Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019: daily countdown

December has just started and as several LEGO fan, I have bought the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019, too. So finally, the opening can start!


It is at least three years since I am buying the advent calendar and this year, I would like to share the opening with you.

What to expect in this post

Before starting, I would like to thank Jay’s Brick blog for the inspiration. He is doing the countdown since several years and I found his idea amazing! Despite my English, I will do my best to transmit to you my personal thoughts.  I apologise, if the structure of my post is similar to Jay, but I think that it is great and very useful. Likewise, I will post on a daily basis and I will update this page with my own pictures of the small surprises. Moreover, I decided also to add my personal score over a scale of 10, to summarise my assessment. I would really appreciate your comments to discuss about my thoughts.

Similarly, I am doing the same daily countdown also for the Harry Potter Advent Calendar. So, you can follow and comment it, as well.

Day 1: First Order Star Destroyer

The first day of the Star Wars Advent Calendar starts with an impressive model: the First Order Star Destroyer. As for the Empire, the Star Destroyer is the main component of the Galactic Fleet. Certainly, we will see a lot of them in the Episode 9 movie of the Saga!


The number of bricks in this model are really limited and I am every time surprised of the great results obtained with few LEGO. However, I think that it looks a bit strange. It looks like a squeezed spacecraft. On the other hand, if you check some pictures, you will see the great job done to scale it. Certainly, the usual triangular shape of the Star Destroyer is maintained as well as the proportion of the command bridges.


As expected, with this scale all the small details are lost but the idea is there. On the other hand, the main inaccuracy are the propulsion system. In this model there are two engines, created with two rounded light blue dots, while the battle ship is designed with three. However, the discrepancy is really understandable, due to the size and the miniaturisation.

In conclusion, I think that this first day minimodel deserves a 6/10.

Stay updated for the surprise on Day 2.

Day 2 – Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

The Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019 continues with the Shuttle of Kylo Ren on Day 2. A new spacecraft presented in the last trilogy of the Star Wars saga.

The micro shuttle is not very impressive  compared to the original. I am a bit concerned about the grey bricks used to fix the wings to the fuselage.  In the film model, the wings are completely black.


The U-shape structure of the spacecraft is well replicated and dark atmosphere as well. The red window of the cockpit remembers me the Cylon Modern Raider spacecraft of the Battle Star Galactica series.



To sum up, I think that this minimodel is below what LEGO can do. So, I will go for a 3/10. It is nice, but not very significant and I believe that it could have been done in a better way. Maybe adding only a few more bricks it could have improves.

So, after two days on the First Order spaceships, let see tomorrow what the Day 3 will reserve.

Day 3 – First Order Stormtrooper

The Day 3 of the Star Wars Advent calendar has finally the first minifigure: the First Order Stormtrooper. An iconic element of the new trilogy of the Star Wars Universe. 

Although, I like the minifigures and I like the stormtroopers, I was expecting something more related to Christmas. For instance, I was expecting an unique minifigure.


On the other hand, I noticed that there are some small dots on the top of the helmet. I didn’t check with the others minifigures I have. However, surfing the web, I noticed that the official helmet has them as well. So, maybe LEGO improved the level of details. Do you notice that as well?

star-wars-calendar-day3-2Finally, the minifigure is completed with the standard blaster. So, it is really ready to be deployed in your own army against the Resistance!

As I said, I love minifigures, so my evaluation for this day is a 8/10. On the other hand, I don’t give the maximum because I was expecting something more special for Christmas.

Let’s wait for the next day surprise!


Day 4 – FWMB-10 Repeating Blaster

Today on Day 4 we have a gun machine and I am not very enthusiastic of it, I admit.

It is the FWMB-10 repeating blaster, a weapon for the heavy infantry or the light vehicles of the First Order army.


However, the most remarkable aspect of this model is the white blaster, which is quite rare. This is appreciated, so I will probably keep it a side and I will use for some MOC or some special minifigures scene in future.

What I mostly don’t like is the fact that it is not very connectable with the minifigures. Maybe it is supposed to be used with the Stormtrooper of Day 3, but I am not very convinced. It mostly looks like a single model of the blaster. 

To sum up, this day surprise is a bit disappointing for me, but thanks to the rare white blaster, I will go for a 6/10 score. 

Let see if tomorrow something better will appear.

Day 5 – T-70 X-wing Starfighter Black One

So far, I was really disappointed by this calendar with respect to the previous year, but finally today the change, the positive change! Finally, the micro scale T-70 X-wing Starfighter of Poe Dameron: the Black One. This is really cool!

