Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020: daily countdown

Finally December 2020, and the time has come for the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020 daily countdown. 

It is since 2011 that LEGO and Star Wars accompany us to Christmas with a fantastic Advent Calendar, and as for the 2019 Advent Calendar, I will do my daily countdown.  The Calendars were presented in summer, and online it is already possible to see all the surprises. However, I like to open daily with my children and I will present them in this page every day. So, I did my best to avoid knowing them beforehand, and I will discover them daily.

The Advent Calendar 2020 already shows several images and the special Christmas minifigure, but let’s discover daily together.


Furthermore, the special minifigures of this calendar are already alive in the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, available on Disney+. If you haven’t seen it, yet, I really invite you to watch it!

What to expect in this post

Before starting, I would like to thank again Jay’s Brick blog for the inspiration. He is doing the countdown since several years and I found his idea amazing! I apologise, if the structure of my post is similar to Jay, but I think that it is great and very useful. Likewise, I will post on a daily basis and I will update this page with my own pictures.

As for 2019, I am doing the same daily countdown also for the Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020. So, you can follow and comment it, as wells.

Let’s Start!

The open part is already a great surprise with the snowed Millennium Falcon used to celebrate the Wookie fest Life Day


It already reveals some minifigures as outside. It also reveals a special gift for the vide game players: a code to unblock a special character on the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.


So it is really time to start with the unboxing.

Day 1 – A-Wing Interceptor

The first day of this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020 is a RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor


It is a class of fast and manoeuvrable starfighters used by rebel alliance and they made their first appearance during the Battle of Endor. 


Moreover, the A-wing Starfighter was also the 2020 Star Wars UCS

In general, I think the designers made a great job with such a small amount of parts. It is a nice scale and full of details. 

Let’s wait for tomorrow to see what it brings.

Day 2 – Christmas Poe Dameron

We have already the first minifigure: Poe Dameron in Christmas mood.


At least for me, this is one of the most wanted minifigure of this calendar and it is great! Even if it was already known since it is in the Calendar’s Box, and it is also in the Disney+ Holiday Special. So, it is great to have it already, and it can be used to accompany in the daily unboxing!


Poe comes with the special green jumper with BB8 knitted and some white snowflakes which continue also in the back.


Moreover, he has simple dark red legs and its usual hair. As expected, Poe comes with two faces: a worried one and the other one happy. To conclude, the minifigure there are also two accessories: a red mug and a blaster pistol. 

I think that the blaster pistol is an add-on that will go directly in my spare parts, I prefer to have Poe only with the mug.

Opening the box, there is also the first letter of the 7-Letter Code to unlock the special Character on LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Video Game. It is a “L” and the holiday celebrated on the Disne+ is Life Day. Will LIFEDAY be the code?


It is a great gift today, I think it is great for Christmas. This is the kind of minifigure I am expecting in an Advent Calendar. 

Let me know if you like it and check in tomorrow for see Day 3!

Day 3 – Lars Homestead 

On this Day 3 of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020, there is a very nice build with several nice parts that create very effectively the homestead of the Lars family on Tatooine.


The place were Luke grow up till Episode IV. It is for sure one of the most iconic places of the entire saga. 

The model is made with several small parts in tan and dark tan colours.


Moreover, I like the reverse use of the palm tree top and a technic connector to replicate the moisture vaporator.


This Day 3 was a very nice building model, let see tomorrow what is coming further.


Day 4 – Luke Skywalker

We are still on Tatooine also on Day 4 with the minifigure of Luke

Luke comes with his farmer dress at the beginning of Episode IV. The minifigure has two faces: a serious and a happy one.


Furthermore, the minifigure is quite simple but it comes also with the macrobinoculars. 

Moreover, in the case of today there is the second letter of the code: “I”.


Luke fits perfectly with the small Lars Homestead. 



It is a nice calendar so far and I am looking forward for tomorrow.

Day 5 – Razor Crest

Today we have the Razor Crest, the spaceship of Dijn Djarin from the series The Mandalorian


This version of the Razor Crest is imply great. There are a multitude of parts but the construction is very effective and simply great. The twin cannons and the twin engines are exactly where they have to be. 


There are also a lot of spare parts that makes this gift even more appreciate.

Moreover, if you are following the TV series The Mandalorian this gift comes as a consolation and no better day as today for it.

It is really a great microscale model and he designers made really a great job. 

So far, I am really satisfied of this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020 and I am very anxious for tomorrow!


Day 6 – Tie/dg Starfighter

The Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020 continues with the Sith Tie Fighter.


It is not a very common version of the Tie and it appears for the first time in Episode IX. Anyway, it is another nice build and well detailed considering the microscale. I like the use of the 1×1 round tile to replicate the round shape of the Tie cockpit.


Looking at the back it is visible the reactor.


