Minifigure Series 21 First Impression

Another official announcement of LEGO: the Minifigure Series 21.

I really love minifigures and I am really excited about this new series, which is the number 21!


After the great anniversary of the Series 20 of last year and a few leaks in the last days, finally on December 1st, 2020 LEGO announced the release of the new series on January 2021. 

I would like to share with you my very first impression about this forthcoming series. Reading other authors on the web: Brickset, Jaysbrick, Bricknauts. It is confirmed that the series is made up of only 12 characters. There were also rumours of a new packaging: rigid small boxes. But it was denied by some pictures of the standard bags.

[Update] On December 6th 2020, LEGO released new images of this 2020 collection, including a picture of the bag.



Another information is that the Series 21 will come in boxes of either 32 or 64 bags with 3 or 6 complete sets. So all the character will be available without random distribution or rare characters. Furthermore, there are no information about the price, but it is expected to be in the order of usual 3.99 EUR, at least in Europe.


It is also announced and confirmed with the LEGO catalog 2021 that LEGO will release a further new series in May 2021! 

First impression of Series 21

A short first impression on the pictures of this Minifigure Series 21.


Dolphin trainer/Paddle girl: a nice sea theme character with the LEGO Friends dolphin of different color. However, it looks bulky for the usual 3×4 minifigure baseplate. I know I am too picky because I like to have the entire minifigure in the baseplate. 

Singer, this has a great headgear, it looks like the Brazilian Carnival singers or also like Drag Queen.

Girl Pilot is great, after the small car in the Series 18 or the Rocket in Series 17, the plane is very nice. The head also can looks like a tribute to Amelia Earhart.

Castaway/Survivor, it remember of course Tom Hanks in Castway it it would have been great with the ball Wilson. However the new crab part is great.


Jaguar Warrior from the Atztec age. I really like the historical minifigures. This has great prints and a new sword accessory.

Space Police, here it comes a possible hint for the 2021. Will LEGO start a new Space Era?

Violinist Boy, it is simple but with the new violin piece which looks great. The boy has a Blacktron logo on his shirt.

Finally the Alien Crook to conclude the space references. If you are looking forward for a new Space Theme, it looks like something is in the air!

minifigure-series-21-2Finally the last 4 minifigures: the Female Centaur, a new version based on the Centaur in the Harry Potter set Umbridge Encounter.

The Beekeeper, I am in love with this minifigure and I am already planning a small scene for it. Keep on follow me to see it.

Ladybug Costume Girl, as usual in the series some animal costumes and the ladybug was missing.

Finally the Pug Costume Boy, another character in the animal costume.

Looking Forward for the Series

I will stop here my first overview and impression of the Minifigure Series 21. I am really excited about this collection and I am looking forward waiting for it.

What is your impression? Let me know in the comments. 


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