This model is not so small and it has several details. In particular, I was mostly fascinated by the 1×1 white round plate to represent BB-8, the Poe Dameron’s astromech droid, and also the combination of colors of the model.


Likewise, it is also not very complex to assemble and it is made of modern common bricks. For instance, you can quite easily replicate this model with spare bricks you should have in your collection.


I really like this model and when the wings are in combat configuration it is really impressive! 

However, I also set the wings in the nominal flight configuration. Unfortunately, they look a bit wired, mostly because there is no hard separation to keep the separation. In flight configuration, the wings squeezed together and they don’t stay in their position.


To sum up, this model deserves a 9/10 score also because it would be very nice to play with it or to include in a micro scale diorama.

Waiting for Day 6 to come!


Day 6 – Resistance Transporter

After the exciting Black One model of Day 5, today the model is a poor Resistance Transporter coming from the new trilogy. In general, I am a bit disappointed because I think this spacecraft is not very impressive and it could have been avoided.  

After all, the Resistance Transporter was not much of impact neither in the movie nor in the LEGO model


Moreover, I admit that first I thought it was the V-4X-D ski speeder used during the battle on Crait, but after a quick check on line I noticed the difference. Anyway, this doesn’t improve my consideration on this model and it confirms my score of 4/10. 

In short, after 6 days of Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019 only one minifigure and only one nice model on day 5. So far, I am not very impressed by this calendar. 

Anyway, let’s hope tomorrow something better will come.

Day 7 – Chewbacca

Finally the second minifigure in the Star Wars advent calendar 2019, and an important character of the entire saga: Chewbacca! The famous wookiee of the entire universe.

Above all, the minifigure itself is very nice and it is one of the last version of Chewbacca. Moreover, it comes with some accessories as in the Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, scene where he was cooking porg while waiting Luke Skywlaker and Rey on Anch-to.


I will not further discuss about the scene, I just found it useless and inappropriate for the movie, but this is another story. On the other hand, I appreciate that this surprise of today is coming with some extra accessories different from the usual weapons.

In conclusion, I really think that this Chewbacca minifigure and the additional scene bricks deserves a 9/10, since  it also improves the entire advent calendar!


While enjoying Chewbe in this small set, I look forward for day 8, tomorrow. 


Day 8 – Cliff on Ahch-To

I am surprised of this surprise, but not in a positive sense. Let’s start from the beginning: today we have a cliff of Ahch-To, the water planet where Luke retires in exile. I understood from the pictures on the box that this cliff was coming out, but I thought it was included with the Christmas Porg, maybe on day 24. But I was wrong. This series of bricks came today.


So, I am really embittered of today and how this calendar evolves. Nevertheless, the positive thing are the series of green bricks and the modified square brick which are not very common. Actually, they well recreate the cliff and the moss on it.

To sum up, my score is no more than a 4/10, but I hope the good surprises will come soon.

Let’s wait for tomorrow, day 9.

Day 9 – Luke Skywalker

We are still on Ahch-To today, but finally a very nice minifigure: Luke Skywalker! The unique old Luke while in exile in his dark brown robe, the stock and a fished fish. Moreover, it has long hair as in the movie.


As usual, it is very well detailed also the back side and, it is nice to notice the brown hand to represent his metal hand.

In addition, there is a double face, a little angry, very nice. 


In conclusion, am very happy about today, mostly because it is an unique minifigure, not present in other sets. So, my score for today is a clearly 10/10.


Leaving Luke to join Chewe for lunch, we will wait for day 10 for the next surprise.

Day 10 – TUG b13 Quadjumper

Not much to add to my disappointment. On Day 10, the chapter on the new saga continues. Indeed, it continues with the TUG b13 Quadjumper. The spacecraft appears at the beginning of The Force Awakens as the first choice of Rey, Finn and BB-8 to escape from Jakku, but the spacecraft was destroyed by the First Order’s Tie Fighters. There was also the LEGO set 75178, but it was not of major interest.


The model has the only nice aspect of the orange bricks which are a not common color. Rather than that, I really don’t like at all. I think that with a little bit more effort it could have been improve. For example, the cockpit window would have appeared better with transparent flat 2×1 brick. 


To sum up, my evaluation stops with a 3/10, and I am confident in better sets to come. 

Let see what Day 11 will bring.

Day 11 – Laser Cannon Turret

Today there is a scenario model for the Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019: a laser cannon turret. Apparently it can be part of any Imperial or First Order installation and it could be included in any microscale diorama. 


