Review: LEGO Minifigure Series 21

Here it is my review of the LEGO Minifigure Series 21: the series distributed immediately at the beginning of 2021.

The LEGO Catalog 2021 already anticipated this series, including the image of all the minifigures. If you like, you can also find my very first impression of this series when it was officially announced by LEGO in early December 2020. 

Among some rumors, the main novelty is the number of minifigures: for the first time it is limited to 12, instead of the usual 16. Moreover, the box distribution is neither random nor custom. Each box contains the same number of minifigures to complete either 3 or 6 times the full series.


For the first time for me, I decide to buy the full box …


As for the other series, the minifigures are in the usual bags, where the background color is green this time. The cost for the single box is 3.99 EUR in Europe.


In each bag there is the usual leaflet: on one side it shows the 12 minifigures, while on the other it depicts the assembly instructions for the most complex characters. 



As for the Series 20, I include my thought and guess for the forthcoming LEGO sets expected in 2021 and the connection or the reference with other sets and series.

The structure of this review is the usual, you will find the link the direct links to the character or scroll each of them. Don’t forget to read my final summary and leave me your feeling of this Minifigure Series 21.

Finally, for each minifigure I have included my personal rating in a 1-5 scale: 1 I really don’t like it, 5 I really like it.  

So, I will leave to the review of the Minifigure series 21, enjoy!

Paddle Surfer

Sun, sea and fun is the best way to start this Minifigure Series 21 and the first character is a sporty girl on a paddle.


The minifigure comes with several accessories: the surf, the paddle, the lifejacket and a light grey dolphin similar to the typical LEGO Friends theme.


The torso and the legs of the minifigure represents a wetsuit for the dolphin lovers in a Carribean paradise. 


Then as expected there are two faces: one smily and one with sunglasses.


Finally, the headgear is a baseball hat with a blond ponytail as, very similar either to the dog sitter on Series 19 or the space fan girl on Series 20.


To conclude, I like this minifigure, despite it will be tough to fit it in the stand. However the amount of accessories gives really inspiration for a seaside diorama. 

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Violinist Boy

Here we have a really great minifigure: the violinist boy.


It is a quite simple minifigure of a young boy, with simple small blue legs, however it has some amazing features.

First of all the torso has a black jumper open in the front that shows underneath a t-shirt with the historical LEGO Blacktron logo. Is this the first hint for possible forthcoming classic space sets?


The minifigure has two faces: one with a scary or concerned expression and the other very concentrated to play violin with closed eyes.


Last but not least violin, one of my favourite accessories of the collection. It is the first time the violin appears in its LEGO version and I really love it. Together with the violin there is a wand to represent the bow. 


With this unique accessory, this violinist boy is absolutely one fo my favourite. 

Minifigure rating: 4/5


Here we have a survivor from a shipwreck. 


The link is immediately with Tom Hanks and his Castaway movie. However, the minifigure is a survivor on a desert island in the middle of the ocean, with all the few thinks he could have.


The minifigure has the long beard and hair, naked torso and ripped trousers. 


I like the prints in the torso with the shell necklace, and some scratched due to all the difficulties of the shipwreck. On the right arm he has a tatoo, probably the guy was a sailor.

There is a single face, which however is covered with the headgear, and hides a shorter beard.


Anyway, it has remarkable accessories: a bottle with a message and a crag. As far as the crab is concerned, LEGO created the animal with a brand new brick. It is really nice and it will increase the number of animals in a sea diorama.


Despite the novelty of the crab piece, I don’t see a real amazing minifigure. There are nice prints on the torso, but no special things.

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Ladybug Costume Girl 

There are several costumes in this Minifigure Series 21, the first is the Girl with a Ladybug costume.


After the famous Bumblebee Girl Series 10, here we have another Insect costume girl.

The minifigure has a red and black torso and legs, in particular the torso has black dots over red background.

It has a double face with red cheeks in both sides. The faces are both happy, but one has a open mouth. 


There is a rubber headgear with insect antenna. This is a common headgear already available in several minifigures, including the Build-a-minifigure of February 2020

As far as the accessories are concerned, there is a new part for the wings and a 1×1 tile printed with a ladybug. It was also nice to find two 1×1 tiles in the bag.


