Review: LEGO Minifigure Series 22

I don’t know if they did it on purpose or not but with the beginning of 2022 there is the LEGO Minifigure Series 22.

It is another great series of 12 minifigures: as for the Series 21. As usual, LEGO announced the series in November/December 2021 time frame and then released in January 2022, for a great start of the year!


Also this time, I decided to buy the full box. It is the more efficient way to have the full series and of course you can have three of each minifigure. Because, as for Series 21, in a full box there are 3 full collections.

As for the other series, the minifigures are in the usual bags, where the background color is light blue and at the shops, the cost for the single box is 3.99 EUR in Europe.

In each bag there is the usual leaflet: on one side it shows the 12 minifigures, while on the other it depicts the assembly instructions for the most complex characters. 


As for the my other minifgure reviews, I include my thought and guess for the forthcoming LEGO sets and the connections and references with other sets and series.

The structure of this review is the usual, you can either scroll the page to see all the minifigures or click on each link to jump directly to the one you are interested. Don’t forget to read my final summary and leave me your feeling of this Minifigure Series 22.

Finally, for each minifigure I have included my personal rating in a 1-5 scale: 1 I really don’t like it, 5 I really like it.  

So, I will leave to the review of the Minifigure series 22, enjoy!

Robot Repair Tech

The first minifigure in the list is a robot: a humanoid-like droid for repair and maintenance. 


It is full of nice feature, starting from the amount of tools and parts. The main minifigure has grey metallic face and yellow body with prints and features to make it highly visible in a maintenance environment. 


The main feature is the right harm which allow the use of different tools: a hammer, a pincer or a drill. The multi-tool arm is a different color of the arm already available in the robot of Series 1, or Benny from the LEGO Movie Series 2.


The print is also on the back, and the head is fully covered with the headgear, leaving only the battery level visible.


Another nice feature is the headgear: a welding helmet with digital eyes on the visor.

Finally, the robot has a red servo droid made with a nice combination of parts with special eyes.


As said, the minifgure is full of parts and elements whcih makes it very complete and also nice playable.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Chili Costume Girl

One of the characteristics of the minifigure series are the characters with special costumes. Here we have a girl in a big red Chili Costume. 


I found always very nice to have these fruits and vegetables costumes. The Chili Costume is a new feature of the Minifigure Series 22.

chili-front-costumeThe girl has a dark red dress with a big flamed hot chili pepper printed on it. However, the big costume hides the print.


The minifigure comes also with red short hair for when she removes the costume. Finally, she has a double face, one smily and one sweating for the hot chili pepper.


Last but not least, the girl has also a milk brick to cool down the hot pepper.

To conclude, I like this new costume, it is as usual a great element of the minifgiure series.  

Minifigure rating: 4/5


A jump in the castle/medieval theme with a troubadour.


Actually, the 2022 is the celebration of the 90 years of LEGO and a survey among the fans selected LEGO castle as the most wanted theme of the 80s and 90s period. So, this minifigure is clearly a call to this theme.

It is a guy in a blue costume with a lot of recall to the forestman, without being a forestman. Starting from the hat: a cone shape hat, typical of the 90s minifigure. However, the headgear is blue and not green and with a violet plume.

The character has a single face that doesn’t need any comment since it is a troubadour’s face.

The torso is blue with a purple with stripes, but the characteristic is the violet collar and the pouch on the belt. The arms are in dark blue with violet details.


Then, the legs have the same blue print as the torso and the boots. 

troubadour-backThe accessory is a new part: the lute, a typical medieval instrument for troubadours at the royal palace. The lute is very well detailed with the strings well printed and the typical end structure. As a second accessory there are also two (actually 3, one spare) 1×1 round printed tile with the royal coins.


Without any doubts, it is my favourite character of this minifigure series 22.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Snow Guardian 

From the cold lands of the North, here it is a snow guardian.


It is another castle related minifigure, but obviously from a remote are in the North.


He has a white pattern with dress with details to stay warm in a cold environment. The torso is all white with blue grey details and dark blue hands. A similar pattern continues in the legs and it concludes with dark blue boots. A expected, the prints continue also on the back.

