Review: LEGO Minifigure Series 19

It is time for my review of the LEGO Minifigure Series 19: the series distributed the second half of  2019.

The collection was in the green bags with a single minifigure each at the price of about 4 euro in Europe.


As for the Minifigure Collection Series 18, I bought all the single packets. It was tough to find all of them and actually, I had to buy some of them on Bricklink!


The minifigure series 19 includes 16 unique  characters. As the first impression of the collection I was not very impressed, and a bit disappointed for some characters, on the other hand, I was very positively surprised for others. 


As for the other reviews I made, I have inserted the direct links to the character, so you can jump immediately to the one of your interest. You can also jump directly at the end of my post to read my summary.

For each minifigure I have included my personal rating in a scale 1-5 scale. 1: I really don’t like it, 5: I really like it.  

Let’s go to the list of the minifigures and I hope you will enjoy my review of the Minifigure series 19.

Video Game Champion

I am not a video game fan, or at least not anymore. However, this minifigure anyway is very nice. 


The accessories of the boy are great, in particular I really like the headgear. The hair with the headphone and speaker are simply great. I hope LEGO will release the same headgear also with hair of different colors. So, maybe they could be used also in other scenes.


The videogame control pad is absolutely the LEGO version of the famous video game consoles. It is a little bit over-scale, but however it is well done.


Surfing the web, I read that the tile with the videogame is a reference to the Space Cyborg of the Minifigure Series 16. I like this links and references to the previous collections. 

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Rugby Player

There are already several sportive minifigure in the other series, but I think that the rugby player was missing. It is nice and well done.


There are several details in the minfigure, starting from the double face. On one side a happy player and on the other a bashed face but with a smile expression. The uniform color is green and white. I  don’t know if this color code belong to a specific team, I doubt. Anyway, it is nice.


The accessory is the rugby ball with the link to the minifigure and the brand Supreme Rugby, that I think it is invented, too.

The headgear is based on the aviator cap. Maybe it is not the best, but I found quite approriate: a good trade-off.

I am not a fan of rugby, but I appreciate the sport and mostly, I like the minifigure, it is a nice element of the collection.

Minifigure Score: 4/5

Mummy Queen

There are also several history characters in the series and this mummy queen looks a bit a double or a copy of something else. I didn’t check, but I am not really fascinated by this minifigure.


The prints on the torso and the legs are very accurate and elaborated. The headgear is quite unique and appropriate for the mummy queen. Likewise, the golden face is also nice. On the other hand, I don’t like neither the zombie-like face nor the accessory: a golden scorpion.  


Minifigure rating: 3/5

Bear Costume

This is great and I like this politically correct bear costume! I don’t know on which purpose was it done, but at the time I am writing this post we are in the middle of the COVID-19 situation in Europe and this minifigure is really a good hope for the recovery. 


A part any reference to politics or others, I think that this is one of my favourite minifigure of the entire series. I like the multicolor scheme of the costume: blue, orange, pink and  white. The accessories are quite unique, maybe they are one of the first tests on the LEGO Dots theme


I don’t like too much the face of the minifigure. It looks like a kid and also with the bear headgear on, there are no great differences on the eye expression. 



Minifigure rating: 4/5

Fright Knight

One of my favourite LEGO theme is the Castle, so there is no more to say about that! However, this is a quite different minifigure from the historical LEGO Castel series. However, this spectral knight is great.


The face is a female with a sinister spectral smile, with sharpen canine teeth. The accessories are a trans-light blue sword and a sinister shield. Likewise, the helmet has a trans-light blue crest. 


The bag has also a spare sword, so the possibilities to create story about this minifigure increase.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Shower Guy

This is absolutely the funnies minifigure of the series. It has been used in several scenes by minifigure AFOLs, check Instagram and you will find plenty of scenes with reference to this guy!

The guy has a shower cap, the rubber duck and the brush. It is really iconic!


I like the double face, a smily and an embarrassed one, maybe after the towel falling.

Under the towel, the legs have a nice surprise: they are full of bubbles. 


I am not super impressed, but I like it and it is a nice to have. despite any real reference, this minifigure remembers me a bit LEGO Movie.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Monkey King

I admit that this is in my view the most controversy minifgure. Reading several reviews from AFOLs more expert than me, most of them agree that this is the main minifigure of the series. 


I am not so impressed, maybe I missed all the references to other series or other sets. I noticed the high level of details, and I agree that this is one of the most detailed character of the entire Minifigure Series 19.

Starting from the headgear, it is unique and very accurate with a rare crest. The double face is absolutely unique for this, no doubt.


The shoulder-gear is also unique and very nice. The level of detail in the torso and legs are great. To improve the aspect of a monkey there is also a monkey tail in the back.

It is probably a masterpiece in terms of details, however, I am not a great fan of it. 

By the time I wrote this post, several websites announced the new set series Monkie Kid, where this Monkey King is also included. 

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Fire Fighter

This is one of the minigure that I was not expected to find in a collection. Let say that it is different from other fire fighters in the common sets, however, it could have been easily included in one of them. So, for this reason I was not expecting in a collection. 

My personal feeling is that it looks like if the LEGO designers were short of ideas for this minifigure collection. However, there are some nice details.



The main innovative tools are the megaphone and the headgear. The headgear is a normal fire fighter hat with woman hair added on. 


Despite all, the face is well done. A smile face on one side and a yelling one on the other which is well with the megaphone. 


I will keep one extra for my city, however, this is less interesting piece of the Minifigure series 19.

Minifigure rating 2/5

Programmer Girl

Not only nerd boys, but also girls in this Minifigure series 19! Finally, a clear message for all the girls and women involved in STEM, programming and computing.