This Ladybug Costume girl is not my favourite, but I like it. It is that kind of minifigure I am expecting in this kind of collection.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Pug Costume Boy

Another costume in this Minifigure Series 21 is the Boy in the Pug Costume.


Also the Pug Costume Boy is a nice minifigure for these series, however I don’t like this minifigure too much.

The minifigure is quasi-monochromatic tan-like color with minor details both in the legs and on the back, including the dog’s tail. A nice red bandana is also printed around the neck of the boy. 


The boy has medium-size legs, like Harry Potter in the Advent Calendar 2020 or the first minifigure of the Harry Potter minifigure Series 1 and others. 

There is a double face, quite cute: on one side he is happy with open mouth and the tongue out, in the other the tongue is out but the mouth is close. 

 The most remarkable aspect of the minifigure is the pug headgear which allows the face to stay visible.


Finally, the accessory is a blue bone, a typical dog’s accessory and in the bag two bones where available. 

My rating is not very high, because I don’t like it too much, but it is my personal feeling. 

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Female Centaur

After the first release of a centaur in the Harry Potter set 75967: Umbridge’s Encounter, here we have a Female Centaur.


I am not really a fanatic of these mythologic creatures, however, all in all I appreciate that it is in this series. 

Of course the novelty is the horse body, which creates the legs and lower part of the minifigure. The horse part has no special feature a part the different color for the tail and two studs in the middle.


The front part allows the normal minifigure body to connect. I like the minifigure body because is full of sylvan’s details, including wrist belts. It gives a further fantasy flavour to the centaur. 


The minifigure has two faces, one happy and one more serious, and despite the warrior appearance it is not threatening. Finally the headgear is a quite usual female long hair piece.


Concerning the accessories, the centaur has a bow, a quiver and an apple. I found the choice of the apple a bit bizarre, it recalls Willam Tell.

As anticipated, I like that there is the centaur available also in this minifigure series and I like the body print.

Minifigure rating: 3/5


The beekeeper is absolutely my favourite minifigure of the entire series.


I was already entusiastic when I wrote my first impression. Beekeepers are part my family, since my grandparents first and my father now have a few apiaries and produce a small amount of honey. 


The minifigure is as simple as great: the torso and the legs are the white protective suit with honeycomb logo, with a honey drop in the front. To protect the hands, it has dark red gloves and finally the unique headgear with a dark translucent  visor.


The minifigure has the face of a middle age man with grey moustache. It has a double face, one just normal and the other more funny with the tongue out: he should have tasted the sweet honey!


Talking about the accessories: there is a very nice 2×2 printed tile with honeycomb and bees, and then the smoker used to keep the bees away. I like the smoker: it is created combining a mug with the new minifigure posing stand. The part presented for the first time in the DC Super Heros minifigure series and in some minifigures of Series 20


I am really impressed by the level of details of this unique minifigure, together with the affection in my personal life. So, to celebrate the minifigure, I immediately created this small diorama with two apiaries, which I like to think it is also a snap shot of my family tradition.


Minifigure rating: 5/5

Jaguar Warrior

Another recurrent topic in the Minifigure series are the historical minifigures and here we have an Aztec Jaguar Warrior.


I am not an expert of the Aztec civilisation, however, just googling a bit I found some information about these Jaguar Warriors and I am really impressed by the level of details of the minifigure. The Jaguar Warrior shall go in couple with the Eagle Warrior minifigure appeared in Minifigure Series 7. I personally don’t have it, but I will look for it. 

Going back to the minifigure, the body and the legs are full of tattoos and typical dresses and armour the warriors wore. The head has two faces: both full of tattoos and with an aggressive expression on one side and a more relaxed face on the other side.


The most remarkable parts are the accessories: starting from the Jaguar headgear.


The club and the shield are also very accurate and I am really surprised of the level of details. The weapon in particular is a accurate replica of the traditional Macuahuitl: a wooden club with obsidian blades. 


Finally, the shield has an iconic aztec mask. The combination of this warrior is really impressive and effective. I like these kind of minifigures very much, it contributes somehow to easily remember or re-discover history.

Minifigure rating 5/5

Airplane Costume Girl

Here we have a very nice minifigure with another costume: the Airplane Costume Girl.


Rumours at the time of writing are that this minifigure will anticipate the forthcoming set to celebrate Amelia Earhart solo flight over Atlantic ocean.