I like very much the blue belt with dark prints of dogs and snowflakes, with a white snowflake on the buckle.


The headgear is a winter hat with white fur to protect from the cold and it is a new part. Then, there is then a white fur collar between the head and the torso. 

There two faces, both with white moustaches, white eyebrows and a scarf. But one is calm and the other has an aggressive espression.


Finally, as a warrior, there are several accessories. First of all the long sword which was in the knight of the Series 20. Then, the round shield with a big white snowflake, which recalls the one on the belt. Finally, the husky dog: a white and grey dog of the cold regions.


It is a nice minifigure with several accessories. Not all parts are new, but the combination is very effective and maybe it can be the main soldier for a winter army.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Horse and Groom

A baby horse with its groom is here in the minifigure series 22.


This character is the combination of a minifigure and a new animal: the baby horse. 

The groom is a young girl with intermediate-size blue legs and a torso with a green printed pattern shirt. she has two faces: one smiling and one happy.


The back is well printed with the same pattern of the front, which continues also on the arms.


An interesting part is the headgear, with a cap with long black curly hair.


The other characteristic is the baby horse: a new small size version of the LEGO horse. 

horseIt is a single part with a new design of the horse. This minifigure is probably a reference to a series of LEGO City farm sets released in 2022. These sets includes also other new animals.

Finally, the minifigure is completed with a carrot. 

My rating is not very high, since a part the new horse, I don’t see much more. As for other series, sometimes I see minifigures that can easily stay in a city set rather than the CMF series.  

Minifigure rating: 2/5

Ice Skating Champion

After several years and CMF series, finally the ice skater in Series 4 have a partner: the Ice skating Champion. 


This ice skater is the partner of the ice skater from Series 4. They have both a pale blue dress with glitters and stars. 


The guy has a blond hair in a Elvis Presley style. and a single face with happy and sweat expression.

The print is only on the torso, both front and back. Furthermore, the right arm is in blue, full of glitters, as well.


As accessory, there is a trophy, and of course the ice skates.

What I like the most of this minifigure is the connection with the Series 4 and the creation of the couple. Likewise, the tennis players in Series 3 and Series 7, for example.

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Night Protector

Another warrior is in the Minifigure Series 22: the night protector. 


It is a warrior with a combined  grey and purple armour. It is has a magical and dreamlike aura. 

The torso and front part of the legs are fully printed with several details. The buckle has a moon shape and at the centre of the armour there is a big purple gem. On the back the details continues and there is another moon shape symbol on the armour.


Likewise the Fright Knight in Series 19, the Night Protector has a pale blue double face: happy and relaxed on one side and aggressive on the other.


The turquoise long hair completes the minifigure, and they add a new color version of the hair part.

Finally, the accessories are really a nice add-on. The rubber sword is in translucent purple and the shield is full of details, including a big moon symbol.


It is a minifigure coming directly from some tales, and I imagine it protecting some ancient magical stones in a castle powered by the moonlight. Maybe one day, I will create a small MOC for it.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Forest Elf

Again in the fairy tales with a Forest Elf. 


It is a mid-size minifigure with a lot of potentiality for a fantastic adventures. As a forest elf, the main color is green. The torso, in light green, has the details of a leaf with a belt printed including a nut shaped buckle. While the legs and arms are in dark green.


The back print on the torso continues the leaf shape of the front and it included a big pouch to collect herbs and small objects. The pouch, as the belt, is fully detailed with leaf stamps.


Also the Elf has a double face: a happy and smily with open mouth and one with a simple expression. 

A series of accessories complete the minifigure. I think, it is a kind of explorer of the forest, since it has a long stick, a long oak leaf-shape cape and an acorn-shape headgear. 


The headgear is my favourite part of the minifigure. It is a 

Based on the several accessory, it looks like a 

Minifigure rating 5/5


Up next is a City-like minifigure that well fits in all the wildlife related themes: the birdwatcher.


It is a simple minifigure with quite common elements but with new colors and prints. The torso prints is a black T-shirt with some pouch on the front and a woman body shape.


