Review: LEGO Minifigure Series 24

With the new year 2023, LEGO released several sets, including the new Minifigure Series 24. 

As planned after the official announcement in autumn 2022, here we have the new characters of the Minifigure Series 24. The 12 characters are finally available in stores and online.


Since the Series 21, the current minifigure series have the new standard of 12 unique characters. I admit that I like to have a series with a bit less characters. I hope to see all great minifigures, but I am not always fully satisfied of them. Anyway, I cannot miss them in my collection and here we are with my review. 

The minifigures come in the usual bag, this time in a purple color, and at the cost of 3.99 EUR in Europe. 


In each bag there is the usual leaflet: on one side it shows the 12 minifigures, while on the other it depicts the assembly instructions for the most complex characters.



As for the my other minifgure reviews, I include my thought and guess for the forthcoming LEGO sets and the connections and references with other sets and series. Furthermore, I use always the same structure for my review, you can either scroll the page to see all the minifigures or click on each link to jump directly to the one you are interested. 

For each minifigure I have included my personal rating in a 1-5 scale: 1 I really don’t like it, 5 I really like it.

Finally, don’t forget to read my final summary and leave me your feeling of this Minifigure Series 24.

Football Referee

The first minifigure is a footbal referee.



We are at the beginning of 2023 and the FIFA Football World Cup 2022 is just finished. So, LEGO celebrates football with this nice new character. I appreciate the choice of LEGO to have a girl.


The torso is well printed with a yellow T-shirt and several details: the whistle, a pen and SPORT logo. As the professional referees, both arms have a watch to count the playing time. 



The legs have a print of shorts and shoes with SPORT logo on them.


I appreciate the SPORT logo on the minifigure which is the same as the Wheelchair Racer in Series 22 or the Athlete in Series 20. The logo is both on the legs and on the back.

As expected there is an alternate face and in both side the referee has a mike. Then, as hair, the referee has a new part with a chignon.


Finally, as accessory there are the football ball and the two red and yellow cards. Even if the cards are the perfect accessory, the size is quite oversize and not really nice.

It is a nice minifigure in particular for the football lovers, it will be great together with the stadium sets. Maybe some other football related sets will come in 2023.

Minifigure rating: 3/5

Robot Warrior

We continue the Minifigure Series 24 with a Robot Warrior.


It is a strange minifigure with a unexpected color combination of olive green, dark pink and white. However, one of the most interesting part is the headgear: a single element helmet with fins on the back.


On the other hand, the body and legs are fully printed with armours and gears. The background color of the robot is white, but it has printed armour parts of different colors. 


On one side I was expecting a dedicated armour, but indeed the prints are very nice and eventually you can reuse the minifigure. The front armour recalls a Mandalorian one, somehow.

The face is green, with a rear light in a triangle visible also with the helmet. The eyes recalls also an alien.



The headgear as anticipated is really unique.


Finally, as accessory, the minifigure has a special gun made with several parts and detailed in the leaflet. It is of course a futuristic weapon with the color codes of the minifigure.


If you like the LEGO Space Theme you cannot miss this minifigure.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Brown Astronaut and Space Baby

For the LEGO Space Theme lovers, here it is the brown astronaut with a space baby.


The brown astronaut it is a simple astronaut minifigure in brown color recalling the classic space theme.


The minifigure has the classic space logo in a monochromatic brown suit, including the classic space helmet. On the back, you can see the brown air tank. 


The novelty of this minifigure is the brow or better, reddish brown color. It is not a classic color likewise the rocket boy in Series 17. However, together there is also a space baby in blue uniform.

It is a kind of young Benny, the astronaut presented in the LEGO MOVIE. The baby is made with the body of the baby minifigure and a new part combining head and air tank.

As accessory, the brown astronaut has the baby monitor made with a radio and a 2×1 decorated tile.


It is a nice minifigure full of feature and complement to the classic space theme. I am very happy to have an more classic astronaut in my collection.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Carrot Mascote

As usual a vegetable/fruit costume: in the Minifigure Series 23 there is the Carrot Costume Guy.


It is a guy that stands to advertise the farmers market. 


It comes both with the big Carrot costume but also with orange hair and a well printed farmer suit.


As expected, it continues also on the back. Furthermore, it has two facial expressions: a smily and a serious.


The Costume is a big carrot with the hole for the face and a green bush on top. Likewise the Chili costume on Series 22.


Finally, the minifigure has a sign to call people to the Farmers Market.


The Carrot costume is a great add on for a farmer corner in your LEGO city and it will be great with the fruit vendor truck set.

Minifigure rating: 4/5


We continue with reviewed classic theme and here it is a Black Falcon falconer.


It is an obvious add-on to the LEGO IDEAS Medieval Blacksmith or the new Lion Knights Castle set, where you can find some Black Falcon minifigures.


The torso has the big Black Falcon crest and the entire background color is blue. The arms have two different color: one is black and one is with both black and brown to represent the falconer gauntlet. 


Still on the front part of the torso there is the buckle for the cape. Also, she has a special hairstyle and red hair.  Then, the legs are also well decorated with pouch, belt and boots.

There is a double face and two accessory: the falcon and a bow in tan color. 



The falconer is a nice alternative to the usual soldier of the Black Falcon faction. The falcon part also can be used for several scene and diorama. As all the knights and castle relate minifigures are great for me and this is not less than the others.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

T-Rex Costume Fan

For the first time, the animal costume is a dinosaur. here we have the T-Rex Costume.


