Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022: daily countdown

Here we are at December 2022, and it is again the fantastic period of the year to open the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 for a daily countdown. 

The Star Wars Advent Calendar was first released 2011 with up and down, and spanning the entire saga. So, as for the 2019 Advent Calendar2020 Advent Calendar and the 2021 Advent Calendar, I will do my daily countdown.  As you probably know, the Calendars were presented by LEGO already in summer, and online it is already possible to see all the surprises. However, I like to open daily with my children and I will present them in this page every day.

Finally, the box prints already present the main theme and most of the gifts. Anyway, I am really anxious to see what every day reserves and to discover all the small secrets.



What to expect in this post

Before starting, I would like to thank again Jay’s Brick blog for the inspiration. He is doing the countdown since several years and I found his idea amazing! I apologise, if the structure of my post is similar to Jay, but I think that it is great and very useful.

Furthermore you can discover also the other countdown I am doing:

So, right after this section you will see the list of daily surprises. Then, if you click on the links you will jump immediately to the daily section and you will discover my personal comments, some interesting links and my own photos.

This post is released on December 1st and updated daily, so you can follow the countdown till Christmas.

So, if you are ready, scroll down and discover the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 together!

Let’s Start!

When you open the panel you will see a snowy Endor forest with imperial AT-AT Christmas decorated, as well as the three main minifigures of this calendar, playing with the snow.


Anyway, without further ado, let’s start the unboxing!

Day 1 – Republic Gunship

The first model of this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 is the miniscale model of the Republic Gunship. 


As usual in the Advent calendars, the spacecraft models are accurate and very detailed, and this gunship is not an exception. 

Furthermore, the gift is obviously a recall to the LEGO set 75309 released in 2021, but I also hope that it is the spoiler for a playable remake. 

The calendar started with a great model and I cannot wait for tomorrow to see what it brings.

Day 2 – 212th Clone Trooper

Already at day 2, here we have the first minifigure: a clone trooper. 


It is a clone trooper of the 212th Attack Battalion led by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unexpectedly, it is quite a rare minifigure because it appeared first with the LEGO set 75309 and recently in the clone troopers blisters.

Unfortunately, the minifigure has no special feature, unless the colours of the 212th Attack Battalion. Finally, as accessory he has a gun, so probably is an officer rather than a simple trooper.


In conclusion, I see a strong connection between the gifts of Day 1 and Day 2 and I am also very satisfied of that.

So, I cannot wait for tomorrow to see Day 3!

Day 3 – Droid Tri-Fighter

It is day 3 of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 and we have another microscale fighter: the droid tri-fighter.


The tri-fighter droid is one of the fighters used by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. It is as usual a simple but very effective model.


For example, on the back side the main engines are replicated with the 1×1 round transluncent plate. 


So far, LEGO released three sets of the tri-fighter droid: the most recent was the 75044 with Chancellor Palpatine and the Buzz droids.

To conclude, we are in full Clone Wars period with the first three gifts, let see what comes tomorrow on Day 4.

Day 4 – Acclamator-class Assault Ship

On Day 4, we are still in the Clone Wars and we have a micro-model of Acclamator-class Assalult Ship.


As you might know, the ship was designed to attack with a variety of support fighters and troops.


The models is quite accurate considering the scale and the limited number of parts. Actually, the main details and shapes are well represented. Furthermore, by using different scale of grey, the final result is well accurate.


In these first four days there are a series of nice models from the Clone Wars, so let see what comes on Day 5.

Day 5 – B1 Battle Droid

With this surprise of Day 5, we are still in the Clone Wars, with another minifigure: the B1 battle droid.


There are no special feature or colors with respect to the usual minifigure. The same surprise was already available also in the Advent Calendar 2019 and in the Advent Calendar 2020.


Luckily, the droid comes with its blaster. So, it can fight the clone trooper on Day 2.

Now, let see tomorrow what will arrive.

Day 6 – Marauder Omicron-class Shuttle

On Day 6 we have a the Bad BAtch’s Shuttle: Marauder.


The Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 continues with the micromodel of the new iconic shuttle of the Bad Batch. As you know, it made the first appearance in the dedicated episode in the Clone Wars series.


The model has the folded wings, a characteristic of many Star Wars space ships.


Again, I really appreciate the effective build obtained with a few parts.


So, let’s go with the Bad BAtch to new adventures while waiting for Day 7.

Day 7 – Luke’s Landspeeder

On Day 7 we leave the Clone Wars to move to the central part of the Star Wars saga. So, today there is Luke’s Landspeeder.


It is another microscale model in tan and dark red that very well represent the famous Landspeeder.