The legs are in dark tan with brown boots. Then, the face is double: one with open and and one with close mouth, and a beauty spot on the chick. 


On the side of the arm there is the print of the watch and a small pouch on the side of the legs. The headgear is a combined hat with ponytail, likewise the Space Fan Girl of Series 20, but with different colors.


The accessories are the most interesting parts of this minifigure. In particular, the new Tucano bird element: which stands in a stud size and it is very well and detailed printed. 


Furthermore, there are all the other accessories of the bridwatcher: a green binocular and a pink shoulder bag. The full minifiigure bag includes also a small plant element where the Tucano can sit.


It is not my favourite minifigure, even if the Tucano part is brilliant and all the elements of the minifiigures are very useful to create new characters.

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Racoon Costume Girl

Hanging around the city there is a Girl in a Racoon Costume.


It is another nice minifigure in a costume and the racoon is an add-on to the long list of animals costumes.

The front part of the torso has the print combination of the racoon fur with black hands and black boots on the legs. 


No prints on the back, but there is the tail to complete the costume. It is a rubber elements which fits between the torso and the legs.


Also the racoon girl has two faces: one with a open mouth with teeth and one with a smile. Actually, the face looks like a middle-age woman, maybe due to the inclusion of grey hair. 

It is possible to assemble the minifigure either with the grey hair or the racoon headgear. The second has a lot of details on the ears and on the eyes. 


To complete the racoon costume, there are also a white sack and a green bin.

The minifigure costumes are always a great element in the minifiigure series. I think they well represent the spirit of these collections.

The racoon girl has a lot of detail and it is a further animal for the collection. 

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Space Creature

Of course you cannot miss a Space character in the Minifigure Series 22, and here we have a space creature.


It is an alien with a violet classic space logo printed on the torso. The color of the torso is a new color of combination for the classic space. 


However, there are several prints and details both on the arms and the legs, to better detail the space suit.


The face is a pink printed head with a big mouth with a green tongue. A rubber element on top of the mouth completes the head. The eyes are on top of slug-like antennas. 


Furthermore, on the back there is a small power bank, created with a translucent printed head element.


Finally, as accessory, the creature has a space pistol, it is quite common in the new version of the space classic.

I like the space creature, and I appreciate the recall to the space classic, since LEGO will release a remake of the Classic Space set 497 Galaxy Explorer.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Wheelchair Racer

Last in the list is the wheelchair racer. 


It is one of the modern minifigures dedicated persons with disabilities, where LEGO is very sensitive.


Starting from the minifigure, it has a sport uniform for the wheelchair race or bicycle with the print of the zip and mountain logo. The logo is also bigger in the back with the print SPORT. Then, the miinifigure has turquoise gloves.


The headgear is a racing helmet: a new element for sporting activities.

Finally, the wheelchair element completes the set. It is a new part with the typical three wheels for high performance wheel chair competitions. 


The side wheels are the usual black wheels for the wheelchairs and in this chassis they are tilted towards the guy to be more efficient. On the other hand, the central wheel is the standard bicycle wheel, with translucent center part and rubber tire.


The minifigure has also a medal, the usual medal from the Olympic series or the Athlete from Series 20.

I like all the details of this minifigure and the importance LEGO gives to everybody. From the pure collection point of view, I am a bit disappointed for the size of this in the display, it is like the biker in Series 19.

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Final Thought of the Minifigure Series 22

As for the beginning of the 2021, also the 2022 started with the minifigure series of the same year number: minifigure Series 22. a funny combination.

It is again a series of 12 characters which make it easy to collect, on the other hand the quality is as usual very high. There are outstanding minifigures and new parts to enrich the collection. 

All in all, among this Minifigure Series 22, my favourite minifigures are:

  1. Troubadour
  2. Forest Elf
  3. Space Creature
  4. Night Protector
  5. Robot Repair Tech

However, also the Snow Guardian and the two minifigures with the costume are great. On the other hand, despite some minifiigures can well fit in LEGO City sets, there are very nice elements, very welcome in the Series.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and let me know in the comment below which is your favourite character of this series.  

Thank you for reading Bricksphere and enjoy LEGO!

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