It is a guy in a tan costume with a big T-Rex headgear. 



T-Rex prints are all over the torso and legs, including the arms. Furthermore, between the torso and the legs there is a rubber tail to complete the dinosaur costume.


Finally, the guy has two faces: one roaring and one smiling, so sometimes this T-Rex is not so dangerous.



A great and unexpected character for the Minifigure Series 23, it is full of details and I am expecting to see it in minifigure scenes and sotries.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Orc Warrior

Unusual character: here it is a Orc Warrior.


It is really all you can imagine from this humanoid figures: it has a big sword, a big shield and a ruined cape. 

The minifigure is all in olive green background with prints of the muscles and leather strings on the chest, arms and belt. 


On the arm there is also a tribal tatoo.


The back side is also printed, to continue the leather strings.


One unexpected element is the jaw, made in a rubber part between the face and the torso.


However, it can be removed and the face is fully printed, so it is possible to create a second version of the warrior.


The minifigure has several accessories, in particular all the equipment already mentioned: the shield, the sward and a red cape. 


Despite the new restile, the mask on the shield recalls the Castle Fantasy Era released in 2008.

A new Era will probably start again soon! 

Minifigure rating: 5/5


From the Australian territories, here it is a conservationist.


It is a simple guy working in a park to preserve the australian wildlife, however, it has several nice new parts.


But let start with a quick look at the character. It has a green uniform with a badge on tthe torso and working trousers.

On the back, there is a big RESCUE logo, which recalls the Wildlife Rescue LEGO City Theme with several wild animals.


So, together with the headgear: the baseball hat and blond hair, the most relevant part is the koala.


It is a cute new part that I think will soon appear in LEGO City zoos or other Australian scenes. Furthermore, LEGO released in early 2023 the Australian Postcard set and the Conservationist fits perfectly in there.


Minifigure rating 3/5


The potter maker is one of the big discovery of the Minifigure Series 24.


It is a woman working the clay to create vases and pots. The minifigure has the typical apron with a pouch for the tools and some clay’s spots.


The back is very simple with a minimum print, and a double face. It is nice to see brown hands to represent the dirty of the clay.


One of the most interesting part of this minifigure is the headgear: a hair wrapper in turquoise with leaves printed on it.

Finally, as accessory there is the potter’s lathe with a clay’s bowl and a clay’s cup.


It is quite unexpected and full of details, so LEGO minifigure well represents another fascinated hand-made activity.

Minifigure rating: 5/5

Rococo Aristocrat

We jump in the Royal French court with a Rococo Aristocrat.


The minifigure has a traditional dress on the 1700 period with a big dress full or ornament and ribbons.


It has a double face with white makeup and beauty spot.


For the wide skirt, LEGO used a new version of the same part used for the Queen in Series 15. Then, the headgear is the typical white rococo wig.

Finally, as accessory there is a new Chihuahua dog.


I am not really fun of this minifigure, but I like to see a representative of a period in the past different from a warrior.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Rockin’ Horse Rider

not all the riders needs big horses, and here it is the Rockin’ Horse Rider.


It is a baby girl minifigure with a nice unicorn print on the torso.


The hairstyle is simple and cute for a young girl, without any special print on the back and a single face.


The masterpiece of this minifigure is the rockin’ horse part.


This minifigure recalls a bit the pink knight of the Series 23. On the other hand, I don’t see much interesting aspect in this minifigure.

Minifigure rating: 2/5

Newspaper Boy

The newspaper boy from the early 1900 period concludes the Minifigure Series 24.


It is a boy with a open mouth shouting to see newspapers.


The prints on the torso and the legs recalls the boys on the 1900 period in America as in the movies.


The headgear is quite typical for that period, and it well represent the newspaper boy.

There are several accessories: the newspaper, the side bag and the sling.



After the review, I admit that I reconsider this minifigure because I like all the reference to the early 1900 period. I see this young boy in a smoky city shouting at pedestrians the news and only a few will probably buy its newspapers.

Minifigure rating: 4/5

Final Thought of the Minifigure Series 24

With these 12 characters we have another great Series. The characters are all independent from each other and as in the previous series with several recalls to previous sets of forthcoming rumored sets.

As usual I was surprised for a few minifigure: like the Newspaper Boy and the Rococo Aristocrat. On the other hand, I was expecting more from others like the Rockin’ Horse Rider or the Robot Warrior. In particular for the Rockin’ Horse I think LEGO could have included in other sets rather than a minifigure Series. Then, for the Robot Warrior, I would say that I like it, but it has also a combination of colors and parts that it doesn’t convince me completely.

Anyway, I like this series, I found great minifigures to reinforce my collection and my MOCs. So, my top 5 list is:

  1. Orc Warrior
  2. Brown Astronaut
  3. T-Rex Costume
  4. Potter
  5. Falconier

With this list I conclude my review of the Minifigure Series 24, and I am looking forwrd for other series that might arrive in 2023. 

The minifigures are available in several stores and shops. I am sure you already have it, so let me know in the comments which is your favourite character of the series or simply let me know your thought of the series.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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  1. Isaa says:

    My favorite character is the brown astronaut/spacebaby. I also like the newspaper boy because he references the classic police officer. The robot warrior is an interesting character also. He kind of reminds me of evil emperor zurg from Toy Story. Anyways thanks for your review! Love series 24!

    • bricksphere says:

      The newspaper boy actually was an unexpected nice surprise. The robot warrior is not so bad, but… 🙂

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