I am not very impressed, but I like the different combination of grey bricks and shapes.

I think it is a 5/10, this model, but not further.

So, let see tomorrow what it will bring.

Day 12 – Imperial Gunner

Here we are with the forth minifigure of this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019, and it is very nice. Despite an Imperial gunner is not easily deployable out of the Death Star or a Star Destroyer, this minifigure is very nice and detailed. 


It is the same minifigure of LEGO set 75246, and I really like the level of detail of the helmet and the entire black uniform. 


Likewise, the back is detailed and very accurate.


Despite there is not much to say, it is a very nice minifigure which deserves a 10/10 evaluation.

So far, I am not very satisfied of the models of this calendar but I am very happy with the minifigures. 

Let see what Day 13 will bring.

Day 13 – Mouse Droid

In this Day 13 a minor but very iconic droid of Star Wars universe appears. It is the MSE-6-series repair droid, also called Mouse Droid. These droids are usually in the Imperial bases or space ships for maintenance activities.


Actually, the model is well done with a nice combination of bricks. Despite it is a bit bigger than the minifigure scale, it deserves a 7/10.

Very nice is the moment is “Star Wars A New Hope” when one of this droid met Chewbacca and escaped.


Above all it is a nice model and it brings some unusual model in this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019.

Stay with me to see what tomorrow will bring.


Day 14 – Snail Droid

Today a model of another droid: the Snail Droid, also known as NR-N99 Persuader-class Droid Enforcer. It is a kind of droid tank of the Droid Army of the Separatists during the Clone Wars. 


It appears in the “Star Wars: Reveng of the Sith” during the battle on Kashyyyk.

I am not very impressed by the model, however, I appreciate the novelty. Since it is not very common, I like the fact that it is here proposed. Above all, the combination of bricks and colors creates a very nice final result for a microscale diorama.


In conclusion, I believe that this small model deserves a 7/10, mostly for the novelty.

Let see what day 15 will bring.

Day 15 – B1 Battle Droid

Following the Snail Tank of Day 14, there is the B1 Battle droid, the iconic droid of the Clone Wars. That made their first appearance in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”.


In my opinion it always nice to have some minifigure, so, I am really happy to have it. On the other hand, I don’t find it very significant, it has no significant features with respect to the ones in the sets.

In conclusion, my score is an 8/10, mostly because is a minifigure and I like to have an extra droid for my small droid army.

Let see what tomorrow will bring.


Day 16 – Multi-Troop Transport

We have another element of the droid army: the Multi-Troop Transport. The big transports which deploy the B1 battle droids into battle fields.


I don’t like too much, however, it is nice the usage of a brick to simulate a moving front door. The combination of other bricks is nice, but not particularly relevant. In addition, I appreciate the use of a 2×1 flat brick to simulate the repulsorlift of the MTT.


In short, I am not really fascinated by this model, and I will not go beyond a 5/10. 

Together with the Day 14 and Day 15 models, the droid army is well represented, I hope tomorrow a new part of the saga will be explored.


Day 17 – Escape Pod

After the droid army stuff, we have the next main topic of the saga: the Escape Pod. My thought is that the today surprise is linked with the last three days droid because the first appearance of the escape pod had droids inside.


I think that there could have been some improvement, like some round 1×1 bricks to simulate the droids and the landing on Tatooine of R2-D2 and C-3PO. Maybe a kind of small scale of the  LEGO 75136 escape pod set. 

I am not very enthusiastic of today’s model, so it deserves no more than 6/10.

To conclude, today’s model gives me also the occasion to mention the Italian Star Wars Fan Film “Sacrificio”, realised by the Star Wars Fan Association EMPIRA, in Ravenna, Italy.

I don’t want to spoiler why I mention this, so while waiting for Day 18, watch the movie and let me know.

Day 18 – Rebel Trooper

Unexpected surprise today with the minifigure of the Rebel Trooper

This well connected with the suprose of Day 17, because, these troopers where protecting the Tantive IV from the assault of the Imperial stormtroopers. The same ship that yesterday dropped the escape pod. Moreover, on Chapter 6 of the Mandalorian, one of these Rebel Trooper is supervising the ship assaulted during the episode.



The minifigure is relatively simple, but it is really accurate. In particular, it has the big helmet and the blaster. However, the jacket is well detailed both in front and in the back. Finally, the head has the helmet string on it.


Likewise, also the second face has the helmet strip and the expression is more aggressive.