Looking forward for tomorrow to come!

Day 7 – Sith Trooper

Already three minifigures in this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020 and today it is the time for the Sith Trooper: the red colored stormtrooper deployed in Episode IX during the final order.


It is the same minifigure seen in some sets released this year, including the Sith Battle Pack.



After the Tie Fighter of yesterday with today the dark side get a second important character.


Looking forward for tomorrow to see if another Sith element will come.


Day 8 – T-65B X-Wing Starfighter

After the A-Wing Interceptior of Day 1, here it is another Rebel Alliance Starfighter: the iconic X-Wing.


This T-65B version is the very first version seen in the movies and used in the decisive battle of Yavin.

This microscale model is really accurate and full of details with rare bricks. I think that the front part is really effective, moreover when the wings are in combat position. On the other hand, the back side is not really accurate.


Finally, when the X-wing is in flight configuration it is not as effective as in combat configuration.


This model is very similar to the Poe’s X-Wing “The Black One” available in the Advent Calendar 2019, with of course different colours and differences like the engine’s nacelles and the nose edge.



Finally, I like the scale and if fits very well with the A-Wing from Day 1.



Let’s fly through the galaxies with these great Rebel’s starfighters waiting for tomorrow’s gift.

Day 9 – Rey

Here we are with the undiscussed main character of the new trilogy: Rey, Rey Skywalker.



It is the simple minifigure with no special Christmas features. However it can be expected because Rey is also the main character of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and in the movie it is animated like this minifigure. 

Rey comes with the blue lightsaber and two faces: a smily and a focused one. 


The box included also a spare silver lightsaber, that is always welcome.

Finally, the back is fully printed as the character dress.


It is day 9 of this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020 and we have already 4 minifigures and they are all great.day9-rey-luke

To conclude, in today’s box there is also the third letter of the code: “F”.


The calendar is great and I am really looking forward for the next days to come.

Day 10 – Christmas D-0

Today there is the first droid of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020: D-O, the excitable little droid seen on Episode IX.


D-O comes in a simple but effective Christmas version: it has a Christmas hat to be connected on the stud on the back of the droid.


D-O is a side character of the saga, but as all the other droids, it is immediately loved. It is great to have it in this Christmas version.


As for Poe, I really like to see these Christmas versions of the characters in this calendar.


Waiting for Day 11 to come!

Day 11 – Millennium Falcon

It is not a Star Wars Advent Calendar without the Millennium Falcon. 


The model of today is another small but great creation with a few rare bricks.


It gives the idea of the spacecraft, but I found it very minimal. I remember in other s calendars it was a bit more effective.


Anyway, I appreciate that this is the version of the original trilogy since there is the round parabola and not the square one.


So, let see tomorrow what it will bring for the galaxy far far away.

Day 12 – Porg

We are half way of this advent calendar and we have today a Porg, one of these alien animals living on Ahch-To, the remote planet where Luke exiles.


Personally, I don’t like this alien animals, but I understand that for someone they might look cute. Anyway, what I like of these Porg models is the combination of parts that makes them a nice LEGO version.


In today’s box we have also the forth letter of the code: “E”.


I will give to Rey and Poe the time to convince the Porg to leave the Millennium Falcon.


And we will wait for tomorrow for another special gift.

Day 13 – Republic Frigate

The gift of today comes directly from the Clone Wars and it is a Republic Frigate.


It is a spaceship hardly used during the Clone Wars to transport small clone squads all around the galaxy.

The model is simple and efficient with the Republic colors.


The instructions are quite simple and as usual in this Star WArs Advent Calendar 2020, there are several spare parts.


The fleet is increasing and stay with me for tomorrow’s gift.

Day 14 – B1 Battle Droid

A minifigure is always a nice present. As expected on the box, the gift of today is a B1 Battle Droid


It is quite anonymous and it is quite common in the Calendar. The main difference with last year is the blaster rifle. In particular, it is not the usual black blaster, but a pearl grey blaster. 


Anyway, even an anonymous battle droid is welcome to increase the personal army.

Let see what tomorrow will bring.

Day 15 – Trade Federation Battleship

After the B1 Battle Droid of Day 14, today we have the Trade Federation Battleship also know as the Droid Control Ship.


It is of course microscale model that gives a very nice idea of the spaceship. 

It includes the main area in the centre and the two arms, together with a series of probes and antennas on the central part. The back side includes of course the propulsion system.


The assembly is nice and quite simple as well.


Now we can give a spaceship also to the battle droid.


This Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020 is simply great. Very nice models and minifigures. I am really wondering about the few days left. 

Day 16 – Anakin’s Podracer

This is bizarre, I admit that I had a bit of difficulties to recognise the gift of today: Anakin’s Podracer.


Indeed, the color combination is the one of the podracer, but the general assembly is a bit strange. 