As usual, it is an effective build, with sum fun details like the gold and white 1×1 round plate to represent C-3PO and Luke.

Furthermore, this model is a recall of the UCS Landspeeder set 75341 where Luke and C-3PO where the two minifigures included.

Let see if tomorrow on Day 8 there are more gifts related with Luke.

Day 8 – T-16 Skyhopper

On Day 8, there is another element that recalls Luke: the T-16 Skyhopper airspeeder.


The spaceship is shown in the movie as a toy with Luke playing with it and dreaming to become a pilot. 


Today’s model is a small but very accurate version of the airspeeder, with folded wings, the big rudder and the gun behind the cockpit.


Now we will soon need Luke to play with it. So, let see if tomorrow comes. 

Day 9 – Christmas C-3PO

What a gift on Day 9 with the first of the special Christmas minifigures of the Star Wars Advent Calendar: C-3PO.


It is a great minifgure with the blue Christmas sweater with R2-D2 in it and snowflakes. Then, the legs have also some special prints with silver details. Furthermore, according to Bricklink, these legs first appeared in the Trash Compactor Diorama Set 75339.


On the other hand, on the back the details of the torso the snowflakes continues.

Then, now we have to wait for Day 10 to see if R2-D2 comes.

Day 10 – Moisture Vaporator

We are definitively in Luke’s environment, since today we have the moisture vaporator from uncle Owen farm.


It a simple build for an iconic element of Tatooine. Actually, LEGO already did some builds and if you want to create a diorama on Tatooine you cannot forget to include one of them.

This micromodel is both simple and accurate. Maybe, the instructions can also be of help to create a microscale diorama n Tatooine.


Soon Luke should arrive, let see if it will be tomorrow on Day 11.

Day 11 – V-35 Landspeeder

We are still in the early phases of Star Wars, in particular on Moss Eisley, where you can see the V-35 Courier Landspeeder.


It is not one of the main spaceships used by the Rebels. On the contrary, it is a small landspeeder used in  background of the scenes while Luke, Obi-wan and the two droids are looking for a transport to escape Tatooine.


Moreover, there are no official set of it, despite in the big Cantina set it appears. The presence of the V-35 in the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 suggests that LEGO will release a dedicated set in 2023. In the mean time you can make other versions of the model, if you like.


Finally, this model is a nice to have, but I would have preferred a spaceship of the Rebel Alliance, maybe tomorrow on Day 12.

Day 12 – Darth Vader

We are midway of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 and we celebrate with Darth Vader Holiday Special.


It is a funny and unique minifigure of this set, where Darth Vader comes with a special undershirt, flippers and ball.


The face is the white version with prints also on the back. Furthermore, the helmet is realised with two separate parts. Finally, I noticed that a similar version was available in the Calendar 2020.



But let’s focus on the torso with the views of Scarif: the vacation destination. On the front it is visible the Death Star as a Sun and some Tie Fighters as seabirds flying at sunset. 


On the back, there is also a detail of the Imperial Centre for Military Research, with the big parabola on top. It is all really detailed and accurate, likewise the arms, printed with stripes.


So far, it looks a great calendar, but we have still 12 days to go, so come back tomorrow for Day 13. 

Day 13 – Vader’s Sandcastle

Today, the gift is a very funny one: it is the sandcastle version of Darth Vader’s Fortress on Mustafar. 


Of course, as all sandcastles, the gift comes with shovel and pail. Furthermore, the gift comes on a light blue base to represent the clear sea of Scarif.

Unfortunately, there is not much to say, and looking the Vader of Day 12 playing with it is really funny.


Now you can either build you Vader’s sandcastle with real sand or maybe you can just copy the assembly.

We can now leave Vader enjoying playing on the beach and come back tomorrow to check the next gift.

Day 14 – B-Wing Starfighter

Finally a Rebel Starfighter: the B-Wing Starfighter.


Of course it is not one of the main starfighters of the Rebel Alliance, but it also contributed to the destruction of the Second Death Star.


The model is as usual minimal, but with the right parts it well represents the fighter.

I am wondering a bit why LEGO designers decide to include this fighter, maybe a new set will arrive 2023?

Anyway, let see what tomorrow will bring. 

Day 15 – Tie Interceptor

A Tie Interceptor micro model is in Day 15. 


After the B-Wing on Day 14, this Tie Interceptor is a really valid  opponent. Moreover, the model is well accurate with the four wings and the round cockpit.


To conclude, this is a special version of the most famous Tie Fighter, and it deserves its model.


So, come back tomorrow to check the next gift.

