Review: LEGO Minifigure Series 20

Here we are with my review of the LEGO Minifigure Series 20: the series distributed on the first half of  2020. In a very bizarre period!

The collection is the celebrating 10 years anniversary of LEGO Minifigures collections, 2010-2020. Since March 2010 when the Lego Minifigure Collection Series 1 was released first, more than 30 minifigures collections followed with a rate of more than 3 series per year. Among them, 20 collections where the so called collection minifigures series and 13 were dedicated to a specific theme. In total there are a huge amount of unique minifigures with tenth of accessories, specific design and novel components. The collections are continuing and further are coming!

Each collection came with their own bag with a single minifigure in it. The current minifigure collection series 20 is in a silver bag at a price of about 4 euro in Europe.


Despite the big amount of series, I reviewed only the collections I completed: Minifigure Collection Series 18, Minifigure Collection Series 19, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. I am trying slowly to catch up some other series, but some minifigures are really expensive and rare. 

Coming back to this Minifigure collection series 20, it includes 16 unique characters. I found that there are several links with the previous series and also with some sets released along this year 2020. In this post you will read my understanding of the references.


In each bag there is the usual leaflet: on one side it shows the 16 minifigures, while on the other it depicts the assembly instructions for the most complex characters. On the rear side, it also shows the celebration reference.



As for my other reviews, I inserted the direct links to the character, so you can jump immediately to the one of your interest. You can also jump at the end of my post to read my summary.

For each minifigure I have included my personal rating in a scale 1-5 scale. 1: I really don’t like it, 5: I really like it.  

Let’s go further to my review of the Minifigure series 20!

Piñata Boy

The first minifigure is the funny Piñata boy. It is another great component of the Mexican culture. 


The minifigure is a simple boy with a big sombrero hat and a the traditional sarape. The sarape is made up of two parts which make it very nice and accurate. The minifigure itself is quite simple with a single face, white body and dark blue small legs. However, the sarape made it very colorful. Finally, the minifgure has the Piñata and the stick to break it.


The sombrero is really a great headset and I like to see that is different from the ones of the previous minifigures. 

In these 10 years there were also other very nice Mexican minifigures: Mariachi Man in Series 16, previously in Maraca Man in Series 2, a Flamenco Dancer in Series 6 and Taco Tuesday Guy from LEGO Movie Series 1.

The boy remembers me the great Mariachi diorama of Norton 74, which includes all the previous minifigures and maybe this Piñata boy could well fit in it.


In conclusion, I like the Piñata boy, it has a lot of nice accessories and details, so I think it deserves a good rating.

Minifigure rating: 4/5


The street dancer is the second character of the Minifigure series 20. 


It is a cool girl doing street dance with a big portable radio. This minifigure has a remarkable new headset: the baseball hat with long hair. The baseball hat is not aligned with the face, but is a bit on a side. Very cool! It is strong and well done, but that’s all. 

The torso is funny because it is printed as a sportive girl, but the minifigure size and scale make it bizarre. Finally, the legs are nice with a lot of details, but nothing remarkable. 



The minifigure has the minifigure posing stand, likewise the Sea Rescuer. It allows the minifigure to pose in mid-air while dancing. This part has been introduced with the DC Super Heroes Minifigure series in late 2019.


In conclusion, the breakdancer is a nice minifigure, It well represents the guys dancing on the streets of big cities. However, the minifigure proportion make it a bit bizarre and I am not a real fun of it. 

Minifigure rating: 2/5

Pea Pod Costume Girl

Another nice minifigure is the girl in the Pea pod costume.


The minifigure’s costumes are always a masterpiece of LEGO series and also this one confirms. The peapod costume is a big headset that covers completely the minifigure leaving visible only the face and the bottom part of the legs. 


There is a nice torso print on the minifigure, while the legs are just dark green like the arms. The face is nice, double with a laughing mouth on one side and a yummy one on the other. 


The accessory is an apple, I found it a bit strange. However, I think that the peapod is the main accessory itself.


I like the minifigures vegetables and food costumes, and also this peapod costume can stay with the others, like the Pizza guy in Series 19 and the Corn costume in Series 17.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Tournament Knigh

Here we are with one of my favourite minifigures. I love LEGO castle theme and this tournament knight is really great.


It is a black and yellow crown knight, ready to defeat all the enemies in the next tournament. The torso and the legs are well defined, the belt folds the tunic and the chain mail is visible on top of the torso.



It has great printed details both on the front and on the back side of the minifigure.


There is only one face, and I think it is sufficient, since the helmet covers it completely. As said, the headgear is a dark grey helmet with a dark red crest, likewise the gloves.



Finally, the accessories: the knight has the crown shield and a new longsword. The sword is really remarkable with several details like the fuller and the pommel. It is more detailed and realistic then the swords of the 80’s LEGO Castle sets.

I think that this knight is a clear reference to the next LEGO IDEAS to be released in the second half of 2020: the Medieval Blacksmith. I am really curious to see how this knight minifigure will interact with the blacksmith set.

