicorn Guy

The unicorn guy is really a nice costume for this Minifigure series 18 party. It is a funny and kind costume which link this Minifigure series 18 to the LEGO Castle theme.

The guy has a horse head gear with the mane and the golden unicorn. Then, the mouth of the horse is the aperture for the happy face of the minifigure head. I really like the blinking face. 

The entire body and legs are light blue with details of dark blue to represent the horse hoofs, both hands and feet. The torse has golden crown and stars details on it, to increase the regality of the entire costume.


Between the torso and the legs there is a blue horse tail accessory, similar to the Cowboy Guy.


Finally, the minifgure has a golden sword and a unicorn shield.

The blue color of the entire costume is not vert medieval, but I really like the entire minifigure. It is one of my favourite of the entire series.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Cactus Girl

A green costume ecology friendly. It is a unique minifigure, with nice features. The main part is the big cactus accessory which cover the entire girl. 

The minifigure has cactus arms, which are movable like the norma ones. Despite the iniquity of the arms, it is nice to have some unique torso. 

There is also a double face: one happy and the second disappointed. They are both nice for some funny scenes.


The main surprise of the minifigure are the arms and also the print on the torso. It is nothing special, but it is nice to have some print on the torso rather than a simple green one.


Minifigure rating: 4/5

Flowerpot Girl

Another girl costume is the flower pot. It is quite simple, but again there are nice gears.

The minifigure is quite simple: it has a green torso with painted on it the flower stalk. The hands are light green and the legs brown.

There is a double face: one happy and one sad. I don’t like very much the sad one, but it is funny to have both. 


As anticipated, the most interesting part are the gears: the flowered shape headgear and the big pot. These two accessories could maybe be of interest for some scene, but I still have to think of it.


Minifigure rating: 4/5


Race Car Guy

Racing cars are always fascinating and this guy has a nice idea for the party!

The guy is dressed with a car racing suit and the helmet. Moreover, the entire minifigure is printed with colors and patterns of a real car racing suit.  Finally, the head has a single face with a nice expression.


As for the Flowerpot Girl, the very nice part of the minifigure is the car costume. It is a small car, which fits in the torso/legs connection of the minifigure and the wheels are rotating.

race2 race3

I like this minifigure and I am expecting to see this small car in other sets.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Birthday Party Boy

Not only costume in this party of Minifigures series 18. Likewise the Brick Guys, there are a party young boy and a party young girl


The young boy is a minifigure at child size. It is not fantastic, but is well dressed with an elegant tie and shirt. It has a balloon and a big present. 

The main interesting part is the yellow 1×1 tile: it is a very nice reference to the Minifigure series 1. This is a unique accessory, and even if it is a simple 1×1 tile, the reference is fantastic.

The designers made a big effort to reproduce the bag picture in the tile, but the result is amazing.



The minifigure is nothing particularly significant, with respect to the others. However, the 1×1 tile accessory is really an added value and a nice link with the entire minifigure series.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Birthday Party Girl

The companion of the party boy is a party young girl. 


The two minifigures have the same structure: a young minifigure with a party balloon and a present box. There is also a party hat which is coming from the LEGO friend series.


In general, the minifugure has no special feature or significant details. It is nice to have as a couple, but nothing more.

Minifigure rating: 2/5


Cake Guy

There’s no party without cake, and what’s better than someone popping out of the cake?


This is another very nice model in this Minifigure series 18. A guy dressed with a light blue frack pops out of a big party cake. The guy has a very funny face, unusual hair with the hole for a party hat accessory. The guy has also pink legs due to the cake. 


The main accessory is the huge cake, where the minifigure stays inside and the legs fit perfectly. 

The cake is a very nice accessory for several scenes also with other minifigures. I used for some pictures in my Instagram profile.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Cat Costume Girl

Another nice costume of the party is this cat woman. The minifigure has a black and white costume with a lot of details., in particular in the torso. The chest is white likewise the arms and the legs. Between the legs and the torso there is a rubber cat tail, likewise the cowboy guy and the unicorn guy


A very nice aspect of this minifigure is the head and the headgear. The headgear is a cat head, which shows only the eyes of the minifigure face. On the other hand, the minifugure face has a cat make up and a smily face.


Finally, the minifigure is completed with a blue fish. Which is a minor detail, but appreciated.

In general, I like this minifigure, in particular for the headgear.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Dragon Suit Guy

Last but not least of the minifigure series 18, the guy in a dragon suit. I think that this is the dreamy costume of every child.


The guy has a fantastic red dragon costume full of details. Let start from the top: the heaggear is a fully detailed dragon head where the minifigure face is visible form the dragon’s mouth. The face is double with a smily face on on side and a roaring one on the other.


The torso has the details of the dragon belly. The legs are has only the dragon claws. However, the main details are in the rubber accessories. On one side there are the wings between the face and the torso and then the dragon tail, between the torso and the legs. Both accessories are well done and five to the costume an impressive contribution. 


This is absolutely one of my favourite minifigure of the entire series.

Minifigure rating: 5/5


Final Considerations

This was my first collection and I found it very nice. It is bigger than others wince there are 17 minifigures and all of them are very nice, with some minor exceptions.

I really liked most of them, in particular the ones with the rubber details: unicorn guy, cowboy and dragon. The brick costume is also very nice and unique and I like them as well.

My personal Top 5 is as follow:

  • Dragon Suit Guy
  • Unicorn Guy
  • Brick Suit Boy/Girl
  • Elephant Girl
  • Party Clown

In this series, I appreciated a lot the references to the past and other sets. The 1978 Policeman is very nice, however, it is a pity that it is so rare. Anyway, I understand how it works. This was also my latest minifigure I found to complete the series.

I liked also the reference to the Minifigure Series 1 with the 1×1 tile in the party boy minifigure.

This is my review of the Minifigure series 18, I liked it and I hope you liked it as well. So, I really appreciate your comments and feeling about the series. Leave me some comments and we can discuss together.




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