The minifigure looks really a nerdy girl, with a binary black t-shirt, which reads LEGO. A nice Easter Egg. There is also a red jumper wrapped around the waist which creates a unique pattern in the legs. 

nerd-girl-backThere are very nice accessories: first of all a robot dog wit ha 1×1 brick painted with a robot face. Secondly, a white laptop which is a kind of reference to the Apple Macbooks. I think that it is not officially, but the reference is quite obvious.

There is a single face and gathered up hair not very common.

nerd-girlIn general, the minifgure is not really special, however the robot dog and the binary code on the t-shirt make it quite special. 

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Dog Sitter

It is an hard job and someone has to do it! Dog sitting is really annoying, particularly keeping clean after the dogs.


This minifigure represents very well the job, in particular with the disgusting double face. I like it, since there are unique dogs and an uncommon color fo the shovel.


There are a French Bulldog and a Dashund, which are not common in other sets and they contribute to increase the series of LEGO dogs. Of course there are also two LEGO poppies which are very funny.


In my opinion, the amount of elements is both a pro and cons of the minifigure itself. All the element contributes to make it unique, as it is expected. However, the number of them make it impossible to fit them in the minifigure basement, unless you turn them. And this disappoints me, because I don’t know how to fit them in the display.

As for the fire fighter, this dog sitter will very well fit in the daily life of a LEGO city. 

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Pizza Costume Guy

This is absolutely one of the best minifigure of the entire Minifigure series 19 collection. The Pizza Costume guy will give a lot of ideas to everybody for nice photo and scene. There are already plenty of funny scenes on Instagram and other social media.



The guy itself is nothing special despite the Italian coloured legs. On the other hand, the pizza gear is great. As an Italian, this salami pizza, is not the best choice, but the pizza idea is great! I will immediately stop complaining about Italian pizza and the worldwide pizza. Let say just that the idea of pizza link almost everybody!


There is not much to say, the pictures are self-explaining. My only comment is on the face of the minifigure: it looks like sad or something, I would have preferred a big Italian smile!

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Gardener Woman

This minifigure looks like an aged woman in the garden, well dressed and refined.


Despite the apparent age, she has very nice glasses and blue spotted pants and flowered jumper. 


She looks like a rose gardener, however, the pink flaming is really a nice add on and accessory for the minifigure.

I believe that the flaming is one of the most great accessory of the entire Minifigure series 19 and it will also inspire lots of funny scenes. 


This was my last minifigure of my  personal collection. It was also quite tough to find it!

In general, I am not really impressed, however the flaming make it unique and it deserves a good rating.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Jungle Explorer

The jungle explorer is a remake of Johnny Thunder, the main character of the LEGO adventurers theme of 1998-2003 period. Actually, this minifigure has all the elements of Johnny, just updated and redesigned with the current style. The restyle is nice, the minifigure is more modern, while all the details of the original minifigure are kept. 


It is nice that there is only one face and the prints on the torso and the leg well reflect the original guy. The backpack is appropriate, better than the original one which was too big for the minifigure. 

jungle-backI like the chameleon, it remembers me the one of Rapunzel. On the other hand, I don’t like the magnifier. I don’t like this kind of magnifier, it is too big for the minifigures. It would have be better with a camera or another tool for adventurers.

To conclude, I found Johnny Thunder in my collection and here it is both together!


Minifigure rating: 4/5

Fox Costume Girl

This is very nice. Lot’s of details and very funny, since it includes also a chicken. 


This minifigure remembers a lot the Minifigure Series 18, but it is nice in this serie. I like the animal costume minifigures.

The fox head together with the tail are the most interesting parts of the minifigure. I don’t have much to say. I like the girl faces which make the fox really naughty! 


Minifigure rating: 5/5

Galactic Bounty Hunter

LEGO and space is always a winning combo. This bounty hunter is very nice and inspiring for dioramas.


I like the armour and the helmet, on the other hand I don’t like the face. The helmet fully covers the face. The face itself is visible only if you remove the helmet, and I found it wired. It looks like a kid, not like a dangerous bounty hunter. I was a bit disappointed. bounty-hunter-front

The weapon and the accessory are nice and appropriate, likewise the color fo the torso and the leg. 


The bounty poster is simply great! The red color recalls sciencefiction movies and the LEGO sentence and half body is simply great. 



Minifigure rating: 4/5

Mountain Biker

After the Dog Sitter minifigure, also the mountain biker has some incompatibilities with the series, in my opinion. I find the bike too big and not appropriate to fit in the minifigure series. minifigure-series-19-biker

The minifigure itself is nice and the girl on the bike is really sportive and well represented. There are some nice details. I like the plaster on the arm and the helmet with hairs.


But I don’t fin anything really spectacular that would have not been enough in a LEGO city set. 


A special mention to the double face, whereas on one side there are the sporty glasses, very useful during the ride. On the other there is an aggressive face.

biker-frontIn my opinion, this is the minifigure I dislike the most in this collection. As I said, not due to the character itself, but mostly because I was expecting something more unique in these collections.

Minifigure rating: 1/5

Final Comments

I am a bit uncertain on the final score of the entire collection. I admit that I found some elements a bit forced to be in this collection, on the other hand, others are simply great. 

I like in general because there are several ladies among the minifigures. I think that they are at least half. Also, including the Bear costume, there is a significative quota and I like it.

There are new nice gears and accessories for funny scenes and some ideas also to improve other sets or cities. 

Among all, my favourites minifgures are:

  1. Pizza Costume Guy
  2. Fox Costume Girl
  3. Fright Knight
  4. Bear Costume
  5. Monkey King

I think that also the Jungle Explorer is worth a mention. 


To conclude, I like the series and I like the references. On the other hand I was expecting all unique characters, which I think is not the case for some of them. I am referring to the Firefighter and the Mountain Biker.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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