Day 16 – Weapon Rack

On Day 16 of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022, there is a weapon rack.


In my opinion, LEGO made much better racks in the previous calendars. However, there is a nice and funny aspect: the mouse droid. It is simply made with the skate and 1×1 tile, but on the rack there is a small mouse door. 

Let see how it will fit with the rest of the calendar and waiting for tomorrow to come.

Day 17 – Snowtrooper

A new minifigure on Day 17 of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022: the snowtrooper.


It is very well detailed with the prints on the torso and the legs, both on the front part and the rear.


Unexpectedly, the trooper is a black girl, it recalls the story of the troopers in the last trilogy.


Another trooper for the personal collection and a clear reference to the movie The Empire Strikes Back.

Now we have to wait for Day 18.

Day 18 – DF.9 Turret

We are on Hoth on Day 18 with DF.9 turret.


It is the micro model of the DF.9 anti-infantry turrets installed by the Rebels on their Echo base on Hoth. In particular, they are part of the defence system around the base and they are very well visible during the attack.

Furthermore, if you like to create a small scene, you can easily create more turrets with the instructions.


If you follow my Blog, you might remember my MOC about the Echo base with my version of the turret included. So, find here the link to my MOC.

 Let see tomorrow.

Day 19 – AT-ST

Since it is Christmas time we are still on the cold Hoth and it is the time of the Empire to show the AT-ST. 


It is a micromodel but full of details, including gun on the bottom and the sides.


Moreover, there is a small white base to represent the AT-ST walking on Hoth. And now the Rebel DF.9 Turret has found its opponent.


Let see what tomorrow will bring.

Day 20 – 1.4 FD P-Tower

The Rebels have again a weapon against the Empire: the anti-vehicle 1.4 FD P-Tower.


During the battle of Hoth, the Rebels used a few of these batteries to stop the Imperial AT-AT with very low success.


Anyway, it is another iconic element of the Star Wars universe. Also, in few sets it is represented in minifigure scale.

Let see if tomorrow we will stay again on Hoth and what will come.


Day 21 – Luke Skywalker

Finally Luke Skywalker on Day 21 of the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022.


Luke comes in his winter Rebel uniform used on Hoth. Actually, the minifigure has very detailed print on both torso and legs, including the well detailed pattern of the jacket and trousers.


Luke comes with balaclava an alternate face. Furthermore, it has the Rebel hat with winter goggles.


Finally, it has the light sabre. All in all, I like this minifigure very much, despite it is not unique, but it is also part of the microfighters set 75298 with AT-AT and Tauntaun.

The calendar is almost over, but come tomorrow to check Day 22.






Day 22 – Wampa Cave

The Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 focuses definitively on the Hoth scenes of the Empire Strikes Back. On Day 22, there is the Wampa Cave.


Actually, it is not the entire cave, but the place where the Wampa hanged Luke. So, you can combine today’s gift with Day 21 and recreate the scene.


We are close to the end of this fantastica Advent Calendar, so pass by tomorrow to check Day 23.






Finally here it is Grogu aka “The Child” aka “Baby Yoda”.


Grogu comes with the baby-carrier so other minifigure can carry him.


The character is really cute in its Christmas red dress and green scarf. As in the other sets, the body is the same as a baby minifigure.



It is small and cute, I like it very much and this Christmas Grogu will become the main character of several funny scenes.

I was really looking forward for this kind of characters in the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021, unfortunately the calendar is almost over, so let see what comes in the last two days.

Day 23 – Santa Gonk Droid

It is time to have some Christmas related models, and for Day 23, there is a Santa Gonk Droid.


The Gonk droid are quite iconic secondary droids of Star Wars. However, it is nice to have a red droid with a white beard and a red and white Christmas hat.


So, the red color recalls Christmas while the entire shape refers to the Gonk droids.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to check the last day gift.

Day 24 – Christmas R2-D2

We are at the end of this great Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 with a Christmas R2-D2.


The astroroid has a red sweater with the head of C-3PO on one side and the Rebels logo on the other one.


These are really the minifigure that enrich the Advent Calendars. So, it is great to have this R2-D2 together with C-3PO.


A great couple of droids, that are really the droids we are looking for, at least for Christmas.

Final Considerations

Another great Star Wars Advent Calendar, finishes. This year there were 7 minfiigures, including three exclusive variants: Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C-3PO. 

Considering Darth Vader variant, I think it is a pity that the Emperor minifigure was missing. However, the great series of spacecrafts and models make again a great advent calendar.

What do you think of this Calendar? I would really like to know your feeling about it in the comments below.  

Merry Christmas from the Galaxy far far away!

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