It is not one of my favourite gift of this calendar and maybe it could have been done differently. however, reading also online, it is the first time that the Anakin’s podracer is in a calendar.


Finally, in the instructions we have the fifth letter of the code: “D”.


Nothing special to mention, let see what tomorrow will bring. 


Day 17 – Pit Droid

It is the day of a side and very funny character of the Star Wars universe: the Pit Droid


This model is very nice to assemble and efficient. If you have some spare parts also of different color you can enjoy creating a few of them.


The Pit Droid appeared for the first time on Episode I at the workshop of Watto, and they appeared also recently in The Mandalorian Series. 


Let’s hope the droid does his work correctly on the Razor Crest, while we wait for Day 18. 


Day 18 – Snowspeeder

The snowspeeder is one of my favourite starwars vehicles.


This model is really minimal, but it gives clearly the idea of the speeder. Maybe it could have been done in a different way, however it is nice to have.


In general, I like the shape but I don’t really like the two cannons, they look bizarre, but of course they are in the place they should be. 

In the Advent Calendar 2019, the Imperial Gunner gives me the idea for a the Imperial Turret MOC. This year, the snowspeeder is the link to my new MOC that I have already done but not presented yet.  Follow me to see it, I hope you will like it. 

In the mean time we have to wait for the next few surprises.

Day 19 – Tauntaun

We stay on Hoth also on Day 19 with a native creature of this freeze planet: the tauntaun. Of course it is a Christmas Tauntaun because it has the red nose!


These creatures were used by the Rebel Alliance on Hoth to patrol around the Headquarters.


As you can see, the model is a combination of bricks and small parts that recreate the Tauntaun quite accurately for the scale.


Finally, in the box there is also the sixth letter of the secret code: “A”.


Let see what tomorrow will bring.

Day 20 – DSS-02 Shield Generator

We are still on Hoth with the model of Day 20, and we have the Shield Generator of the Rebels Echo Base.


I admit that I don’t like this gift of today. It is really minimal and I was expecting something more Christmas related.


In the last three days we stayed on Hoth and I hope a new part of the Saga will arrive.


Let see what tomorrow will bring.

Day 21 – Snowman Gonk Droid

Another Christmas model based on some Star Wars iconic: a snowman Gonk Droid!


I really like this Christams themes edit of Star Wars, however, we have here a very bizarre snowman.


It is a real funny to assemble, but it is not really interesting. So, I don’t like the big carrot, it looks excessive.



Let see if the other droids0 like the Gonk snowman, and let see what these last days will bring.

Day 22 – Imperial Stormtrooper

We are almost over of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020 and we have another minifigure: the Imperial Stormtrooper.


Even if I have an army, another stormtrooper is much more appreciated than other small models. So, welcome to the trooper!

This version has a new helmet introduced since the sets of the Star Wars 20th Anniversary Edition.


I like the trooper couple of this calendar: on one side the iconic stormtroopers and on the other one the new Sith troopers.



The calendar is almost over, so let see what comes in the last two days.

Day 23 – Fortress Vader

Finally Darth Vader is coming, but before his arrival his residence is here on Day 23.


This is the model replica of the LEGO Set 75251. The set includes a Tie Fighter together with a bunch of minifigures. In this model the Tie fighter is done with a binocular and two attachments. It looks like a Tie Bomber, however, considering the scale it is a nice compromise.


Not much to say to this Day 23 of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020, but please, check in also tomorrow for the last gift and the final resume. 


Day 24 – Christmas Darth Vader

Finally the most expected minifigure: Darth Vader with the red Christmas jumper.


This minifigure is simply amazing. It was already known because it was both in the box of the Advent Calendar and also it appears in the Disney+ movie. However, having it is simply great.

Together with the Christmas jumper and the red lightsaber, Darth has the new helmet in two parts and the white face.


The back is also great, the jumper is fully printed with the white stars printed and the face has all the vein as well.


This version of Darth will become absolutely one of the greatest. It is funny and detailed and it will accompany Christmas for very long time! As already said several times, this is the kind of gift that should come in this calendars.

Finally, today there is also the last letter of the Code: “Y”. So the full code is LIFEDAY: as expected.



So, now it is time to move on to my final consideration of this great Advent Calendar.


Final Consideration

Only one word of this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020: amazing! I think that I can resume my feeling of it with this word. 



Despite a few gifts really poor, in general the calendar is great. The starships models are all great with a good compromise of parts and details. All the minifigures are fantastic of course, Darth Vader and Poe Dameron contribute the most. 


I enjoyed a lot this daily opening and discovering the gifts. I am really looking forward to seeing the next year calendar, hoping is further great gifts, maybe more related to The Mandalorian series!


What about you, did you like the calendar? I would really like to know your feeling about it in the comments below.  

Merry Christmas!


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