Anyway, we will see soon if it is an easter egg or just a celebration to all the airwoman. 

The minifigure is a young girl with a flight suit with logos on the front. I have no clue about this JP logo, if you know, please leave me a comment at the end of the post.

And a big propeller on the back. 


The minifigure has two faces: both happy, but one of them with an open mouth. Moreover, it comes with two headgears: simple hair with a ponytail and an aviator helmet with flight goggles, which really recalls a pioneer pilot.

Finally, the most interesting part is the small red airplane with a rotating propeller. This small airplane costume recalls the guy with the car costume in Minifigure Series 18.


To conclude, I really like this minifigure and I really hope a a tribute set to Amelia Earhart will come.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Space Police Agent

Space Police was a LEGO theme of the 90’s, and here we have a new version.


It is a full of accessory Space Police agent with a shield, a body armour, a gun and handcuffs.  But let start from the minifigure itself.


Removing all the accessories, the body has a clear recall to the vintage Space Police suite with new legs print. In the back, the print continues, including the POLICE sign.


As for almost all the Minifigure Series 21, also the agent has two faces: a smily and an aggressive one. I admit that the smily face looks like a young boy and I don’t really like, while I found the other face more appropriate to scary space bandits.


Finally, there are also the body armour with the LEGO space logo and the white helmet with a red visor and a big Space Police star logo on it. Last but not least, it is the shield realised with a printed plate modified 2×3 Inverted with 4 studs. The print on the shield is a combination with the POLICE sign and the star logo on the helmet.

I don’t really like too much this minifigure, I found too heavy with too many accessories and also two faces too different from each other. However, I think that with this minifigure and the Space LEGO Classic print on the body of the Space Fan in Series 20, we have to expect some novelties along this 2021.

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Alien Crook

This is for me an unexpected great gift in this Minifigure Series 21: the Alien Crook.


I admit that when I saw for the first time the series, I was a bit disappointed about this Alien. Instead when I saw it, I was really impressed by the details and the accuracy of the whole minifigure. 


The alien is a simple minifigure with a great print on the torso and legs, there are several nice details and a nice continuity between the two main parts that I really like it.


Concerning the head, it is made in hard plastic that perfectly fits the body connection and it is really unique. I like the combination with the respirator, some scales and bulge on the back. It creates really a new version of alien compared with the others from previous series

Concerning the accessories, there is a crowbar and a cristal. Just to remark the criminal nature of this alien. 

I really like this Alien Crook and I think it contributes to contextualise the Space Police minifigure.


Minifigure rating: 5/5

Cabaret Singer

Last but not least the Cabaret Singer minifigure.


I think this the most striking minifigure with a huge headgear and long dress tail.


The minifigure comes with a striking dress printed on both torso and legs. On the back the dress continues, including a long shining dress-tail. 


As expected, there are two faces: one smiling and one singing. The singing face is really well done with the make-up.

As anticipated, the most remarkable part is the headgear: a huge flowered gear which recalls a peacock.


Finally, the minifigure has a microphone and its stand. 

I really like the details of this cabaret singer and I think it is an anticipation of the forthcoming  LEGO  VIDIYO ® theme

Moreover, I admit that this minifigure can also be used as a Brazilian Carnival singer or even a Drag Queen. I like to think that LEGO wants to celebrate everybody without any kind of distinctions.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Final Thought of the Minifigure Series 21

The 2021 started with another great minifigure series and great sets are in their way to come. 

I like this series with less character, and I really appreciate that the minifigures are all equally distributed. Anyway, I am expecting some of them will become very requested and the collectors will make them rare. 

I found as usual some great minifigures and others less effective, but in general I love these minifigure series. It gives ideas for dioramas, scenes and plays.  

All in all, among this Minifigure Series 21, my favourite minifigures are:

  1. Beekeeper
  2. Jaguar Warrior
  3. Alien Crook
  4. Violinist Boy
  5. Cabaret Singer

I admit that preparing this review it was really nice and of interest. It gives me the possibility to read some interesting facts I didn’t know about the Aztec civilisation and Amelia Earhart. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and I really appreciate if you can leave me a comment below. 

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Thank you for reading Bricksphere and enjoy LEGO!

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