In short, I really like this minifigure and my score is 10/10, nothing to further discuss. So, with this nice minifigure we can wait for Day 19 to come

Day 19 – Mynock

An unusual creature model arrives today: a mynock. It is really appreciable in this calendar to have an uncommon creature. 


These creatures are not crucial for the Star Wars story, but they are part of it. They made their appearance in “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”. In particular, when The Millennium Falcon was hiding itself in a cave in an asteroid after escaping from the Empire.


The model is well done, it is quite big compared with the minifigures, but also in the movie, they have this proportions.


In conclusion, my score is a 8/10, and even if they are not very Christmas, they are quite unique. 

Let see what Day 20 will bring.

Day 20 – Echo Base

It is a nice reconstruction of the front side of the Echo Base on the icy planet Hoth. I am not very impressed, but I like the final result. The proportion are far from being maintained, but the Ion-Cannon is well represented.


The ground turrets are well represented with just a couple of bricks. However, the proportion with respect to the entire scene is not maintained.


Despite all, I appreciate the model and the effort in doing it and it deserves a 7/10. Certainly, with this model, the first trilogy model continues.  

Let see what tomorrow will bring.

Day 21 – Cloud Car

The red cloud car arrives today.  It is the atmospheric spacecraft used in Cloud City and it is visible in “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”. 


If I remember correctly in the Advent Calendar 2018 there was the model of Cloud city itself with the nanoscale of the clod car. Certainly, this micromodel is more detailed.

In short, my score is 7/10, I appreciate the level of details and the combination of bricks.

The first trilogy goodies are continuing and I wondering about tomorrow.

Day 22 – Cloud Car Pilot

After the Cloud Car of Day 21, today we have the Cloud Car Pilot minifigure. Certainly, another very nice minifigure. 


The LEGO 75222 set contains the same minifigure. The pilot is not very well visible in the movie and it is nice to have this minifigure linked with yesterday model. 

The minifigure has the special helmet and a silver gun. Moreover, as for the other minifigures of the calendar, also in here there is the double face.


My score is a 10/10, I really like the minifigure.  Since, I don’t have in my collection I am very happy to have found it in the calendar.

The calendar is almost over, so I am very curious about the last two days to come.

Day 23 – Christmas GNK Power Droid

A robotic Christmas present! Today we have the Christmas GNK Power Droid.


I really like the simplicity and the effectivness of this model. In particular, the shape is the one of the GNKPower Droid and the combination of color creates a very nice mobile Christmas gift.

This is the model that better represent the combination of Star Wars and Christmas. In conclusion, my score is 10/10.

Tomorrow will be last day of the calendar and the Christmas Porg is missing. 


Day 24 – Christmas Porg

For the final day of this calendar we have the Christmas Porg. In everyLEGO Advent Calendar, the last day there is a Christmas minifigure, and this year it is a Porg with golden present.


I remember in the previous year that the minifigure was more significative, and of more impact. Frankly speaking, with the end of the saga, I was expecting something more relevant.

However, it is nice to have a Christmas Porg, even if I am not a fan of them. Moreover, this Christmas Porg gives a reason to the cliff on Ahch-To of Day 8. In addition, the two sets could have been joined. The cliff on Day 8 was absolutely unplayable, just a series of nice bricks.


In conclusion, my score for this last day is 7/10, I think LEGO did some better jobs in other calendars.

Go on reading with my final considerations on the entire calendar.


Final Consideration

Here we are at the end of this Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019. First of all I have to say that it was quite a tough job to update the page on a daily basis. It was my first time and despite the effort, I really like it doing it.

To come back to the calendar, I really like the amount of minifigures, maybe I am wrong, but I think that last year there were less minifigures. I found the Imperial Gunner of Day 12 a very nice surprise, full of details. Likewise, I appreciated the Luke and the Cloud Car Pilot


Concerning the other models, I really liked the Black One and the GNK Power Droid. I found very effective the use of few bricks to create such amazing models.

In general, the calendar started with models of low impact, but I admit that I was positively impressed by the last ones. It was a real daily discover and improvement. 

In short, my score is an average 7, but I think that it deserves a full 8/10. Moreover, it gives me some inspirations for some future MOCs I would like to create. 

I took the occasion of this review to wish you a Merry Christmas full of joy and LEGO!

I hope you enjoyed reading my countdown and I really like to have some feedbacks on it. Moreover, I will add some regular review of LEGO sets and minifigures in this Blog, so, I hope you will appreciate them.

I have also my Facebook and Instagram pages where I regularly post my LEGO pictures.

Looking forward to seeing you, Merry Christmas!


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