To conclude I think the tournament knight deserves a top rating.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Pirate Lady

Another great character of this minifigure series 20 is the Pirate Girl.


The minifigure has a fantastic pirate shirt with belts and trousers with details of pirate boots.

There is a double face with a beauty spot on the cheek. The two faces are quite similar, but one is relaxed and the other is aggressive. Like a real dangerouse pirate!


The accessory is a typical saber, not different from the 90’s LEGO pirate theme. 


The main remarkable accessory is the headgear: a pirate tricorn hat with long woman brown hair and a red crest on top. 



The pirate girl is a fantastic add-on to the LEGO IDEAS 21322 Pirates of Barracuda and a link with all the pirate sets arrived in early 2020.

I really like the pirate girl, it is an unusual character, since there were mostly pirate men in the previous sets. 

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Space Fan Girl

Not much to say about the Space Fan girl. It goes directly to my top minifigures.


LEGO space is one of the most loved theme and almost in each minifigure collection series had a space-related character. This Space Fan Girl is a bit different compare to astronauts or aliens or other space bandits. It is kind of nerd girl, a kind of follow-up of the Nerd Girl on the Minifigure Series 19

What I like the most are the all the details and references.

Starting from the torso, it has a print of the classic space set 918. On the other hand, the legs are blue with planets and stars printed out. 

Then there is a double face: one happy and enthusiastic and the other one with protective goggles. The headgear is a pink baseball hat with long ponytail hair and a white SPACE print on top. Maybe I will be wrong, but the SPACE print recalls me SpaceX. The full AFOL community is waiting and hoping for a SpaceX/LEGO collaboration. So, let see if this minifigure is a presage.




Then there is the small red and white rocket with the 1×1 round brick with the printed NASA logo. Historically, LEGO collaborated with NASA and in the 90s there were several sets with the old NASA logo. 

Finally, the last accessory is the 3×2 tile with the rocked building instructions printed on it. 


I really hope that this minifigure anticipates some forthcoming space sets in the second half of 2020 or maybe early 2021. Let see. In the mean time, let me rate this minifigure at the top.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Llama Costume Girl

The second minifigure with a costume in this Minifigure series 20 is the Llama Costume girl.


LEGO likes this minifigures costume and I appreciate as well. It is possible to create nice and funny scenes with the minifigures. The llama costume is quite simple, the torso is tan with a white belly. The back has the zip to allow wearing the costume, and finally the tan legs have the paw printed on it. 


Then the headgear is funny with a big aperture for the minifigure’s face. There are two faces: one laughing and one with a maliciously smiling.

The accessory is a carrot, as for the apple of the peapot. It is nice to have one accessory, but again the accessory is the llama costume head.

There are several animals costume in the previous minifigure series and not only. The llama costume fits very well among them.


Nice minifigure for the collection.

Minifigure rating: 4/5


Here we are with the Viking Warrior. Probably one of the most wanted minifigure of the entire collection.


The warrior has an olive green dress full of printed details. There are belts and strings, together with a runic pendant. To clip the cape there is also a golden fibula printed.  Really a lot of details that makes the warrior unique.



The legs are quite simple, with the boots printed on it. On the back side there is also the blue cape. 


Then, the warrior is full of interesting accessories: a beard, a spear, a shield, a helmet and a cape. 

The beard accessory fits with the beard printed on the face of the minifgure. The blue cape is a tissue to cover the back. Then the helmet is really great with a bronzed front area to protect the face. On top of the helmet there is also the hole for the crest, not include in the minifigure. It could be useful for future scenes.



Finally, the weapons: the spear and the shield. The spear is the new version of the LEGO spear with the rubber top and the shield is a new version of the round with printed white and blue viking colors.

It is absolutely one of my favourite minifigure of this series and surfing the social media I will not be the only one. Also, the minifigure recalls me the Rohan knights from the Lord of the Rings. Finally, I think that this minifgure will become valuable like the Roman Soldier from the Series 6.

So, I rate the Viking Warrior with a 5.

Minifigure rating 5/5

Super Warrior

The next minifigure is the Super Warrior, inspired from the Super Sentai.


This super warrior is a link with the Japanese manga and comics and it recalls the Red Ranger from the Power Rangers series

The minifigure is quite simple with details prints of the armour on both torso and legs. The most interesting part is the helmet whit a golden crest. On the other hand removing it, the face is anonymous. Then, the accessory is a green power sword with a new dedicated brick. 

I am not a real fun of the Japanese manga and comics so I am not really impressed of it. I thing it lowers the level of the Minifigure series 20. However, I hope it will be the hint for a new LEGO theme or a future Japanese Manga set.

Minifigure rating: 2/5

Martial Arts Boy

This martial arts boy is the second minifigure related with the Japanese culture: a kind of LEGO karate kid minifigure. 


It is a guy in a martial art dress with all the details, but particularly with the new accessory: the nunchucks.


The character is simple but with a nice double face which makes it either aggressive or happy. 


The print on the torso is simple but with all the details of a karate guy. The back as a big print out of the martial art logo. Of course, it is an experienced guy with the black belt.

I am not a fan of martial arts, but I admit that this minifigure is very well done, simple but effective with a lot of nice details. In particular, the nunchucks accessory is a nice add-on in the collection.

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Olympic Athlete

Here it is the olympic athlete.



It is full of accessory and it refers to the team GB minifigure series, released in 2012, to celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Games. It is correctly included in the series because, before the COVID pandemic the Olympic games were planned in 2020, in Tokio, Japan.

However, the minifigure has three accessories: the javelin, the discus and the medal. The javelin is a simple white spear, the discus is a 2×2 round printed tile and the medal is the special accessory. The same included in in the 2012 Team GB series.


The uniform is well detailed: first of all the 0937 number which reads like LEGO upside-down. Then, on the shoes there is a logo which recalls some famous sport wear brands.


The minifgure has also a double face and brown pony tail hair.



I like this olympic athlete, in particular for the print out on it. I don’t have the 2012 team GB series, but I guess it will be great to include this in the team.


Minifigure rating: 3/5

Sea Rescuer

Then here it is the Sea Rescuer, to protect sealife.


The sea rescuer is a girl with a dark diver suit and a turtle logo on it.


The back side has the zip to open the suit: a nice detail.


As accessories, there are the helmet with the scuba visor and the footgear flippers. However, the best accessory is the sea turtle, actually the only animal in the series. Finally, to complete the minifigure there is also a plant to feed the turtle.


As for the Street Dancer, the Sea Rescuer has the posing bar, so it is possible to stand the minifigure while swimming.

I think that this sea rescuer minifigure is a clear reference of the collaboration between LEGO and National Geographic, which leads to several sea themed sets.

It is a nice minifigure, it is has noting really new or unique, but I appreciated it to advertise the collaboration.


Minifigure rating: 3/5

Brick Costume Boy

The anniversary celebration minifigure is the Guy with the Green Brick Costume. 


This is the green version of the brick costume appeared for the first time on the Lego Minifigure Series 19.

The setup is always the same: green legs on a modified 3×2 brick with green arms and a head.


The accessory is the celebrating 10th minifigure anniversary printed on a 2×2 tile. It has the number 10 over the silver pattern similar to the background of the bags.


Of course, this green guys create a nice RGB group with the two other costumes from the previous series


I like this green costume and it is a nice idea to have it as the celebrating minifigure. It is not my favourite, but it is a remarkable character in the series.


Minifigure rating: 4/5

80’s Musician

A nice musician rockstar in this Minifigure series 20.


It is a not usual rockstar since it has the keytar. An instrument not very common, but for sure sometimes seen in the 80’s rock bands.

The hair are really a clear reference to the 80’s bands, likewise the leather jacket with the pink lightning on it and the pink legs.

It has a double face: happy and singing: fully concentrated at the concert.


The keytar is the only accessory and it is a new part. 



The back of the minifigure is also very accurate with a city skyline and TOUR word printed on it. 

With the last release of the LEGO Idea, I think that it refers to the LEGO IDEA Playable piano. Maybe, the connection is maybe too hard, but I like to think it.

I like it and its references to the 80’s, and I like the keytar very much.


Minifigure rating: 4/5

Pyjama Girl

I am a bit surprised of this pyjama girl, but here it is. 


I had to surf a bit on internet to better understand this character. Apparently, it is the counter part of the Sleepyhead Boy on series 6. Actually, in the series 6, the sleepy minifigure was a guy with standard minifigure legs, while here it is a young girl.

The minifigure is quite simple with a pink pyjama with head rabbits printed on it and a bunny as accessory. 


The hair are nice and modelled after sleeping. 

I am not really impressed of it, however it could be included for sleepy dioramas.

Minifigure rating: 2/5

Drone Boy

Last but not least, the Drone Boy.


It is the nerd character of the series. It has simple dress with jumper and dark legs. So, the most interesting parts are the accessories: the drone and the remote.

I like the plaster on the face with a very concentrated expression. The plaster is funny, and it recalls me the biker on the Minifigure series 19.


The drone is a combination of a new custom part and 4 propellers, all attached on top of the blaster with stud brick. Then, the drone remote is a 2×2 round corner tile with the controls and the camera view printed on it.


The drone is the main aspect of this minifigure and it is also assembled in a very similar way to the robot of the Nerd Girls on the Series 19.

It is not my favourite minifigure but I think it is very accurate and a nice component of the series.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Final Comments

Here we are at the final considerations of the Minifigure Series 20. I admit that I found it great. So far, and I admit I don’t have all of them, it is my favourite. There are great minifigures and I really appreciated the references to the sets expected for this 2020 and the previous series. 

There are new nice gears and accessories, but I think there are great characters of the creation of further scenes and stories. 

Among all, my favourites minifgures are:

  1. Space Fan Girl
  2. Viking Warrior
  3. Tournament Knight
  4. Pirate Girl
  5. Piñata boy

Further to the top 5, I would like to mention also the 10th anniversary brick costume guy and the drone boy. They are really nice part of the series. 

I enjoyed collecting and reviewing them. I hope, you enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for reading and please add you comments below.

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